all about mattresses "In a dream, a man spends a third of his life!»; "A poor-quality mattress can make you disabled!"; "The latest space technology - only in our mattresses!" - which slogans just do not come up with marketers and sellers in the fight for our blood with you. After all, different companies and manufacturers - like mushrooms after the rain and they all lure loud slogans and super - new developments in the mattress industry. And there is something to struggle for - no one will save on things that are bought not for one year and on which people indulge in pleasant pursuits. So it comes to the fact that no one is surprised by a mattress for five or even seven thousand dollars. Let's try to understand the flow of information that the sellers throw out on us, separate the truth from it in the wrong, and decipher the terms that they often use. "Orthopedic mattress. In fact, an orthopedic mattress means "designed to treat any deformations of the body and their compensation" (Greek ortos - direct, correct and pedia-upbringing). You do not suffer from scoliosis? At you all is normal with a backbone? Then you do not need an orthopedic mattress. But if you still decide to buy an orthopedic mattress, then you need to contact only specialized stores and departments. An "Anatomic" mattress is a mattress that tries to take the shape of your body - and why buy a mattress that does not? The beautiful word "polyurethane foam" - it's banal and familiar to all from childhood foam, only sounds impressive. "Artificial latex" is a polymer, chemically very similar to polyurethane foam, that is, foam rubber. "High-quality upholstery fabrics: Molimo, Damascus, Jacquard" is a serious argument to raise the price, but does it matter how the mattress looks like under the sheet? The most important thing in a spring mattress is the springs. Only because the manufacturers of springs are much smaller than the manufacturers of mattresses. Then what is the difference between mattresses of different manufacturers, if they use the same springs? The number of springs and the thickness of the wire mean absolutely nothing. Because a larger number of springs, but a thinner wire eventually give the same stiffness as a thicker wire and fewer springs. Well, the hardened steel from which the springs are made is just great, only you can check it by gutting the mattress and giving the spring to the metallographic analysis. You're not going to do this? Guarantee. If there are problems with the mattress - then in the first month of its use you can return it to the manufacturer. 10-year and 20-year guarantees - no more than a marketing move. Technology "Winter / Summer". Actually, you sleep on the sheet. Is it important to keep the wool and cotton in the upholstery under the sheet? "Aerators" help to vent the mattress. And why should it be ventilated? Material "with memory" or a memorial, like a little. Despite the beautiful name, it is nothing more than plasticine. Do you like sleeping in plasticine? Moreover, it is nothing more than a foam with impregnation, worthless money. "Natural materials". Yes, mattresses made of artificial materials can theoretically release harmful substances. For that natural materials that cost an order of magnitude more expensive theoretically can serve as food for various bad bugs and microbes. So why overpay for naturalness?