removal of stains from upholstered furniture Not so long ago, soft furniture was a deficit, and itsprotected from accidental damage and stains, covering with coverlets and even carpets. Time has changed and now all sorts of cloaks on the sofas began to be considered a bad form. At the same time, there was a fashion for upholstery of the lightest shades, which make the interior effective and stylish. Such changes in the furniture world have made the removal of stains from soft furniture a very urgent issue. Especially if the apartment has small children who study the outside world or animals that are least concerned about the traces of dirty paws on a light couch or armchair. Part of the manufacturers took care of the cleanliness of furniture upholstery. Many fabrics for upholstered furniture, except for the cheapest, are treated with special impregnations, repelling liquid and pollution.

Universal stain remover

How to remove coffee stains from upholstered furniture, andother old spots? The role of impregnations is reduced to the fact that they do not allow spilled wine, coffee, juice to penetrate into the structure of threads and color them. To remove such contamination with the treated protective impregnation of the fabric is very simple - it is enough to use a soapy solution. For him, take the usual laundry soap without bleach. The solution is made from the calculation of 5 grams of soap per 100 grams of water. To remove the stain, proceed as follows: moisten the napkin in the solution and remove the stain, moving the napkin, from the edge to the center. Only with this movement can avoid a soap halo. Wipe off the rest of the solution with a clean cloth to avoid divorce. Fresh spots are cleaned much better than the old ones, therefore, as soon as an incident occurs, emergency measures must be taken. Spilled wine, coffee, planted drops of fat immediately generously sprinkled with salt, so that it absorbed as much of the substance as possible. After that, cleaning the stains will be much easier.

How to remove a stain of greenery with upholstered furniture?

Zelenka is an excellent antiseptic, butit causes a lot of trouble if it does not fit the intended purpose. Accidentally poured on the upholstery of the sofa zelenka still did not bring joy to anyone. If this happens, then do not put off the stain from the zelenki in the long box. At once there is a question - how to remove stains from zelenki from upholstered furniture? For many, it may seem unexpected, but there is no universal remedy for removing green spots. Much depends on the composition of the tissue on which it fell. Therefore, if the first has not given results, it is possible to try some ways. Remove the stain from the green cloth from the fabric, including from the upholstery, you can try the usual stain remover, which is sold in the store. Use it according to the instructions. You can try to remove the stained green stain with a 10% solution of ammonia, which is applied to the stain, and then it should be dabbed with a napkin. On the stain, you can apply starch diluted with water. This gruel is removed after it dries. Perhaps, one procedure may not be enough, then it must be repeated. You can also make a gruel from a detergent and put on a stain when it dries, remove it, and rinse thoroughly with water. If nevertheless it was not possible to deduce a stain of zelenki from an upholstery of soft furniture up to the end, it is not necessary to be afflicted. The fact is that the dye, which gives such a saturated color to the antiseptic, has the property of breaking down under the influence of light. It may take a very short time, and the stain will disappear by itself. Do not use chlorine-containing substances, for example, whiteness, to remove green from upholstery upholstery. It bleaches the dye well, but with it the color of the fabric will become discolored. As a result, instead of a green spot, a whitish one will turn out, which can not be taken out any more.

Clean the flock

In order to remove the autographs of the kids,made pens on the upholstery of the sofa, you need to know the characteristics of furniture fabrics. If it's a flock, and it looks like velours, you can not use alcohol or a solvent for cleaning. They can dissolve the components of the tissue and instead of spots there will appear not only bald spots on the hairy surface, but also holes. Flocking fabrics are cleaned well with the same soap solution. Only in order to restore their original appearance, it is necessary, until the tissue is wet, several times comb it up, so that the napes again occupy a vertical position. When removing stains from furniture upholstery, it is necessary to take into account that there are categories of furniture fabrics that are recommended for exclusively dry cleaning. The difficulty of care for them lies in the fact that water leaves on their surface a divorce. To bring this upholstery in order, you will have to call home dry cleaning, which uses to remove stains from such tissues their methods. Understand the features of the tissues is quite difficult, so when buying upholstered furniture, it is wise to consult about the care of the upholstery fabric. Only then is there a chance to bring a sofa or an armchair in order and not add to it any trouble. We advise you to read: