Women's Jackets The jacket is an indispensable thing in cold weather. It is warm and comfortable, but some models are very difficult to erase. The company «TKT Import», which is more than 5 years old for women and men, gives its recommendations for the proper care of jackets from different materials, in order to prolong their "life" for many years.

How to wash a down jacket?

Before putting the down jacket in a washing machine,be sure to fasten everything on it that you can zip and turn it inside out. Washing the down jacket - a delicate matter, so set only a "delicate" mode and a temperature of not more than 30 degrees! In this case it is better to use not a powder, but special fluids. Another tip: be sure to put a few tennis balls in the drum - 3-4 pieces. Rotating in a washing machine, they will evenly distribute the fluff along the cavity of the jacket, not allowing it to stray into clods. If you do not have balls, do not take risks and wash them by hand. Soak the thing in lukewarm water, add a washcloth to the wash basin and let it soak for 2-3 hours. After that, rinse the jacket several times in cold water. Stages of proper washing of the down jacket Dry the down jacket must be very careful, otherwise allthe contents are collapsed, and the thing will become unusable. To prevent this from happening, whip the product well and hang it on the hanger. Ideally, the jacket should be dried on the balcony in the sun or near the heater. From time to time, it should be whipped with a "clap" for carpets.

How to wash a leather jacket?

It is not recommended to wash a leather jacket at all. At least on the labels of many products there is an "erase prohibited" icon. It remains only to "refresh" it. To do this, lather sponge, drip on it with ammonia and rub the surface of your leather jacket. After this, you need to walk on the skin with a soft cloth, soaked with castor oil or glycerin. Some craftsmen still manage to wash a leather jacket. How to do it? Representatives of "TKT Import" offer such a recipe: Put the "leather jacket" in the drum, set the mode of "washing the wool", and spin - no more than 300 turns. The most important thing after washing is to treat the jacket with a special compound. For impregnation, 500 ml of boiling water, with a salt dissolved in it (100 grams) and 75 ml of glycerin, will be needed. Be sure to cool this mixture to 20-25 degrees. After the leather jacket is a little dry, soak it with this composition from the wrong side. And in a few days it will become soft and clean.

How to wash a suede jacket?

Suede leather is the skin of fatty tanning. High-quality suede is made from deerskin or sheepskin, and it is strictly forbidden to wash it in a typewriter! Do not wet the suede jacket in hot water, the maximum temperature is 35 degrees. It should be washed very quickly. After you rinse the thing in running warm water, immediately wipe it with glycerin solution: half a spoonful of glycerin per liter of water. This will help maintain the softness of suede leather. Do not try to unscrew the jacket after washing, it is even better not to squeeze it. Dry suede product is better on the shoulders, not very close to the heating batteries. It dries usually 1,5-2 days. If after washing it still stains on it, try gently rubbing them with pumice stone.