cashmere coat Clothes require care, good clothes - goodcare. Due to the wholesale prices of a number of domestic producers, the coat at retail is fashionable for women. However, this fact does not mean that the thing does not require care. Wait, when after a couple of spoiled things experience will illuminate the wisdom of its possessor, it is not worth it. Manufacturers use cashmere, wool, tweed, drape - materials, whose features and "habits" differ from each other. If it comes to winter, then in addition take into account belonging to the season. Winter clothing is not in vain bears the name of the cold season. The material corresponds to frosts, snowfalls, but from a sudden rain and slush the winter fabric loses its properties. Variants, what can be the top women's clothing from the manufacturer, you can look at . Consider the tips that will save the winter coat from premature shipment to the scrap.


Exquisite material with a capricious nature. After a heavy snowfall or rain, the coat is laid on a terry towel to get out the moisture, dried on the shoulders. If the material is not absorbed too much water, then dried immediately. Some cashmere things allow washing, but there are nuances. The nature of washing depends on the content of wool: manual, machine, temperature - a label to help. Cashmere does not tolerate friction. The material rolls in one moment.


Often uses a Russian manufacturer. Here three lines of advice can not fit. Remember:

  • Woolen things are washed without soaking;
  • after washing, the coat is slightly squeezed and wrapped in a towel to allow moisture to come out;
  • if the material appeared wrinkles, then the coat is hung in the bathroom or in a room with high humidity;
  • wool fabric allows ironing from the inside through gauze;
  • to remove a greasy stain, put talc or starch on the place of contamination, cover it with a cotton cloth and press it down with a load. Coat overnight, in the morning, shake off the "absorbent";
  • the fine rub is removed with a sticky roller.


Material will not bring trouble to the owner. An unpretentious tweed is often found in sentences . The material allows for inaccuracies in the care. A few tips:

  • to machine wash is used if necessary (water up to 30 ° C);
  • Dry the coat in a horizontal position, rub from the inside by gauze;
  • rub brush with medium hardness.


Drape coat from the manufacturer is unpretentious. Features:

  • washing machine - the penultimate episode before the trash can. Pollution is removed manually, using soap foam, stain remover;
  • on the hanger the wet coat is stretched;
  • dry things in the open air, a glassed-out winter balcony - will do;
  • Small mote is removed with a sticky roller or a stiff brush.

General advice: see the label, the manufacturer indicates the permitted actions.