Spring 2016: fashion shoe trends Although the frost is rampant outside the window, and leave the houseyou can only wear fur coats, and even better - Russian felt boots, we all know that spring is just around the corner. Just a couple of months - and you can get from the mezzanine favorite spring polubotinochki or go to the store for a new pair of demi-season shoes. Fashion on changes annually, so let's spendaudit in the shoe cabinet and find out that the interesting offer to shoe on the feet of the future spring well-known designers. Past seasons passed under the sign of classics. Boats, low heels, elongated nose, natural materials, restrained colors. But this year the fashion designers decided to please the women of fashion and offer a real extravaganza of shapes, colors and sizes. The triumphant return of the platform, round socks "a la schoolgirl", animal colors and all shades of the rainbow. Spring 2016: fashion shoe trends Designers paid much attention to the shape and color of the heel. German brand caprice will please fans with steady heels, slanting to the center, like the shoes of American cowboys. Spring 2016: fashion shoe trends And Raphael Young decorated the soles with a bright print in the style of safari, applied the heels of appliqués and patterns. Spring 2016: fashion shoe trends It is interesting that in the collections of the future spring manycouturiers offer to use aggressive metal jewelry. It can be unexpected steel spikes on classic boats, chains around the ankle on boots-stockings. Sharp spikes on the heels of shoes remind of punk style, although the model itself can be extremely feminine, in pastel colors. Spring 2016: fashion shoe trends Spring 2016: fashion shoe trends Another popular trend in shoe fashion -Red color. Designers generally indulge in a variety of shades, however, the obvious favorites are scarlet, wine, raspberry and blood red. This color scheme is only for brave women who like and are accustomed to stand out. And if your spring boots of red color are supplemented with fashionable chains or thorns, then be sure - you will not remain unnoticed. Fashion designers have long insisted that shoes and bags are the same color, however, this season on the podium, the models showed almost identical tones of shoes and accessories. Spring 2016: fashion shoe trends As for the materials, in the fashion practicality. If you live in a cold region, where the spring makes you wait a long time, then in the new demi-season boots you will not freeze, as there will be an obligatory bike, tsigeyka or other warming material. For rainy spring, designers offer favorite rubber boots or textiles with water-repellent impregnation, so you can be sure that your feet in fashionable shoes will not get wet.