how to choose a refrigerator Oh, how familiar this picture is! High slender handsome men, as to selection! And this one is good, and that one is beautiful, and the third is perfection in general! And we rush from one to another, and we do not know how to choose the one that will become a worthy companion of our life. Yes, yes, do not be surprised: just so, it's a companion. Because modern life without him is simply unthinkable. Is it possible today to do without it, without such a necessary (and beloved) refrigerator? You can not! So we suffer, thinking about how to choose the right refrigerator, because this choice is not just huge, but you can say it is limitless! Of course, "unlimited" - it is strongly said. Still, we are limited in the choice of not only financial opportunities, but our own ideas about what should be a refrigerator for the house. And these representations are often very blurred. Therefore, let's define with what requirements this indispensable household unit should meet and how to choose it correctly, so that the refrigerator served us long and correctly. Criteria that determine the choice of the refrigerator are several: size, model, power, functionality and additional features. Let's start in order.


Dimensions of the refrigerator determine its volume, andmeans capacity. The more households for whom a refrigerator is purchased, the more inviolable it must be. Compact refrigerators are basically low (up to one meter) single-chamber models with a refrigerator and a freezer. The small size of such models is an excellent advantage for small apartments with a few inhabitants. Unlike their predecessors, modern single-chamber refrigerators are in no way inferior to larger models. They are also ergonomic, have a sufficiently high capacity and are equipped with a system for preventing the formation of ice. And the appearance of such babies quite corresponds to modern requirements for the design of household appliances. More voluminous models reach a height of almost two meters and consist of two chambers (with separate doors): refrigeration and freezing. And the first camera has also a zone of zero temperature (freshness preservation), and in full thawing only a freezer needs. Work such refrigerators can from one or two compressors. The first option is considered the most economical, and the second one makes it possible to defrost one of the chambers, leaving the second one turned on. Such models are suitable for a small family (three to four people) and for a medium-sized kitchen. These refrigerators are considered to be the most "refrigerated", taking into account the demographic situation and the living conditions of the majority of Russians. The biggest refrigerators have two swing doors, almost two meters high and a width of up to 1.2 m. In these models, the cameras are located not one above the other, but next. Therefore, they received the title correspondingly: "side-by-side" (side by side). Such dimensional refrigerators have a separate chamber with zero temperature, a zone with variable humidity, an integrated ice maker, a compartment for cooling beverages (in the door) and a total volume of up to eight hundred liters. These refrigerators were foreseen for large and spacious rooms. Therefore, if you are the happy owner of just such a kitchen, then the refrigerator "side-by-side" is your option. how to choose the right refrigerator


Freezing capacity (freezing capacity)The refrigerator is often indicated directly on its door. The limiting minus temperature of 12 degrees is the lowest power and is marked by two snowflakes. The average degree of maximum frost indicates three snowflakes and is minus 18 degrees. The lowest temperature, which can be in the refrigerator - 24 degrees, and this is already four snowflakes. With what intensity the refrigerator does not freeze, but it still needs to be defrosted. Modern manufacturers offer us refrigerators with two types of defrosting (the third has not yet come up): manual and automatic. Manual defrosting of the explanations does not require, everyone knows that for this it is just necessary to disconnect the refrigerator from the network and allow the ice to melt. With automatic defrosting, human intervention is not required at all. The condensate inside the refrigerator (on the inner rear wall) thaws itself and flows through a special chute to the bath above the compressor, where the water simply evaporates.


If this word is generally applicable to householdtechnology, then this is how you can name options for the location of cameras in the refrigerator. If there are two, then there are two options. In the first case, the freezer is located at the top, in the second - at the bottom of the refrigerator. The upper freezer is suitable for those who often use a freezer, preferring to cook semi-finished products and frozen foods. If the freezer is not used very often, then its "mundane" arrangement will be more convenient, since it does not take the upper space of the unit, making it convenient to access the refrigerator chamber. However, the question of the location of cameras is a matter of exclusively individual preferences and the criterion of the architecture of the refrigerator is not necessary. Therefore, what refrigerator to choose in this case, envy only on your lifestyle, but rather on the way of eating. Much more important than the location of the cameras in the refrigerator, the location of the refrigerator in the kitchen. Therefore, there is a question of choosing a built-in or a stand-alone refrigerator. Embedded models are certainly more expensive, but have their undeniable advantages. This is, first of all, noise and heat insulation. The sound of the built-in refrigerator will be much quieter, and there will be no sound resonance from the furniture either. Additional insulation for these models is also not required, in contrast to free-standing refrigerators, which for this reason can not be brought close to the wall, furniture or a heating battery. Built-in refrigerator can be located exactly where it will be convenient for you. And one more advantage of the built-in models is full color and texture harmony with the facade of the kitchen. Agree that if you want an absolute unity of the "face" of all elements of the kitchen, then a better option than a built-in refrigerator is simply not found.


This is another optional but important criterionwhen choosing a refrigerator. There are only two methods of controlling the refrigerator: electromechanical and electronic. The first method is the simplest and longest known and well known. Turns on and off the refrigerator in this case by simply pressing the button, and the temperature mode is controlled by a manual thermostat. The digital panel and the control panel are the elements of the electronic control of the refrigerator. In this case, it is possible to remotely control and set the desired temperature to within one degree. True, if on the refrigerator with electronic control eats a digital display, then it still needs a good voltage regulator.

Additional functions

In addition to the main function - cooling, freezing and storing products, many modern models of refrigerators have additional capabilities. What do manufacturers propose to us?

  • The system prevents the ice from freezing.
  • The ventilation system is the creation and maintenance of a low temperature and air circulation regime.
  • Regulator of humidity and temperature.
  • Function of antibacterial protection.
  • A system of LED lighting built into the shelves.
  • Information display on the refrigerator door.
  • The system of forced and rapid cooling.
  • Freshness filter for storing vegetables and fruits.
  • Removable partition between the boxes, retractable containers and glass shelves in the freezer.
  • A system for cooling and heating water for drinking, built into the refrigerator door.
  • The audible alarm function indicates that the refrigerator door is not open.
  • The mode of express-freezing.
  • And this is only part of those additional opportunitiesrefrigerator, which manufacturers try to attract buyers. Do you really need them? Solve yourself. But keep in mind that the more such additions, the more expensive the purchase will be. choose the right refrigerator


    In general, the question of price is often the determining factor.factor. I want at the lowest possible cost to get the best possible result. Of course, there are many options: you can choose an inexpensive and simple model (budgetary), and you can spend a serious amount on an expensive and even an elite refrigerator. However, such a purchase is considered large and long-term: the refrigerator is purchased for many years. Therefore, if in the near future you do not plan to change housing and, even more so, if your plans include the addition of a family, then you should invest in a modern and high-quality model. Remember the wise saying that the miser pays twice, thinking about which refrigerator to choose.

    Lifetime and warranty

    The question of price is also affected by the guaranteerefrigerator. The truth is that both the expensive and the more democratic models are not warranted for a period of time: from one year to two years. But the longer the warranty, the higher the price. And the durability of modern refrigerators is quite impressive. Their service life is from ten to twenty years. Under condition of competent operation the refrigerator already becomes obsolete "morally", but will continue to work normally. On the one hand it's good, but on the other ... No, it's good from either side. It is clear that the technical progress can not be stolen, and most importantly for home appliances - this is quality. Therefore, if "how to choose a refrigerator for the house" is no longer a question for you, then proceed directly to the choice. And may your new-found satellite serve you long and true, as it should be. We advise you to read: