how to organize a cocktail reception at home A large number of guests always turn aroundfor the owners of vanity and long preparation. And this is not surprising, because preparing a table for several dozen people is not an easy task. You always want to surprise the visitors with something, make the holiday special and unorganized. In the case of a crowded party, the ideal option would be to organize a banquet in the style of a buffet table. And to understand how to organize a fourchette at home you need to understand the meaning of this name. The word buffet came to us from France and the translation is completely banal - fork. And this is not accidental, since it is this cutlery that is considered to be the main one on the buffet table, since light snacks, fruit salads and various assorted items are served to the table.

Advantages of a buffet table

This event does not require large financialcosts and is best suited for corporate parties. However, even at home, the buffet is becoming more and more popular, as it gives the hostess the opportunity not to stand for a day at the stove, preparing meals for a big holiday. All you need in this case is a spacious room, a little knowledge and imagination for cooking and the ability to beautifully decorate the table. The popularity of a buffet table is not even in a wide choice of different snacks - here the emphasis is not at all in this direction. A relaxed atmosphere, an easy and friendly atmosphere throughout the holiday - these are the main qualities of this event. The advantages of a buffet table are undeniable in many cases. Take, for example, the fact that you can invite as many guests to a banquet as you would have never been invited to an ordinary feast because of the banal lack of space at the table. In addition, each guest can serve himself independently and you will not worry about the fact that someone does not have enough of this or that dish. And in the case of a youth party it's better to have something to think about than a cocktail party. After the gatherings at the table quickly get bored, I want to chat with all the guests, and not to spill out rare phrases across the room. cocktail reception at home

What do I need to know?

When organizing a buffet dinner at home,that the table with snacks should be located not in the middle of the room, as is customary in the ordinary feast, but on the sidelines, so that there is room for guests to move. But also to put a table close to the wall is also not recommended, since everyone should have the opportunity to approach him from any direction. As for snacks - this should be dishes that are convenient to take with a fork or hand and there are those that can be standing or sitting down in a chair. How to arrange dishes? Appetizers for a buffet table are best placed on different levels. This is done quite simply. On the table there are cardboard boxes or deep inverted dishes. They can be covered with a colorful tablecloth or wrapped in paper. Do not forget about decorations - flowers and candles will perfectly fit into such an unusual table setting. Serving is very important sequence of location. On the left is a stack of plates. Next come snacks, which can successfully include cheese and cold cuts, fruits, sandwiches and canapes, various desserts. In order to make it convenient for guests to take snacks, small plates are placed on the edge of the table, followed by deep plates, salad bowls, bread dishes. Napkins and cutlery are installed on the right. If you have hot appetizers in your buffet, take care of the heated meals in advance. To ensure that your table does not seem overloaded, choose at most three types of each snack and dessert. Here you need to take into account the place for the storage of dishes, because you do not want to leave the guests in order to prepare another portion of clean plates. Fourchette for the birthday of the house How to choose a drink? Organizing, for example, a reception for the birthday of the house, try to make the choice of drinks quite wide. Good wine, champagne, krschon, beer, including non-alcoholic, well, and more strong drinks - with this choice, you just please every guest. Do not forget about the various juices and mineral water. By the way, for drinks it is best to set a separate table, so you will avoid confusion and fuss among the guests, everyone will be comfortable and comfortable, and this is important at any holiday. For all its simplicity, the buffet table still requires certain obligations. After all, any holiday, thought out and prepared in advance, will please the guests much more than the banal menu and table, somehow crowded with dish dishes. Yes, and the hostess herself will feel more confident, seeing that her holiday is perfect and pleases the guests. We advise you to read: