straight hair without ironing It so happened that girls always dreamto change in oneself what nature has generously endowed them with. Luxurious, chic, curly hair is a dream for some and an everyday struggle for others. Owners of fervid curls are looking for any ways to at least somehow tame their naughty hair. The simplest at first glance of straightening wavy strands is the use of a special ironing. But along with the advantages of ironing has a number of specific drawbacks. The most basic of them is damage to the structure of the hair. This becomes especially noticeable if straightening curly locks ironing occurs more than two times a week. Yes, and a rare treatment to him is also not an option, over time, hair will still lose a healthy appearance, and then it will take a lot of work to restore their elasticity and shine. Therefore, very often curly girls think about how to straighten hair without ironing and keep their health. There are several ways that you can apply yourself or seek help from a beauty salon master.

How to straighten hair without ironing with a regular hair dryer?

Straighten unruly hair with the most common hair dryerit is not so impossible, as it may seem at first glance. It is important to comply with the temperature regime. Very hot air can do the same damage to hair as using ironing. Before straightening the strands, you need to wash your head with a suitable shampoo and then apply a balm that facilitates combing. Wash hair thoroughly from these products and lightly dry with a warm towel. Next, you need to carefully and gently comb the hair with a wooden comb with sparse teeth, and then apply a special cosmetic to smooth the curls. As an additional concern, you can use a product that protects against heat exposure. For convenience, you can use several hairpins, with which you can easily distribute the hair to individual strands and separate the area for alignment. Each individual string should be raised and placed under it a round comb with a small bristle. The diameter of the comb depends on the length of the hair. For long hair, you need a large diameter, for short hair - the minimum. With a warm air jet of the hair dryer, simultaneously with the movement of the comb from top to bottom along the entire length of the hair, it is necessary to straighten the hair (Fig. 1). For the best result, these movements must be repeated several times for each strand. The finishing touch is the fixing of the result with a hair spray. Distribute it at a distance of 20 cm from the head. If desired, you can add a spray for shine. You do not need to comb after this. This most simple and accessible method has a significant drawback: rain, dampness and humidity can negate all efforts. Therefore, straighten hair with a hair dryer is best in dry sunny weather. straightening hair with a hair dryer

Straightening of hair with cosmetics

Virtually every firm that producescosmetics for hair care, has in its arsenal line of funds for straightening disobedient ringlets. These are all kinds of creams, sprays, serums, balms, gels. These tools work well with slightly curly hair, but they can hardly be straightened with stubborn curls. However, it is worth bearing in mind the products of those manufacturers who have proven themselves well:

  • Gel Straight Works, Super Skinny balm and Super Skinny Serum Serum from Paul Mitchell, designed specifically to "tame" disobedient locks;
  • Oleo-Relax liquid for smoothing from Kerastase;
  • cream nourishing Hair Mix, cream smoothing Texture Expert and serum Liss Control + for different types of hair from the brand L'Oreal take control of soft waves;
  • Mousse Control Freak from Tigi with different degrees of fixation;
  • Special oil for the smoothness of hair from the brand Green Light;
  • Special lotion and Bamboo Smooth spray with a smoothing effect from Alterna.

Allocate a single remedy from a hugethe quantity of cosmetic novelties is almost impossible. Select the right and effective brand will have to individually. And, as a rule, for the best final result, several means must be used at once. Of course, it is desirable that they are from the same line.

How to straighten hair without ironing in beauty salons?

Today many salons offer very usefulservice - smoothing the hair with keratin-containing products. It is believed that this method carries two actions at once: it makes the hair smooth and gives them a healthy, well-groomed appearance (Fig. 2). The hair is filled with keratin, it becomes more elastic, strong, shiny. The porosity of the structure of each hair disappears, respectively, and its fluffiness. The procedure is that first the hair is thoroughly cleaned, and then, beginning almost from the roots, a special keratin composition is applied along the entire length of the hair. Then, together with this composition, the hair is dried with a comb and a hair dryer. The duration of the entire procedure takes about three hours. Upon completion, a special keratin mask and shampoo is given out. They can be used at home only three days after visiting the salon. The first time after the procedure, the hair should be very careful - do not braid braids, do not use elastic bands and hairpins, do not wear rims and bandages. The effect after straightening with creatine, while following all the recommendations of the master, lasts 3-4 months. The process is very individual and depends on the type of hair, as well as the composition that was applied to it. straightening of hair with chemical preparations

Straightening ringlets with chemical preparations

To date, there is littlespecial chemicals, with which you can even out the hair. All these products include sodium hydroxide (for very curly locks) and ammonium thioglycollate (for slightly curly hair). It is almost impossible to straighten ringlets at home in such a chemical way. In the beauty salon, the actions take place in the following order:

  • The master tests one small curl for its ability to be exposed to a certain chemical attack;
  • then he applies a special protective cream on the scalp;
  • then distributes the selected chemical agent through the hair;
  • after a certain time, it flushes it;
  • after that it applies a neutralizing agent;
  • ends with a hair treatment with a special conditioner.

This procedure lasts for a long time - aboutfive hours. The selection of all the means for this method of hair alignment and the optimal exposure time for the maximum effect are always different. Everything depends on the condition of the hair and its structure. To take into account all the nuances and negate the negative impact of each chemical can only a highly qualified master, so that you can not perform this procedure in all salons, but only where there are good professionals and the right equipment. Prices for chemical hair straightening are different and range from 1,000 to 10,000 rubles. This amount is quite understandable, because the length of the procedure itself, the professionalism of its implementation, as well as the individual composition of the means make it an expensive pleasure. Straightening hair chemically is the most effective tool in the fight against stubborn curls. Be sure to remember that this method is not suitable for those who have just made a perm, and now for various reasons, dreams of getting rid of it. After the salon, the hair needs very careful care. Even to dry them now it is possible only in a natural way, about a hair drier it is necessary to forget.