curly hair Curly hair - it's beautiful and very sexy! But such hair require close attention and competent care, otherwise they will turn into a loofah and will look, at least not aesthetically. For many women, curly hair has become a real disaster - they are usually dry. And they are naughty and hard to lay down. In order for your head of hair to bring only joy, you must follow certain rules:

  • It is not advisable to use a hair dryer or ironing - only as a last resort, not more than twice a month;
  • To curl curls do not use a curling iron (forceps), if necessary, it is better to do this with a hair curler;
  • Wash your hair no more than twice a week;
  • To fix the hair, you can not use the gel - it will even more dry your hair, give preference to wax or foam (as an option - mousse).

How to comb

To comb your hair, do not usecomb, you can completely forget about massage brushes. Curly hair the field of their application will become just a dandelion. The best option is to use your own hands: just after washing, shape your hair with your fingers. If there is a need to use a comb, then try a wooden one with wide teeth. Care for hair that curl should be gentle, gentle and as neat as possible. It is not necessary to tear up the tangled locks, to comb the curls with sharp movements - this will hurt, and beauty will not be added. care for curly hair

How to wash

So, you are the owner of merry curls,note - happy, because so many women dream of such hair. The first thing to do is to learn how to wash them properly: first, not more than twice a week; secondly, using only special shampoos; thirdly, do not comb them and do not blow dry with a hairdryer. The more often you will wash your hair, the drier they will become - this is a law that you do not need to refute or prove again. Care for curly hair is not a frequent washing, but in the right and competent. Do not rub your hair or whip the foam strongly - there is a risk that your curls will be confused and cause a lot of problems with subsequent combing. Use shampoos, too, must be wisely. Ideal for children. By the way, some shampoos are designed to moisturize hair - they are also suitable. But then you have to be careful: if the roots of hair are greasy, and on the tips are dry, then use only children's shampoos - they are the most balanced and perfectly fit just such a combo type. Curly hair is never fat. Do not buy shampoos for oily hair, they can only further dry the scalp and hair itself, which will lead to dry seborrhea, dandruff or mass loss of curls. To look after such hair means also correctly to dry them after washing. To do this, do not intensively wipe with a towel or blow dry - all this is very harmful to curly hair. It is necessary to get wet with a towel (note - get wet) and allow to dry naturally. All, the structure of the hair will be preserved, and the curls will lie flat. If you still need to use a hairdryer, then remember the main rule - hot air should not be at all!

Hair masks

Wavy hair requires the use of masks - they will look just chic, the dryness will go away, beautiful waves will appear. Masks are very simple and you can do them before every wash of your head:

  • Use oil masks, for example: castor oil and lemon drops; flax and honey; olive and cognac;
  • Sour-milk products can also help restore or strengthen hair: simple kefir; kefir and egg; honey and sour cream;
  • Buy the crushed burdock roots and mix with thick sour cream - the mask for strengthening the hair is ready.

You need to know some rules for using masks for curly hair:

  • All masks are applied to the scalp and hair length;
  • On the head of the mask should be no more than 30 minutes;
  • It is desirable to create for the hair a compressive condition - just wrap your head with polyethylene and a towel;
  • To wash off masks follows with shampoo, warm water and after washing put a little balm - action of a mask will be strengthened;

how to care for curly hair

How to lay unruly locks

Yes, the main problem - will lay wavy hair, give them a beautiful shape or make a neat hairstyle. Here, too, there are several rules:

  • Spray the hair with a spray (fixing, which does not weight the hair) and distribute it at the tips of the hair - thus, there will be no protruding hairs and a disheveled appearance;
  • If there is a need to make several strands in the form of large curls, then wet hair should be wound on the tongs, before this procedure it is necessary to apply foam or mousse on the hair for a strong fixation;
  • After washing, you can apply this mixture: cream and gel (in equal proportions). Apply to the hair and do not rinse (so choose the appropriate means) - you will simply shine with its chic curls;
  • Do not forget about your hands - wet hair just screw it over your fingers and get a fun summer sexy hairstyle;
  • You can pull wet hair with a kerchief (bandage) and after completely drying remove it - you will get ideal waves;

So it turns out that special efforts are exerteddo not, stick to the rules, and care for curly hair will turn from a tedious process into a creative action. There are, however, a few more points:

  • The most successful haircut - layers, the type of "cascade" - so all the curlers will lie in layers;
  • In order to curly hair looked neatly laid, just dry them with a fist - squeeze the strand in the palm of your hand and hold for 10 seconds, then go on to the next;
  • To look after such curls it is necessary with application of cosmetic means - without lotions and sprays normally it is possible to make only a banal tail;
  • If it's snowing or raining on the street, then do not worry and straighten the curls - all this splendor will last exactly 30 seconds on the street;
  • You can braid at night spit, and in the morning to untwist - you will have chic waves.

As you can see, there are no special secretscurly hair - this is not a terrible beast, but a very pleasant phenomenon. Just do not do too short a haircut - at the expense of curlers it seems that such hair does not grow at all and you will suffer for a very long time with your haircut. But to care for hair of medium length and long, even if they are very strong, it's easy. But as it is beautiful - luxurious curly hair, beautiful color and passionate look - yes all men will be yours, and the ladies will remain quietly envious. So, curly hair is not a problem or a problem, but happiness and luxury granted by nature! Appreciate this gift and enjoy the effect, take compliments and rapturous looks - after all, you can already care for your hair, it's not difficult! And you can come up with thousands of options and change your image almost every day. Only consider your hair carefully, strive to bring them into excellent condition, give them a healthy appearance - do not run around beauty salons and trust such a miracle to the masters. All the above rules were not invented for a day or even for a year - it's the collective experience of our grandmothers, and they already knew how to care for their hair and look always royal! So, do not be discouraged and do not dream about straight hair - you can not even imagine how many ladies want to have such curly-haired girls like you - fussy, playful, luxurious and sexy! We advise you to read: