zotova Not far off is the time when a tender springthe sun will melt its snowdrifts with its rays, the buds will appear on the trees, and the air will be filled with freshness. This is the time when it's easy to breathe with your chest and no dream seems unrealizable. Women remove their heavy winter clothes from their shoulders and clothe themselves in light flowing fabrics ... In order to meet the spring fully armed, it is necessary to prepare for it now. World fashion houses have already presented their collections and formed . Do not depart from them and Russian fashion houses. Famous St. Petersburg designer Svetlana Zotova presented her spring-summer collection, which was called "The whole truth about women." The main feature of the coming season is the emphasized femininity. The color scheme became brighter and more juicy, and the most fashionable colors of the season are bright blue, calm blue, all shades of purple, orange, sand and noble gray-green. Spring and feminine colors are used even to create an office style - this is how the "Colleagues" capsule looks like, which opens a new collection of clothes by Svetlana Zotova. In the capsule "Neighbors" is presented . Ethnic motives also found their place here -especially popular in this season prints "safari", and retro chic - floral prints on cotton dresses, as well as fabrics that mimic jeans. The main rule of the capsule is a free and laid-back image, painted with light natural colors. zotova-2 Clothing for the weekend is a separate capsule"Gossips". These are stylish and colorful things that will definitely not go unnoticed. In the capsule, bicolors are widely used (in addition to the classic black and white, a trendy combination of white with a light purple clematis) and graphic designs (cage, peas, geometric figures). Clothing for relaxation is represented by lighter fabrics and extensive use of ethnic motifs, so it has a separate "Girlfriends" capsule. The last capsule, called "Contenders", is clothing for various holidays. Bright costumes and dresses are made of a variety of fabrics and in a variety of techniques. So, many of them are equipped with adjustable straps on the shoulders, which allows you to create a more modest image, and frankly bold. As you can see, the new fashionable season is flexible enough: no matter what will be chosen - retro, futurism, multilayeredness or dry minimalism; if the outfit emphasizes your femininity and natural appeal - you are at the very crest of the fashionable wave and at the peak of success! The article uses materials from the site .