how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy Are you getting ready to become a mom? Congratulations! But remember that together with a mass of positive emotions you will have certain problems, worries and worries. In particular, almost all expectant mothers are interested in the question of how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. This question is really very relevant - often it worries a pregnant woman even more than morning sickness and other ailments related to pregnancy. Can stretch marks be avoided or are they inevitable? And if it is possible, then what needs to be done for this? It is in these difficult issues that we will try to understand today. What are stretch marks and why do they arise? As you know, during pregnancy there is a sharp increase in body weight and volume of the tummy. So, the skin undergoes a sharp stretching. It is because of this in its internal layers and there are micro-trauma - a mini-rupture of the skin fibers. The body immediately reacts and begins to produce collagen. It, in turn, stimulates the development of connective tissue, which fills these very cracks in the skin. Done! A woman sees the result - pink, red or even purple stripes on the skin. The color of the stretch marks depends on the color of the skin pigmentation - if the skin is light, then the stretch marks will be pink or red. Well, if a woman has dark skin, then the stretch marks will be cyanotic and purple. And stretch marks can appear not only on the abdomen, as it is commonly believed. The abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest - all these places with a high degree of probability can take advantage of stretch marks. Therefore it is very important not to forget about them, caring for the skin. It is unlikely you will be easier from the abdomen without a single stretch, if they will thickly cover the surface of the thighs or chest. prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy

Risk groups

So, what are extensions, we found out. Let's now find out why some women do not have any stretch marks during the entire pregnancy, but in the other, despite all the tricks, the skin is just covered with them. Strictly speaking, the appearance of stretch marks is influenced by a huge number of very diverse factors:

  • Genetic predisposition

Do you want to know with high probability,will you have stretch marks during pregnancy? Talk to your mother or already giving birth to a sister. Genetics is a powerful thing. And if they have stretch marks, you need to be especially careful. But even if the relatives do not have stretch marks, you should not relax very much - you still need to take care of your skin.

  • Skin condition

Not the last role is played by the skin condition. The drier the future mother has, the greater the risk that stretch marks will appear during pregnancy. Those women, whose skin by nature is sufficiently moist, was more fortunate. Conclusion? If you have dry skin, you need to correct the mistake of nature - try to moisten it with all available methods.

  • Color of the skin

Numerous studies have reliably shown,that a very big role is played by the color of the skin. Of course, this is a natural natural color, and not the result of visits to the solarium. The lighter the skin with the future mother, the higher the risk of stretch marks during pregnancy.

  • Large child

It is very difficult to avoid stretch marks in the event thata woman is carrying a large baby. This is not surprising, because the volume of the tummy increases much more than in normal pregnancy. So, and the load on the skin increases at times. The same thing happens when a woman has two or more toddlers. Mother is especially difficult for such future.

  • Repeated pregnancy

Do you already have an older baby? Congratulations, you will be twice as happy. But the chances that you will have stretch marks during pregnancy increase significantly. It is difficult to say why this happens, but the fact remains - during the second and subsequent pregnancies, stretch marks appear more often. How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

How to avoid the appearance of stretch marks?

And now about the most important - how to preventthe appearance of stretch marks? As we have already explained, it is quite possible to do this. Well, in any case, if not completely avoid this scourge, then, at least, reduce the number of stretch marks to a possible minimum. Remember that the most important condition for all these measures to be actually effective is systematic. Even the most expensive creams that the future mother uses only occasionally, from time to time, will not do any good.

  • Cosmetic preparations

Very often one can observe the following picture:the future mum approximately on 6 - 7 months of pregnancy is remembered and buys in a drugstore the first got cream which a couple of times a week smears on a tummy. As you understand, this is absolutely useless. To start using special medications you need from the very day you learned about your "interesting" situation. It is very important to buy the right drug, not the first moisturizer. After all, the effect of it will only be if it penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, where the usual cream does not reach. It is advisable that the cream you choose contains a large amount of vitamin E and A, elastin and collagen, aloe vera and liposomes. It is these substances that are best penetrated into the second layer of skin - the dermis, where, in fact, stretch marks appear during pregnancy. In addition, you will need a good body scrub. It is best to give preference to scrubs based on natural products - for example, on grape bones or blue clay. Look for your scrub, experiment - neither during, nor after its application, the future mother should not have any uncomfortable sensations, let alone a feeling of dryness and stiffness of the skin. Skin care itself should be as follows. In the evening, during the shower, apply a small amount of scrub to the skin of the chest, tummy, thighs. Thoroughly massage the skin and rinse with plenty of water. After this, very gently pat the skin with a towel - it is not recommended to wipe it, as this also increases the risk of developing stretch marks on the skin. On still damp skin, apply a lot of cream against stretch marks and let it absorb. Everything, for the evening the skin care program is completed. But there is also the morning! In the morning, in any case, you should not forget about the need for skin care. However, in the morning it is enough to apply after the shower the most usual children's moisturizing cream. It also helps maintain proper water balance of the skin.

