how to choose a washing machine At last! It was done: you are going to choose a washing machine. Oh, this is a miracle of modern technology! Now you do not have to pull heavy wet sheets and duvet covers, now your hands will not suffer from washing powders and bleaches, and indeed ... While your automatic assistant chases dirty underwear in your belly, you can honestly tackle, for example, manicure . And to any request of her husband (moms, dads, yes anyone!), Graciously leading a nail file on the nails, innocently answer: "I'm busy - I'm washing!". A tempting prospect? Here's just one snag: choosing the right washing machine, it turns out, is not easy. After all, it is necessary to take into account not only its cost, but also the possibility of placement in your home (and hence the dimensions). And how many different functions in modern automatic machines! And in fact the more sophisticated the car, the more expensive it is. But are you really needed all these functions? In general, on what to pay attention to and how to choose a washing machine the machine is correct, so as not to lose, and not to overpay? Let's figure it out.

Installation location

Of course, you can, as they say, dance from the stove,and first buy a car, and then already think where to put it. It is much more reasonable to determine in advance the location for the washing machine, and then choose the appropriate model (good, there is plenty to choose from!). This is used to install all washing machines exclusively in the bathroom. After all, the proximity of the tank (the bath itself) was necessary for rinsing, as well as the source of water, which had to be poured either with buckets or from a shower hose. A wiring included in the nearest outlet, most often using an extension cord for this. Today everything is simpler. You can put your washing machine anywhere: in the bathtub, in the kitchen, in the hallway, and in the spacious pantry. All you need is a connection for water supply and drainage and for power supply. If you do not like such additional efforts, it will be most convenient to place a washing machine in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It's just that there are all these communications already. So, choosing a place to install a washing machine, measure its parameters: this will determine the dimensions of your future assistant. By the way, not only the dimensions, but also the choice of the model by the type of loading. If you place a typewriter in the kitchen or, especially, in the kitchen furniture, then you need to choose a model with frontal (lateral) loading. Such a machine would be appropriate in a spacious bathroom. If the room is very small, then there is not always enough room for a free opening and closing of the hatch. Then it's reasonable to stop your choice on models with vertical loading, when the hatch for loading the laundry is on the top panel of the washing machine. Yes, and the dimensions of the place for a washing machine will largely determine not only its dimensions, but also the brand, if you have to choose from two similar models from different manufacturers. And do not forget, in addition to the dimensions of the space for the washing machine, to measure the width of the doorways in the room where you intend to install the machine. And then buy a renovation, and do not add to the bathroom. how to choose a washing machine


You know that among the manufacturers of householdtechnics and electronics there are so-called universalists, and there are some experts of a narrow profile. To give unequivocal advice in choosing a brand is, at least, silly. But if you believe polls and top-lists, then not always brand models meet the quality claimed in the price. Here is how, for example, the rating looks like based on the results of a customer survey, in which reliability, popularity and the ratio of quality and prices of washing machines from different manufacturers were assessed:

  • Bosch,
  • Indesit,
  • Hotpoint-Ariston,
  • LG,
  • Samsung,
  • Candy Aquamatic,
  • Zanussi,
  • Electrolux,
  • Gorenje,
  • AEG.

By and large, all manufacturers of washingmachines can be divided into geographical groups. At our counters are mainly European and Asian brands of washing machines. Each group of models has its pros and cons. So, for example, all "Asians" are multifunctional and are relatively cheap. But washing machines from Europe are safer and more practical, although they perform fewer functions. And maybe that's why they are safer. German washing machines are considered to be the most practical and long lasting, but they are the most expensive. Models of Swedish brands are ergonomic, equipped with antibacterial functions and work quietly and smoothly. Turkish and Italian cars are the golden mean: average quality and average price. Washing machines from Asia claim to be the first in electronic equipment and multifunctionality. This, oddly enough, the most "smart" washing machines. Note that in order to choose the right washing machine, it is important to take into account not only the brand, but also the assembly place of the machine. Washing machines assembled in China are the most short-lived and will last no longer than five years. Washing machines, assembled in Italy, are designed for five to eight years. And the most durable - machines of German and Swedish assembly.

Dimensions and loading

You need to choose a washing machine fromof a certain size series. You can purchase a full-size version, a small-sized washing machine or a narrow model. Here your choice will depend on the size of the room where you are going to install the machine and on the volumes and frequency of washing. Narrow washing machines Height and width - 80х60 cm, and the depth does not exceed 45 cm. You can wash in such a typewriter not more than four and a half kilograms of laundry. Small washing machines Height and width - 80х60 cm, and the depth does not exceed 35 cm. You can wash in such a machine not more than three and a half kilograms of laundry. Full-size washing machines Height and width - 80х60 cm, and depth - 50 cm. You can wash up to five and a half kilos of laundry in such a machine. As you can see, the main difference between the dimensions of washing machines is their depth and the maximum permissible weight of laundry for one load. Well, the type of loading for quality and volume of washing does not affect. Here everything depends only on the future place for the washing machine and your personal ideas about the convenience of washing. how to choose a washing machine

Classes, Models and Functions

Washing machines, like mosttypes of household appliances, have their own class. For them, the alphabetic classification is adopted: from A to G. The class of the machine is determined by the energy-efficiency and quality of the main functions: washing, spinning and drying. However, the low class of the washing machine does not at all mean its poor quality, but the price directly depends on the class. Therefore, the most expensive washing machines are machines of class A. But all the other classes can be represented as expensive, and relatively cheap models. The model of the machine is determined by its size, type of loading, class and set of functions. An additional distinctive feature is the electronic or mechanical control panel. Modern models of washing machines, as a rule, are equipped with electronic panels of push-button or touch control. Constant functions of all models - washing and spinning. But the modes of these functions for different washing machines can be different.

  • Wash

The modes of this function for any modern modelwashing machine will definitely be several. Typically, this mode of normal washing, delicate (gentle or manual) washing and quick wash. In addition, in different machines can be offered modes of washing wool, cotton, synthetics, colored fabrics. Some modes (hand wash, wool) automatically expose both the water temperature and the spin speed. Choosing another mode (quick wash, for example), you can adjust both the temperature and the number of revolutions when spinning.

  • Pressing

Extraction mode in washing machinesmultistage. Manufacturers offer several speeds (the number of revolutions per drum per minute) of spinning. High speed - more than 1200 turns, average - from 800 to 1200, and low - from 400 to 600. As practice shows, the average spin speed is quite enough for a home washing machine. So spending money on models with high speeds, perhaps, is not worth it.

  • Drying

Many automatic machines are equipped with thisadditional function. However, it is by no means always in demand by landladies. First, a high spin speed provides almost complete disposal of things from moisture. So ironing them in this state is even more convenient than completely dry. Secondly, the laundry, dried in a washing machine, can often be difficult to iron. And thirdly, low-end washing machines do not always dry clothes well, either by drying it or by not drying it. Therefore, think carefully before choosing a machine with this additional function. If you decide that you need it, then buy with drying only expensive models.

  • Additional functions

Additional washing machine functions sometimesturn out to be absolutely superfluous. For example, a protection system that cuts off water when it leaks. Or the function of turning off the water supply to the machine, when there is no water in the tap. A delayed start timer will also be useful, and an antibacterial protection system, and a soaking function, additional rinse or prewash. As a rule, almost all models of washing machines, in addition to the basic functions, are also equipped with some additional ones. However, almost all the additional functions of the washing machine increase its cost (but not much). In a word, the choice is yours. To properly choose a washing machine, you need to focus only on your own requests. Very often we overpay for the brand, although we can buy cheaper, but not less high-quality washing machines. The choice of this miracle of household appliances today is so wide that it will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. But technology of economy class is in demand as much. By and large, the quality of expensive and cheap washing machines from the same manufacturer is the same. Therefore, you can choose what you need. The main thing - buy home appliances only in specialized stores, do not hesitate to ask about the possibilities of the washing machine you like and make sure you have a quality certificate. All the rest is up to you. Successful acquisition! We advise you to read: