simple hairstyles for long hair Long flowing hair is, albeit an objectthe pride of women, but in everyday life such a hairstyle is not always appropriate. To make your image fashionable and elegant, there are everyday hairstyles for long hair. Moreover, it is not at all difficult to do them, the minimum time is spent, and the result is impressive. The main thing - to want, a little practice and enjoy the enthusiastic views of others. In order to successfully perform a hairstyle for long hair, it is necessary to decide on her choice. There are many options:

  • hair picked up;
  • braided braids;
  • strands gathered in the tail;
  • a pinched beam, and so on.

Techniques and techniques can be applied separately orcombine them to create a wide variety of hairstyles, from romantic and modest to creative and audacious. The choice of the option is especially affected by the type and structure of the hair. Rigid or soft, thick or thin and, of course, straight or wavy. To form a hairstyle from curls, laying means are used for stronger fixation, and for smooth and slightly curly ones, foam and medium fixation gels are used. weaving for every day

The most common variants of everyday hairstyles for long hair

The simplest and most common waythe laying of long hair - it's chopped hair on the back of the head. But even with the apparent simplicity of the hairstyle, you can apply different variations. For example, leave on either side curls that frame the face, or wrap a tail with a separate strand. Direct hair can be wound, and curly split and ennobled with a styler. It is possible to remove back only a part of the hair, having picked them up from the parietal zone. And if you make the roots a little nap and let out a few thin curls on the sides of your forehead, then you will get a romantic hairstyle. In this way, you can even go on a date or a holiday. Ordinary ponytail can also become an elegant and interesting hairdo for every day. It is important to determine the place on the head, to smooth out the hair and collect them high. To fasten the tail can be an inconspicuous rubber band, then to wrap around their own hair. To do this, the strand is separated, wetted by the laying means, turns around the base of the beam, and its end is displayed on the occipital part and fixed by invisible ones. For a business woman, a hairstyle in the form of a knot in the back is more suitable. It can be made volumetric, a little combing your hair before stabbing. With a business suit, the "shell" looks good too, which, if decorated with decorative hairpins, may well become an evening hairdo. Simple hairstyles for every day for long hair

Spit and pigtail are as relevant as ever

Spit in our time are as relevant as ever,There are a lot of variants of weaving, and with each season there are more and more of them. Weave the most common braids, spikelets, French, Greek and others. In hairstyles weave flowers, ribbons, scarves, beads and other ornaments. The braids are great for different occasions. The main thing - to choose the right option and pre-practice, then to spend a few minutes creating a hairstyle. Today it is very fashionable to weave cascading braids, with slight carelessness and dishevelment. Before you start creating a wicker hairstyle, you need to remember how the traditional braid is formed. It's very simple: three strands alternately lie on top of each other, wrapping around each other and weaving. It is this technique that serves as the basis for creating unusual modern weaves. The most common variant is the French braid, closely adjacent to the head. In the people it is also called spikelet. Modern women use an even version of the braid, zigzag braids, pivots, wreaths, triple, multiple, etc. If you become accustomed, then braiding the French braid will not be any more complicated than the round braid. For this you need only a comb and an elastic band. A feminine and gently looking braid in the form of a rim, framing the entire head or a part of it. Such a weave will look good on both straight and curly hair. At the heart of the hairstyle is the same French braid, but the variation is called Greek. Many famous beauties appear on the red carpet with exactly such weaving on their heads as if they were real Greek goddesses. The braids look great on any type of face, fit for romantic dresses, business suits or jeans. With such hairstyles, women look irresistible both at work, at a party, on a date, and at any celebration. You can combine them with a bang, with a multi-colored color, with ribbons and other additions. Even with some types of asymmetrical haircuts, the braids will look just amazing. You can complete the image with long earrings or a stylish necklace.