how to get bugs Strangely enough, but the question of how to deducebedbugs, remains relevant even in our civilized age. Not only is it relevant, sometimes this question becomes an edge, leaving us no particular choice: either we them, or they us. Home bugs are not the lesser brothers that we happily keep in our house. But the bugs do not think so. They settle in our houses, live in our furniture, drink our blood (literally) and at the same time feel fine. For us, this neighborhood is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. What are dangerous bugs, where do they come from and how to get bugs out of their homes? Let's figure it out.

Who are bedbugs, and what are they dangerous?

Home, bed, or furniture bugs - allThis is the name of one species of parasitic insects that settle in a human dwelling and feed on its blood. These are small, flat, oval brownish insects that live and reproduce in warm, hard-to-reach places where there is little light and fresh air. Mostly they arrange their nests in furniture, in crevices and cracks, behind skirting boards, under wallpaper and even in the folds of mattresses and behind the upholstery of sofas. Bugs live on average two years. They go out hunting, as a rule, at night, but they can attack their prey in the light of day. By the way, bugs bite not only people, but domestic animals: dogs, cats and even rats and hamsters. Sam bug bite is not felt, but after a while at the site of the bite appears blister and severe itching. Many people have bug bites allergies, but some bug bites at all do not notice (and maybe the bugs do not just bite them?). However, these parasites are dangerous. Bedbugs can carry such serious diseases as tuberculosis, anthrax, leprosy, smallpox and plague. True, this is only theoretical data. The main danger of bedbugs is itchy bites that deprive us of normal sleep, cause irritability and allergies. To panic at a bug bite it is not necessary is not it is deadly, but measures on deducing bedbugs should be accepted immediately.

Where do bugs come from?

Bedbugs do not start in the house by themselves, they go therecome (by their own motion, or with the help of a person). Therefore, no one house is immune from the appearance of these uninvited guests in it. They can be brought together with the purchased furniture (even new!), With clothes and any other things that have fallen into your house. In addition, bugs can get into the house on clothes or in a bag of any person, if he, before that, was sitting on infested with bedbugs of furniture. Unfortunately, bedbugs can stay in the house and after repair, which was done by masters from the near abroad. Sometimes it's enough just to throw out furniture, infected with bedbugs. However, most often this is not enough (and the furniture is pitiful). Therefore, all the same it is necessary to deduce these parasites by all available means.

How not to fight bugs

Certainly, such methods as running around the apartmentwith a shamanic tambourine, reading conspiracies and smearing furniture with fresh cucumber will not help you. Although there are also such tips when it comes to how to get bugs out of the apartment. Do not help and freeze, as in the case of cockroaches - bedbugs are not afraid of the cold (although in the warmth they feel better and reproduce faster). Trying to starve bedbugs in the hope that they will leave your house in search of other food is also not worth it. Bedbugs can easily endure prolonged starvation. In addition, hungry bed bugs become less vulnerable to the means of fighting against them. Such hygienic means, like bleach or potassium permanganate, too, will not help. Bedbugs, of course, prefer unsanitary conditions and do not like the smell of cleanliness. But, even overcome by disgust, they continue to live in the nicest places and drink the blood of their victims. Artificial lighting also will not bring the desired result. One night or two bugs still suffer light turned on at night, but hunger is not aunt. A hungry bug will venture to go hunting and light. All kinds of "masilki" are also not a panacea. Bedbugs are not mosquitoes for you - no matter what you put on, you will still bite. So the only effective way to get rid of bugs is to destroy them. how to get bugs out of an apartment

Methods to combat bugs

When destroying bedbugs, different methods are used: mechanical, physical and chemical. The mechanical method is the most ungrateful. Collecting these insects by hand or vacuuming, sweeping or squeezing is useless - there will not be any sense. Throwing out furniture - yes, it will probably help if the bugs have not yet moved to other places in your home. By the way with the bug-infested electronics, most likely, and it is necessary to act. Bugs that live in a computer or on a television can not be brought out without damage to technology (but you can try). Physical methods of killing bugs are known since ancient times. They were used by our ancestors for breeding bedbugs. To physically destroy the parasites used (and still use) hot water vapor, steep boiling water and all kinds of burning fluids, such as kerosene, turpentine or methylated spirit. So, for example, in pre-revolutionary Russia, special steam devices were even made for fighting bugs, such tanks with long spouts that produce hot steam. At chemical destruction of bedbugs apply various poisonous preparations. Of course, for the successful and safe handling of your house with chemicals, experts should be invited. But, if for any reason this can not be done, then you can try to bring the bedbugs yourself. To eliminate bedbugs use both special drugs and folk remedies.

Home remedies for bedbugs

How to remove bedbugs with folk remedies or withouthelp with sanitation? Difficult, but possible. The most accessible (and effective) means for fighting bugs in the home is alcohol denatured alcohol. They simply watered the nest of bedbugs, after which the insects die. After this procedure, you need to ventilate the room until the smell of denatured alcohol disappears completely. By the way, this liquid does not leave any marks on the furniture. Here are some more popular recipes:

  • Pour all the habitats of bedbugs with steep boiling water;
  • Spread all the cracks in the floor and in the walls and for 2-3 days, place in a saucer room with a solution of ammonia;
  • A solution of naphthalene (5 g), benzene (20 g) and denatured (75 g) is also not the same time, place in flat dishes around the room;
  • Mix 10 g of naphthalene with 100 g of powder from dry chamomile leaves or chrysanthemum flowers, mash it all next to the nest of bedbugs;
  • Brush soaked in a solution of 100 ml of kerosene, 5 g of naphthalene and 50 ml of cresol;
  • Brush the bugs with a brush using a solution of camphor (5 g), turpentine (100 ml) and ethyl alcohol (100 ml) or: 30 g of green soap, 100 ml of water, 15 ml of kerosene and 10 ml of turpentine.
  • Treatment with such formulations is repeated severalconsecutive days before the disappearance of all insects. However, these funds may not have the proper effect. Then use poisons (but remember that they are dangerous for you!). Carbophos, chlorophos, dichlorvos or special aerosols and liquids can be purchased at household or garden stores. Of professional chemistry is not safe only means Bed Bugs killer Pro (Clovoron), but due to a shortage to get it, it is quite difficult. When using these products, always wear rubber gloves and a respirator! Leave the room closed at least for a day, and spend this time in another place. After the treatment, do not perform thorough cleaning, but only ventilate the room and wash all bed linen. After a week, repeat the treatment (necessarily!). And one more important point: you need to process all the rooms in your house, including a kitchen and a bathroom with a toilet. Still, the most effective method is the work of specialists. They know how to bring out bedbugs, apply special drugs for this and have certain skills. You will only have to prepare for their arrival. To do this, do the following:

    • Carry out cleaning, dismantle the rubble and ensure easy access of a specialist to all hard-to-reach places;
    • Seal all food and dishes tightly;
    • Isolate children's toys and clothes;
    • Take care that in the treated room there are no pets left (even aquarium fish).

    What needs to be done afterpest control, you will be instructed by the specialists whom you will invite for processing. Clopov difficult to withdraw. But, as is known, nothing is impossible in the world. So do not despair and do your best to get rid of such an unpleasant neighborhood. But the best thing is that you would not have to apply it in practice to learn about how to bring out bedbugs yourself or by inviting special service workers! We advise you to read: