auto roadside Perhaps there was not a single autoladie left thatwould not have been familiar with such a concept as auto roadside setups. And it is quite understandable opinion of the majority of girls that it is possible to avoid the fate of becoming one of the victims of auto-fraudsters. The main thing is to know the traffic rules, not to "get on" on the roads of the city, adhering to the rule "you go quietly - you will continue". Undoubtedly, knowledge of the rules and caution has not been prevented by anyone, but not everything is as smooth as we would like. And, choosing for themselves the next victim of auto-support, "romantics" of the big road show remarkable knowledge of psychology. And the autosupport themselves are like a well-directed staged performance, looking at which Stanislavsky himself would exclaim: "I believe!". The funniest thing is that you can become a victim of the setup without leaving the ticket office, or rather, not leaving the car park. Do not believe me? Well, let's consider in detail all the actions of this adventurous performance called "auto-support".

The first action: emery

Any girl who has ever visited a parking lotlarge supermarkets, not by hearsay knows about their almost communal "comfort." Machines stand in close contact with each other, and maneuver between them is almost with jewelry precision and caution. This is what scammers use. While you relax with the help of shopping therapy, cruel torture is applied to your car. Or rather, the rear wing is treated with a large emery. As if you hit someone's car on a tangent. After you, not suspecting anything (about what you suspect, if your conscience is clear), you leave the parking lot, the foreign car catches up to you and in every possible way forces you to slow down, pressing to the roadside. The further action is calculated on your confusion and surprise effect. A few brave guys, oblique sazhen in the shoulders, begin to tell you and prove that when you left the parking lot, you hit their car. But they are not evil guys and are ready to solve everything peacefully. And even offer to call the insurance agent, so he counted the damage. And there they explain that the case is not insurance, because, in fact, you disappeared from the place of the "accident". Then you are offered to pay and name the amount of damage. What is called, on the "eye". We think, it is not necessary to continue the story about the further development of events. Let's look at how you should have acted from the beginning. If you are persistently pressed to the curb, do not stop! If, however, you have no other way out, stop in the middle of the road, block all doors and windows. Take the mobile phone and dial the police number, name the place where you are and shout that you were attacked. It is advisable that dashing guys hear that you called the police, usually this is enough to make the performance curtail and leave you alone. roadside rails

Action two: soap opera

The most surprising, no matter how strange you arethe name of this scenario seemed to be the bases on the road, participation in it would be taken both by the soap and the opera. If you rely on Chekhov, the gun on the wall "shoots" in the last act. And such a performance will begin in the early morning on the ramshackle street of your city. At the next maneuver with you, the car of the representative class is leveled, passing almost intimately, and a piece of soap is thrown into your car from the rear window of the car. The sound will be like in a collision. You will be offered to move to the sidelines, and if you have heeded the arguments of reason and stopped in the middle of the road, the action includes "traffic police" employees. True, they drive up on an ordinary car, but the psychic effect will be with the help of a flasher. The further development of the performance will fully draw on the Oscar. Threats, fake IDs and psychological pressure. Your main task is to remain calm. Let the fraudsters play out what they have under the script. Your pattern of behavior remains the same. Call the police and scream that there is urine, that you are attacked, and name the street on which you are. It is possible to say with certainty that scammers will not want to get acquainted with real law enforcement officers who can not be persuaded by fake flashlights.

Action three: shocking

But this method autoposts invented realcreatives. Although for you it is unlikely to be a consolation. Imagine a gray day. In a moving stream, you catch up with a car with a Cheshire cat at the wheel, or rather, with a man in the costume of a Cheshire cat. He scratches his head with garden rakes and waves his soft paw. From surprise you do not have time to notice that the car ahead has decided to slow down. And you are imprinted into it with all sincerity, which the astonished girl is capable of. Your guilt is obvious, and nothing can be done about it. In this case, you can not understand or prove that you have become a victim of auto-provision. Who knows what to get out of the house in the morning? And you have no excuses. But you can console yourself that scammers have shown a fantasy and for a few seconds before the blow lifted your spirits. And for the future, note that even such a surprise should not distract you if you are driving.

Review Critics

Become a victim of roadside rides have a chance toeach of us. The main thing is to get right in time and not to succumb to panic and threats of swindlers. As an additional insurance, you can purchase an autoregistrator to have as evidence the video played by fraudsters of the action and your complete innocence in what happened. And it is even better to apply for help to the knights of roads - to the traffic police. In the end, it is their duty to win over all the dragons that can meet you on the highways and small towns.