how to choose the right microwave oven Over the past twenty years in our kitchensthere appeared such a number of new household appliances, about which until then we did not even have a clue. Among them there is a microwave. This is a very useful handy household appliance in the kitchen. The microwave oven allows you to warm up the food in a few seconds, defrost the food, quickly cook some dishes. However, not everyone understands what microwave (microwave microwave radiation) is, and how it works on the body. And that's why many people have a reasonable question, and whether the microwave oven is dangerous for the human body. To begin with, it should be understood that this radiation is not radioactive, although in itself dangerous to humans. But microwave ovens are designed to protect human health as much as possible. Observing the rules of using a microwave oven, you will always be completely safe. Given this, before choosing a microwave oven, it is necessary to check whether the device has a safety certificate. Modern models of microwave ovens are equipped with a protection system. On the microwave door is a protective screen-grid, which reliably protects a person from microwave radiation. The very same door for this purpose is very tightly attached to the body. In addition, to protect against microwave radiation, automatic shutdown of the microwave oven was developed with the door open. For safety reasons, the microwave oven must not be repaired by itself. Absolutely harmless and food, cooked in the microwave oven. The principle of the microwave oven is simple: microwave waves that penetrate deep into the product, excite the water molecules contained there. Under the influence of waves, they begin to actively move, so that the product heats up from inside quickly enough. Now that we have understood the mechanism of the microwave operation, let's try to figure out how to choose the right microwave oven. Modern microwave ovens can only be conventionally called simply a microwave oven. Because many models have other built-in functions. Therefore, when choosing a microwave oven, you should immediately decide how you will use it. Do you just need a microwave oven or a real kitchen oven with a microwave function. An ordinary microwave oven performs only its main task - it can quickly warm up the food. Although you can cook some dishes in such ovens. As a rule, recipes for dishes for such furnaces are given in the instruction manual. In addition, an ordinary microwave oven has a mode of defrosting products.

Microwave ovens with grill

Improved models of microwave ovens are equipped withan additional heating element, which already allows you to prepare a wider range of dishes in the microwave, for example, hot sandwiches, baked meat, etc. This heating element can be of two types - quartz and TEN. The TEN element is a metal pipe, inside which there is a heating element. The heater is located in the upper part of the working chamber. More advanced microwave ovens are equipped with a movable heating element, which can be installed at an incline or vertically, providing heating of products from either side. In some models, there is also a lower grill in addition to the upper heating element. The mobile TEN grill is very user-friendly, because it provides additional opportunities for roasting dishes in grill mode. In addition, a microwave oven with such a heater is more convenient and easier to clean. The quartz grill is located in the upper part of the chamber of the microwave oven and is a quartz tubular element that is located behind the metal grate. If we compare these two types of grills, it can be noted that the quartz grill, unlike the TEN, does not take place in the working chamber. Another additional advantage is that usually the power of the quartz grill is less than that of the TEN. Therefore, microwave ovens with a quartz grill consume much less electricity. Furnaces with a quartz grill are fried more evenly and gently, but a TEN grill can provide more "aggressive" heating. It is said that the quartz grill is less prone to contamination, from which it protects the grate. But it should be noted that over time, grease splashes can still get into it, and it will not be possible to wash it just like a TEN grill. But there is no problem in this - all the dirt on the quartz grill will just burn out. Before you buy a microwave oven with a grill, we recommend weighing all the pros and cons to determine the best option for yourself. choose a microwave oven

Microwave ovens with grill and convection

These are very comfortable furnaces that provide allrange of possibilities for cooking. In addition to the grill, these models are equipped with a built-in fan and a heating ring element. The fan can be located either at the top or on the back. Thanks to the fact that the fan blows the heated air evenly inside the chamber, the products are perfectly roasted and roasted. In such a microwave oven with convection, you can bake meat, bake pies, stew vegetables, etc. Combining convection, microwave and grill modes provides very great opportunities for users. It should be noted that, despite the multifunctionality of such a microwave oven, it is not a complete replacement of the oven. Although, in fact it is a kind of oven. The disadvantage of microwave ovens with convection and grill is a large weight, size and high power consumption. It is clear that it is more expensive than an ordinary microwave oven. Despite these drawbacks, such furnaces are very functional and convenient. If you have a question, how to choose the right microwave oven, then you just need to decide for yourself how you will use it in the future. For example, is it worth taking a model with convection, grilling and other functions, whereas in life you will use a microwave oven only to warm up food and, perhaps, to defrost food. And vice versa, is it worth saving by choosing a simple microwave oven and depriving yourself of many useful possibilities.

Choose volume

Microwave ovens presented in our market can be divided into three groups:

  • microwave ovens up to 20 liters;
  • microwaves from 20 to 28 liters;
  • microwave ovens over 28 liters.

The volume of the microwave oven is determined in many respectsits purpose. Microwave ovens of small volume are equipped in most cases only with microwave or microwave functions with a grill. They are used for heating or defrosting food. Microwave furnaces of medium volume most often have a grill and microwave. Sometimes there are models with microwave, grill and convection and very rarely just microwave. Furnaces of medium size are the most popular and provide ample opportunities for cooking. In a microwave oven of a large size, you can both heat food and prepare it in large containers of various shapes and sizes. In it, you can also prepare bulk dishes and foods (for example, a turkey, a large pie, etc.), since similar furnaces are supplied with additional gratings. Such microwave ovens are a very convenient option for a large family. And, of course, for those who are engaged in cooking a wide variety of dishes. When choosing a microwave oven, it is necessary to pay attention to the diameter of the turntable. The larger the size, the more you can put on it. The turntable is one of the important elements of the working space of the camera. But in this case it is necessary to take into account that microwave ovens of large volume have large dimensions. Therefore, you must estimate which microwave oven you can easily place in your kitchen. And the importance is not only the availability of free space, but also free convenient access to the microwave.

Interior coating

The walls of the microwave oven have a special coating. Moreover, it can be different:

  • enamel coating,
  • a cover from stainless steel;
  • and special coatings.

The enamel coating is smooth, durable and comfortable incleaning. It is found in many microwave ovens. Stainless steel coating is particularly reliable and durable, because it is very resistant to damage and high temperatures. In addition, it looks very good. Such a coating is usually in microwave ovens with a grill or with convection and with a grill. It should be borne in mind that maintaining the cleanliness of such a coating requires the use of both special cleaning agents and gentle handling. There are also special coatings developed by manufacturers. They are even more resistant to improved coatings than conventional enamel. Such coatings include a bioceramic or antibacterial coating. what microwave oven to choose


In existing microwave ovens today,be mechanical or electronic control. Mechanical control is carried out with the help of two rotary knobs, one of which provides a choice of mode and power level, and the other is the control knob of the mechanical timer. Most often in microwave ovens with mechanical control built-in timer is calculated somewhere for half an hour, and in microwave ovens with a grill - up to an hour. The technical and functional equipment of mechanically controlled furnaces is not very diverse. They can have an electronic display with an indication of the remaining hours of operation and hours. In some microwave ovens there are additional keys for controlling the function of turning off the pan rotation. For example, if the dishes are too big, but the camera is placed, but can not spin anymore. In this case, this function is very useful. Also, some microwave ovens with mechanical control may have a mode of airing the working chamber, that is, removing odors from it. Microwave ovens with electronic control usually have much more features and functions. In most cases, such furnaces are equipped with text or digital displays. The electronic panel can be touch-sensitive, push-button and combined - push-button and rotary knob for selecting the preset mode or power level. It should be noted that there are almost no touch panels at present.

Functions and modes

Modern microwave ovens often have a large number of built-in modes:

  • microwave operation;
  • grill mode;
  • microwaves plus a grill;
  • convection;
  • microwaves plus convection;
  • grill plus convection;
  • Microwave plus convection and grill.

To prepare various dishes, you canuse each of these modes. Most often in the instructions for use are recipes for such dishes. Defrosting, heating and cooking in microwave ovens is carried out using the main parameters - power and time. For preparing different dishes, approximate power levels are indicated in the instructions. And you can if you want to install them manually. But most microwave ovens have automatic modes of heating, defrosting, and now cooking. For automatic modes, a special program is prepared, in which the cooking time and the required power level are already set for each particular dish. That is, you only need to choose the product that you want to unfreeze, cook or warm up, and then set the weight of the product. The rest of the settings will be set automatically. Often, automatic heating in microwave ovens includes several modes, corresponding to a particular product or dish. In several modes, automatic cooking is usually represented. Automatic defrosting functions and their modes correspond to those products that are most often thawed: a bird, meat, fish, and sometimes bread. In modern microwave can be sensory warming up, defrosting or cooking. In the microwave oven, a special sensor responds to the release of steam, so that the oven can independently adjust its operation. This means that the user either does not need to enter parameters, or only basic ones should be installed. Microwave ovens with a steam sensor will do everything themselves. Such sensors help to ensure more efficient processing of each specific product, since in this case the microwave oven is guided by the state of a particular product, and not by the settings. In some models, even adjustment and touch settings are possible. There are microwave ovens where you can put programs into memory. That is, you can create your own programs with the power and time settings. This is very convenient when you are cooking or defrosting the same product. You can program and staged cooking. Some microwave ovens have an audio timer. It should not be confused with the signal of the end of work. The sound timer is a kind of built-in alarm clock that will help you in the kitchen to detect time. There is a mode of protection from children in microwave ovens, which is very important for users with small children. Kids are very inquisitive and love to explore household appliances. To protect children from unpleasant consequences there is a function of "protection from children". Equipped with microwave and sound signal, which notifies the end of the operation of the stove. In microwave ovens with mechanical control it is most often a bell, and in electronically controlled furnaces the signal usually consists of a series of repeated sounds. There are microwave ovens in which the sound signal can be turned off. In microwave ovens with electronic control, text displays are of interest, which are written in Russian for Russian-speaking users. That is, prompts and instructions are displayed directly on the display - the control is carried out on a dialog basis.

Ease of operation

When choosing a microwave oven, be sure toattention to ease of use. The control panel should be intuitive, and the knobs, keys and buttons should be comfortable. Microwave ovens are available with left and right door openings. Before buying, be sure to find out which oven will be more convenient for you. It is important and lighting the microwave oven, which works with the door open and during cooking. The door can simply be opened by the handle, or it can be opened by pressing a special button. Choose a model based on your own perception of convenience. Be sure to pay attention to the accessories included. It can be low and high grilles, various capacities, a spit, a stand for baby bottles, etc. You can always choose a model, the set of which you most will suit. The design of the microwave oven also matters, but we must admit that since modern microwave ovens differ not only in their own unique and interesting design, but also in their beautiful design, they can become a good decoration for your kitchen. Strictly speaking, these are the main parameters that modern microwave ovens are distinguished by. They are beautiful, comfortable, functional and will be a great help in your kitchen. Well, the choice, of course, depends only on you and your preferences. Good choice and pleasant shopping! We advise you to read: