how to carry shoes Any womanis not indifferent to beautiful and stylish footwear, it is quite understandable - in fact it is in model shoes on a hairpin that every woman feels herself at a height in the direct and figurative sense of the word. Elegant high-heeled shoes affect the woman's gait and her self-confidence. That's why new shoes or shoes are able to immediately raise the mood of each of us. However, very often returning home from the store, we are horrified to find that the shoes are unbearably tight, small in size and it is absolutely impossible to walk. How to carry shoes? Any of us was puzzled by this question at least once in life. In fact, even in this seemingly critical situation, it's absolutely not necessary to panic and tear your hair in trying to understand how you could buy shoes for a couple of sizes smaller. After all, there are quite a lot of effective and common methods that can help to quickly stretch the shoes and make them comfortable and comfortable. The most important rule, which is worth remembering - new shoes should not be worn immediately after purchase, expecting to go through them all day. It is necessary to wear out shoes gradually, daily dressing them for an hour or two. Before this, you need to tape up those places on your legs, on which corns can form. And in a week the narrowest shoes will become much more comfortable and free. Backs of new shoes or shoes often rub their feet, to avoid this trouble they should be rubbed with a candle, moist soap or slightly moistened with alcohol. If, however, with these manipulations and will not be able to carry shoes, it is necessary to resort to more effective methods. The most elementary way out in this situation is going to the shoe shop, which has special equipment for stretching the shoes. If you do not find such a workshop nearby, you can limit yourself to purchasing a special stretch - a spray for shoes. They need to sprinkle those places on the shoes, which you shake, then you must immediately put on your shoes and walk in it for a few minutes. Leather shoes can be carried also with the help of several fairly popular techniques.

Stretching newspapers

To implement this old and provenway to stretch the shoes you will have to stock up with remarkable patience and a lot of old newspapers. First, you need to water newspapers with water, tear them to pieces and shove them into your shoes. It is necessary to try to score shoes with newspapers as much as possible, this directly affects the effectiveness of the procedure. At the end of these simple manipulations, you should wait for the newspapers to dry completely. In this case, it is not necessary to leave shoes for drying around batteries and other heating appliances, since this will not at all contribute to its wear. Shoes should dry naturally, so you will have to wait long enough - about one day. Then you should take out all the newspapers and enjoy the result. It should be noted that not all are satisfied with this method. Some people say that it is not effective enough, because, despite the fact that the shoes become wider after stretching with wet newspapers, with full evaporation of moisture, it shrinks even more. Therefore, consider other well-known and proven techniques.

Stretching with alcohol

Alcohol very well softens the skin, that's whyuse of vodka or even better than pure alcohol will be very handy, because with his help you can stretch new shoes quickly and efficiently. Moisten the shoes on the inside with vodka and put on thick socks. Do not wipe the skin on the upper side, as this can damage it. You do not have to walk very long, since alcohol has the property of quickly evaporating. Stretching of shoes is promoted even by ordinary water, if you do all the same manipulations using it instead of vodka. Do not put shoes on the street until the alcohol is completely weathered, as it can damage the skin and color of the shoes. Alcohol is not suitable for stretching shoes from suede or fabric. How to spread suede shoes? After suede - a very beautiful and elegant material, suede shoes will not refuse to defreeze every coquette. Suitable for stretching shoes from suede beer. They need to lubricate shoes heavily on the inside, then put on socks and wear shoes for a few days. You can also splash some steep boiling water into the shoes and immediately put them on. Suede will become soft and sit on the leg, and after complete drying the water will not leave any traces. In order for unconstrained shoes to rub their feet less, before you wear them, wipe it from inside with castor oil. how to carry new shoes

Other ways to stretch suede shoes

You can use another old folkway to combat tight shoes. To do this, moisten the cotton socks with warm water, put on shoes and wear them for several hours. If the socks dry, they should be moistened again. There is another method for stretching shoes with the use of cotton fabric. You need to boil water and soak the cloth in it, then wrap each shoe with a cloth and leave until completely dry. After the shoes have dried, you can safely put them on and enjoy the result - they will become much freer. As we found out, it is not difficult to carry shoes at all, but in this case it is important not to overdo it and stop in time. Remember that overly different footwear will not give you any pleasure, and do not get carried away with all manner of methods of posting it. After you have carried shoes, it is important to keep it properly and take care of it. Store shoes preferably in a warm and dry place. Also, do not forget to lubricate it every day with cream and a spray for wearing. Then the new shoes will please you more than one season and will give you a lot of pleasant sensations. We advise you to read: