gotovim-na-kyhne Today on Topnews we will reveal the topic of choosing dishesfor our favorite microwave oven. Not every kitchen appliance is suitable for its heating. require special utensils, which will meekly withstand high temperatures. Table porcelain, table glass, as well as many types of ceramics are considered heat-resistant dishes. There is also a heat-resistant plastic, which must necessarily have a confirmation of its thermal stability (this is usually a special brand). The utensils listed above can only be used in a microwave oven of an uncombined type. But the more expensive types of dishes are varieties that are made of refractory materials. They are made for cooking in combined microwave ovens, as well as in ordinary ovens. The above dishes should not be subjected to sudden temperature changes. If it is immediately put out of a microwave oven into a puddle of water, then it is easy to lose such utensils. Still, porcelain, ceramic and glass are considered the most suitable for cooking in the microwave oven. In addition, they are considered the most hygienic and environmentally friendly dishes. microvolnovka If you use the services of glass, it is betterthe cups and plates of its white matte type are suitable. It is best to make such utensils in Spain. Ordinary glassware is only suitable for heating up, as well as defrosting. Very good for microwave oven ceramic products. They should be completely covered with glaze, and also not have cracks and chips. Otherwise, it will crack from the fact that it warms up unevenly. In the ceramic dishes it is best to cook hamburgers, cutlets, scrambled eggs or chops. When removing, do not forget about the special kitchen glove. But in porcelain dishes it is very convenient to warm up both the first dishes, and the second. Dishes on these plates should be laid out in advance, so they can immediately be served on the table. In cups from porcelain it is very good to serve hot beer or milk. Often they make coffee. There is also utensils made of foam and paper. It is recommended to expose it for a short time. The very same microwave at this time, it is better not to leave without supervision. When buying a microwave, take care of the availability of quality dishes!