  • Drinking Skin Regimen

Of course, the proper skin care is veryimportant role. But this is by no means the only condition that makes it possible to reduce the risk of developing stretch marks to a minimum. No less attention should be paid to the drinking regime of the future mother. Very often you can see a picture when a pregnant woman sharply limits the amount of fluid consumed, for fear of edema. On the one hand, this, of course, is true. But on the other hand, with a lack of water, the threat of developing stretch marks - here as here. After all, if there is a shortage of water in the body, there can be no question of how healthy the skin is, how carefully you would not have moistened it from the outside. That is why it is so important to observe the proper drinking regime. What exactly it should be, your gynecologist will tell you. By the way, do not forget about the need to include in your diet as many products with high water content - vegetables, fruits.

  • Diet

In addition to the drinking regime is very importantbalanced nutrition. Try to eat as much as possible products containing a large number of vitamins A, E, C, K and D, beneficial for the skin. Most of these vitamins are found in foods such as nuts, citrus fruits, vegetables, fruits, fish, and also in seafood. But a number of foods during pregnancy should be completely excluded from the diet. Give up sweet, sharp, salty and smoked products, the dish should be cooked for a couple or bake in the oven. Pay attention also to what you drink - completely discard the carbonated, caffeinated and excessively sugary drinks. Of course, alcohol can not be talked about - they are strictly contraindicated during pregnancy for a variety of reasons.

  • Exercise stress

Everyone knows the old truth of the world, sayingthat movement is life. It is not necessary to speak about the benefits of systematic physical exertion for the general state of health. Do not become an exception to the rule and future moms - they also need physical exertion. They are necessary not only to maintain a general physical tone and easy flow of labor, but also to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. For this purpose, the most varied types of physical activity are suitable: swimming in the pool, daily walking, gymnastics for expectant mothers. The main thing is systematic studies. And in no case can not be abused by physical exertion - the expectant mother in no case should be unnecessarily tired. Classes should bring only positive emotions. It is best to develop an individual scheme of studies together with a doctor. He will help to choose the most optimal mode of stress, which will go to the future mother only for good.

  • Massage

Another great means by whichyou can reduce the risk of developing stretch marks to zero - this massage. For its carrying out you will need a mitten made of cotton fabric and olive oil. By the way, if you want, olive oil can be replaced by any other vegetable. But it contains the greatest amount of vitamin E needed to maintain skin moisture and, if necessary, for faster regeneration. Before use, the oil is best boiled. To do this, place it in any enameled container, bring to a boil and immediately turn it off. After the oil has cooled, pour it into a clean and dry glass container, tightly closed with a lid. Do not dip anything in the container with oil, to avoid contamination. Take a shower using a body scrub. Then pat the skin with a towel and let it dry completely. After that, lubricate the problem areas of the skin with vegetable oil. Put on the mitten and start neat circular movements clockwise. The duration of the massage is about 15 minutes. In a week, it is necessary to hold at least two similar sessions. In just a month you will notice how your skin has changed - it has become more elastic and taut. Once again I would like to emphasize the main features of such a massage. Be sure to use vegetable oil for massage - no creams for these purposes will work. Do not massage the skin with your hands - in this way you risk stretching it. It is for these purposes that a cotton glove is needed. And do not massage every day.


As you can see, nothing particularly difficult in the abovethere is no recommendation. With their implementation, it is absolutely up to any future mother to cope. The only thing that is necessary for this is a desire and a little free time. But remember that even rigorous execution of all the advice does not give 100% guarantee that you will not have any stretching. Of course, unfortunately, stretch marks can arise, regardless of all your efforts. But this is not an excuse to give up and refuse to take preventive measures. After all, even if you can not prevent the appearance of stretch marks, you will come across a much smaller number. And the stretch marks themselves will be much less pronounced and noticeable. And then get rid of them will be much easier. And remember the most important thing - your streamers are evidence of the most real miracle - the appearance of a new life! And even if their appearance could not be prevented - do not be discouraged. We advise you to read: