stolen numbers from cars what to do Early in the morning, you go out into the yard to your car andyou understand that something is wrong ... Carefully inspect the car and, to your dismay, you find out that there are no registration numbers on it. But they were still last night! You remember exactly that. And they could not "escape" themselves. Stole numbers from the car - what to do in this situation? To whom it may be necessary? There are several answers to this. Conditionally all the thieves of car numbers can be divided into four groups. Group one is "amateur collectors". These thieves "hunt" for unusual, rare, usually old, car numbers. They usually take only one number, and they do it very carefully, trying not to damage it. "Going out on business", collectors clearly imagine the future fate of your license plate. Most likely, he will replenish the collection of such a "collector". However, there are other options - it can be resold or exchanged for another copy. The bottom line is that this type of thief does not return your number under any circumstances. The second group is "harmful neighbors". Do you have a habit of putting your car on any vacant place in the yard, not caring that someone has long considered him "his"? Or maybe you recently sprayed someone, passing by, and did not even apologize? Or blocked your car entrance to the entrance? Or maybe washed it next to the playground? Well ... Then it is likely that the reason for your troubles is precisely this. It is often enough to steal car numbers - it's just an "act of retribution" on the part of your beloved neighbors. As a rule, "avengers" still unscrew one, or two, numbers. And with the car they are not particularly ceremonious - they can damage and scratch. What fate awaits your registration numbers in this case? Here options are possible. Someone can leave numbers to themselves for memory and on long winter evenings will admire them, remember their "noble" deed and quietly rub their hands with joy, which is so great you "ate". Others - will deliver them to the nearest garbage can. In any case, hardly anyone will confess to their actions and return them to you. So in this case, there is almost no chance of getting them back. The third group is "malefactors". These are taken, as a rule, both numbers. Unscrew very professionally and carefully. Numbers are used for criminal purposes - on a car with stolen numbers you can, for example, rob a bank or shoot down a person. You can hang them on a stolen car and try to surpass, and then sell it, etc. It is clear that they are also unlikely to feel remorse and decide to return stolen back. Group four is the last. "Extortionists." Perhaps, this is the only option, in which you have all the chances to get your registration numbers back. Strictly speaking, for the sake of this, everything is started. On the place of the taken down license plates you will find a note with the conditions of redemption. Its amount, as well as the way of transferring numbers and money, depends on the fantasy and greed of the scammers. Go or not on the subject of extortionists - it's up to you.

Driving without numbers

What if I stole both numbers? Driving without registration license plates is quite a serious offense. And the punishment for it is appropriate. Until quite recently the trip without one license plate "cost" the unlucky driver only 500 rubles. It is this amount of the fine that was provided for by the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. However, recently the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation ruled that it does not matter whether one or both of the registration numbers are missing. For driving a car without numbers, a fine of 5000 rubles is imposed. And in case of an unsuccessful combination of circumstances, they can also take away the right. For a period of one to three months. And this is serious. What to do? Perhaps, at first it is necessary to understand what not to do. Definitely do not be tempted by tempting offers on the Internet, promising to save you about this problem "quickly and quite inexpensively." It must be remembered that the production of duplicates of license plates is an illegal act. And the punishment for such a "sweet prank" will be quite serious. Only for the installation of "fake" signs, according to the same Code, can be fined 2,500 rubles. Well, if you decide to travel by car with fake registration numbers, - why then install them? - you, most likely, just lose your driver's license. And it's good, if only for half a year! But that's not all. An unlucky car owner may face criminal liability. According to Article 326 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Part 1, the forgery of the state registration plate is punishable by a "fine of up to eighty thousand rubles or by restraint of liberty for up to two years, or by imprisonment for the same period." Well and whether it is necessary so to risk? what to do if you stole numbers from the car

What should you do if your license plates are stolen?

Step one. It is necessary to apply to the police station and write a statement about the theft of license plates. A police officer will compile a report of the incident and give you a ticket-notification. Within 10 days, your application will be considered, and then a ruling will be issued on it. What is in this resolution? There are two options. In the first case, this is a decision to open a criminal case. In the second - the refusal to initiate criminal proceedings. With a very high probability, it is you who get it in your hands. Step two. Having received the ticket-notification, without wasting time, call in MREO - Interregional Registration and Eskazamatsionny Department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. It is there that are engaged in the replacement of registration number plates. Clarify with the employees of the organization whether you will need to bring a decision to refuse to open a criminal case. In some offices it is enough to present a coupon-notification. If the decision is still required, you will have to wait 10 days, if not - you can go to MREO immediately. What should I bring with me? You will need:

  • passport;
  • a statement of the standard pattern (you can write it on the spot);
  • Passport of the vehicle - PTS;
  • copy of the title;
  • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • the policy of OSAGO;
  • driver's license;
  • a vehicle inspection certificate;
  • medical certificate;
  • money - they will go to pay fees for changing numbers and replacing the ticket of the TRP.

Just in case, make a few photocopiesall documents. If you drive by proxy, do not forget to take it. And there necessarily must be a clause according to which you have the right to make changes to the registration data. If you have one of the numbers left, you will need to pass it. Approximately two hours after the submission of documents you will be given new numbers and documents for the car, with the changes made in them. Step three. Now you need to change the vehicle inspection certificate. To do this, go to the maintenance station. By the way, here you may need a medical certificate. Do not worry, you do not have to go through the whole procedure of technical inspection. It will be necessary to write an application, pay the state fee and simply collect a new ticket. In this case, the validity period of the new ticket remains the same as that of the old one. Well, the last thing is to replace the insurance policy. Then it all depends on your insurance company. Some simply make changes to existing policies, others - issue new evidence.

How to protect yourself from the theft of numbers?

As a rule, taught by bitter experience,motorists prefer to take some security measures and in advance take care of unscrewing numbers from their car was not easy. What for this it is necessary to make? First, one should not rely on plastic numbered frames. To pull out a number from them is a simple matter. And the instrument will not be needed, and the time will only take a few seconds. Why so simplify the life of intruders? Much more reliable if your license plates are fixed with bolts or screws. Here, at least, you need a screwdriver. And this procedure takes a little more time. After all, it is often enough to take just what is "bad" - that is, those numbers that are easier to remove. Perhaps the most reliable way to protect numbers is to fasten them with special rivets. Then in order to remove them you will need a hand drill or a screwdriver. And working with such a tool near the machine will surely attract attention. That's it. All the suffering is behind, and you are the lucky owner of the new numbers. Now you know exactly what to do if you stole numbers from the car. At a successful coincidence of circumstances, all "walking on the agony" takes one day. If the failure ... a few. But it's not so scary, right? Although, of course, it is better to make sure that this story does not happen again. We advise you to read: