what to give the director a man for his birthday Each year, any working collective is assigned by oneand the same question - what to give to the chief for his birthday. After all, the future gift should not only please the birthday boy, but also show him how much he is dear to his subordinates (even if it is not really so). A truly insoluble problem. As the years go by, the boss is the same. Well, do not give him the diary for the hundredth time? Yes, and cognac is in the cabinet on the shelf for decades, gathering not only endurance, but also dust. And not to give, too, will not work. Offended. The salary will be cut, or even dismissed for greed. No, you can not do without a present. It is a fact. And what exactly to give to the leader we will now prompt you. Of course, to ensure that the head, deploying a gift, will increase your service in joys, we will not. But the fact that the delicate situation will be managed with the least losses, we promise.

Gift to the collector

We all collect something. As a child, these were candy wrappers and calendars depicting favorite cartoon characters. Becoming a bit older, we replaced the candy wrappers for stamps, and the calendars for breastpacks. As for the stronger sex, here the collections are completely unpredictable. Some men enthusiastically collect cufflinks. Some are crazy about collection whiskey. Someone brings from travel ties and cups. Your task is to find out more about the boss's interests. Just do not say that his hobby is a very young secretary, and he only collects the bitter tears of his subordinates. Even in the strictest heart there is a place for naive children's hobbies. Therefore, be reserved for eloquence and go for reconnaissance. By the way "merge information" can just the next young secretary. She certainly knows your stern superior better than you. Suddenly it turns out that if you give the director a silver clamp for a tie for his birthday, his heart melts, and he himself will be generous with an extraordinary bonus. Just do not save on the gift, otherwise the accessory will not fall into the chef's collection, but at best in the trash can. What could be worse? Just get your gift back. Believe me, this is unpleasant.

Frankness is the way to success

And now we will tell you the shortest and the rightway…. no, not to the heart of your beloved boss, but to solving the problem of a birthday present. But for a start, a short introduction. Statistics show that more than 70% of the world's population hate their name-days. And it's not that a person becomes older over the years (and nobody wants to grow old). Just a few people like to listen to fake congratulations in their address and receive unnecessary gifts. Tell me, did you receive for your birthday several sets of shampoos and as many copies of cheap toilet waters? Was it nice? That's the same. Here's the head unpleasant to see your anguish about the selection of the presentation (you give hot arguments with a pipe whisper at lunch time). Firstly, very few people guess and give what is really needed. Secondly, the boss certainly has a level of well-being above yours. Therefore, what seems to your team the height of perfection, can seem capricious man ordinary. Therefore ASK. Do not be shy to go to the boss and ask what to give him for his birthday (you did not hesitate to ask for a vacation, now he will not bite you). Believe me, a good boss will always help with the choice. Who knows, maybe a man, exhausted from luxury, needs only a good ballpoint pen for complete happiness? Or a new book by Paolo Coelho? We hasten to object to those who are categorically against this method of soliciting gifts. Believe me, it is better to give a leader something inexpensive and long-awaited, rather than an unnecessary thing, bought for a fabulous sum (the money itself is not a pity?). what to give a leader a man

If the boss is a fan of hunting and fishing

Show a man who does not know how to keepspinning in the hands. Perhaps all the representatives of the stronger sex kneel in love like fishing, hunting and all sorts of other activities that begin with an active drinking of alcoholic beverages, and end ... no, not fishing, but ordinary male chatter on politics, money and women. But they will not go to the river without a fishing rod in fact? Therefore, it is quite possible to give the director another fishing tool. Only here it's important not to miss. Suddenly your boss positions himself as an inveterate hunter, and you give him a spinning. Then it is better to give on a birthday a spacious tent.

Lover of computer technology

Today, many on "you" with a computer. Chiefs are no exception. Although not all of them are real asss in computer technology. What do you want. This is certainly affected by the consequences of leadership. Man is used to being all for him. The report is prepared by the deputy. Coffee is cooked by the secretary. Even the door, and that guard at the door opens. Why does the director work, if the world is spinning around him. But let's say that your boss is a happy exception to the rules, and knows how to play on the computer, not only solitaire, but also knows a couple of smart programs. Then it will be quite appropriate to give him a birthday card jewelry or some clever device. Just do not forget before you make a purchase, after all, ask what exactly your manager lacks. Maybe he has been dreaming about a good webcam for a long time? Or on the eve broke your favorite optical mouse? By the way, on this basis the director can not only be liked, but also try to make friends with him. You can help him install a webcam or tell me about the merits of the new wireless mouse. Although, on the other hand, the longer the boss is, the safer it is.

Gifts for motorists

And here it is exactly where to turn around with ideasfor gifts. The fact is that many motorists, having spent a crazy amount for a new car, categorically regret money for the necessary little things. Therefore, you can give it to the head for another birthday:

  • Digital breathalyzer. In business negotiations, sometimes you have to take a symbolic one hundred grams on your chest and go home like that. Many motorists in this case, the seventh road, go around the road police stations, whereas a conventional pocket alcohol test can prove that the number of piercings in the blood is still negligible, and there is nothing to fear (more precisely, there is nobody).
  • Warning triangle. You will not believe it, but it is also very necessary thing in an automobile economy. And quite expensive (for the usual sign). Any driver at least once in his life promised himself to buy an emergency stop sign from the next paycheck. So do a good deed, give the necessary trifle to the director for his birthday.
  • Keychain flashlight with defroster locks. We are sure that your boss does not have this (unless none of the staff has read this article before you and not ahead of the presentation). The defroster will help in the cold winter, and the flashlight will certainly come in handy in the dark entrance. And you do not need to say that the bosses go exclusively around the illuminated territory and carpet paths. They are people like us.
  • Keychain for key search. This know-how will help to find the keys to the car. Agree that the thing is useful? Who of us did not want such a device to search for household keys or slippers?
  • what to give a leader to a man at work

    Mediocre trivia

    Now we will start listing the list of gifts, andyou in turn will throw in the monitor slippers. It is a cup, a diary, a wall calendar, a pen, a T-shirt. You can not think up a banal, right? But also these usual trifles can be embellished so that they will become the most expensive gift for your boss. It is enough to put there ... his photo. Well, who does not like to drink tea, looking his beloved in the eye? Or flipping the diary with your image? In the wall calendar, you can put a whole series of photos of your favorite boss (ask for pictures from the secretary or even the boss's wife).

    What not to give

    Strangely enough, if you decide to donatedirector of the man money in the envelope, you will not understand. Agree that a large amount you do not put, and small money can offend the boss. If there is nothing more than money signs in your head, then donate not ordinary rubles, but some rare currency (which you can convert if you want, naturally). Do not give perfume. Even the dear ones. Because each person has his own taste. And very often this fragrance, which seems to us to be the height of perfection, is categorically not liked by others. Especially - to the man (female and male receptors are very different among themselves). Flowers a man (even if your leader), too, should not be presented. It's a birthday, not a funeral, right? Moreover, there are very few men who love flowers. The bulk considers them a useless waste of money, since bouquets can not be drunk to eat or put on. That's such a man's pragmatism. You can not get anywhere from it. Too expensive gifts are also not acceptable. They oblige the birthday man to give you a gift. And if you can agree on this with friends and relatives, then you can hardly explain to the manager that the collection gun came to you from your grandfather and it did not cost anything in principle. Plus, the director can take your royal gesture as a request to raise the career ladder. And what if you do not bring a new position? In short, put the gun back in the closet and limit yourself to cheaper gifts. Knives, too, to give is not recommended. Bad sign. Some particularly suspicious citizens believe that along with the blade of the knife you give them on the birthday of the evil spirit. Do you want such a gift to your boss? No? That's the same. You, of course, are not going to present the director with a box of chocolates, right? Even if this chocolate is Belgian, and your chief is a sweet tooth. Well, you can not make such presents to a man. You can also add a luxurious bouquet of flowers to the box, and you will be dismissed. Some inordinately original employees manage to give the head for the birthday of a puppy or a kitten (the list of animals can be continued indefinitely). Lovely you are ours, and walk the dog every morning, too, will you? And go to the vet for vaccinations? We do not say that any livestock should be fed and left with someone for the time of endless business trips. Therefore, if you do not want to make yourself an enemy in the person of the chef, circumvent the pet shop by the tenth way. It is better to give a bottle of cognac. And there is no request, and always useful to a man on the farm. By the way, bed linen is also included in the list of banned gifts for a man on his birthday. Especially if you are a girl. The boss can misunderstand your gesture and regard it as a hint of a special attitude towards it. You do not want to spread the kit with the boss? Then leave the bed for yourself. And the boss .... Present all the same cognac, about which we wrote in the previous paragraph. Remember? Well, the one that always comes in handy and does not ask. We advise you to read: