stretching shoes at home For many women, shoes are not onlythe obligatory subject of the dress code, without which it is not accepted to go out, but also a real all-consuming passion for the sake of which we are ready to endlessly change the shapes, shape, color and decor of our shoe collection. At the same time, even without paying attention to trifles like - "here a little tightens" or - "a little bit cramped", in the hope that the shoes made of leather or suede will eventually stretch and take a comfortable shape. And only after getting the calluses or having wiped the fingers in the blood, we begin to understand that after all we got carried away a little and got smaller shoes. And since to part with it is already above our strength, then it becomes very topical to question how stretching shoes at home.

How to stretch your shoes? Helpful Tips

How can we reconcile the dimensions of our legs andshoes? Before proceeding to the existing methods of home stretching, let's clarify that they are effective only for shoes made of genuine leather, but its artificial counterparts are very reluctant to "persuade." In addition, independently increasing the volume of shoes, you can only count on the fact that the shoes "grow up" by only a few millimeters and, as a rule, in width. If this is enough for you, then let's start studying the corresponding methods. And we will start with professional tools, for example, with aerosols for stretching shoes. To achieve the desired effect, shake the can and then, at a distance of about 10 cm, spray the aerosol over the outer surface of the leather shoes, or work the lacquered shoes inside. Now put it on, and for ten to fifteen minutes walk around the apartment. If your purchase still delays the legs inconvenience - repeat the process. By the way, you can do without your own limbs, if you use a special stretch for shoes. It is often used in shoe stores or workshops, to increase the size of shoes both in length and width. You can try to stretch tight shoes with a liquid soap diluted with hot (500) water, in a ratio of 1: 4. Spray (spray) this mixture with the outer and inner surfaces of the shoe and let it soak, shove pads or your own feet with woolen socks on them. Some women use triple cologne instead of a soap solution. Saturate them with two pieces of cloth, put them inside slippers or other products, and then wrap the shoes in polyethylene and leave overnight. In the morning insert shoes in shoes, or resemble them two - two and a half hours. stretching of shoes in width It should be noted that the above methodsstretch marks, are the safest for the structure and appearance of your shoes. But besides them there are many more ways, using which, you can achieve an increase in the amount of "clothing" for the feet. For example, fill two plastic bags with water, tie them and put them in shoes (or boots, shoes, etc.), and then send shoes to the "North Pole", that is, to the freezer. After the water is safely frozen, remove the shoes and unfreeze it. What is the danger? And remember the water-filled batteries of the heating system, which burst at a temperature below zero. That is, if freezing water easily rips cast iron, what can happen to your shoes? Will the natural skin withstand this glacial "extreme" - that's the question? Another way that you can use at home without referring to a shoe master is stretching shoes with castor oil. Lubricate inside and outside your narrow shoes with castor oil, put on and start stretching them, walking around the apartment. According to individual experimenters, the skin not only stretches, but will become softer and more elastic. This is a very convenient method, if, of course, do not take into account the unpleasant odor, as well as excessive shine and darkening of the product. Some increase the volume of tight shoes, stuffing it with whole grain, and pouring water there. Overnight, the grain swells and stretches the skin, and in the morning you just have to walk around in shoes until it completely dry. It's only time it can take a lot, because well-water-soaked "insides" of boots, can get rid of excess moisture and a day, and two. In any case, the most optimal way is to carefully and carefully choose shoes for your feet. So, do not go for the purchase of new shoes in the morning, because your not yet tired and not swollen feet can "make a mistake" in choosing the size of shoes. But after dinner, when they have already worked hard enough, the fitting will be more accurate. In addition, when buying sandals, shoes, half-boots, pay attention not only to their size, style and color, but also to their fullness (width). And also, before leaving on a new outfit on the street, reproach her at home and assess whether your feet are comfortable enough in newly found "clothes." If you have any problems, you will not be difficult to return the shoes to the store. We advise you to read: