djufaston at pregnancy "How many times have you been told the world ..." What is notrepeated to this world, including the inadmissibility of taking any pharmacological preparations independently, without the appointment of a doctor. This is especially true for women who expect the birth of a child. And it's not accidental - after all, the future mother is responsible not only for her health, but also for the health and life of her baby. And very often it happens that dyufaston during pregnancy is taken almost haphazardly. Fortunately, pregnant women rarely engage in self-treatment. However, they have their own peculiarities - future mothers prefer to thoroughly recheck almost all the appointments of the doctor without exception. Including to collect a maximum of information about each pharmacological preparation appointed by him. It is for such anxious pregnant women that this material is written.

Causes of abortion

One of the most frequently usedpharmacological drugs in pregnant women for many years was and remains dyufaston. Dyufaston and pregnancy have become virtually synonymous. Dyufaston is a kind of artificially synthesized analog of progesterone - a female sex hormone. This drug is designed to help a woman endure a child, due to the fact that it stops the contractile activity of the uterus. In order to understand why doctors prescribe pregnant women dyufaston, and how this drug helps prevent the loss of a child, you need to know about what is the habitual miscarriage of pregnancy and because of what but can arise. This is exactly what will be discussed below. Doctors give the following definition of the concept of "miscarriage": spontaneous, without external intervention, termination of pregnancy at a time when the child has not yet reached the necessary degree of maturity for survival. Simply put, it is an abortion, in which pregnancy is interrupted even before the child can be saved. Causes that can affect the normal course of pregnancy and provoke spontaneous termination of pregnancy, there is a fairly large number. Alas, doctors do not always manage to establish this very reason. There are several main ones:

  • The impact of various stress factors - both chronic and acute

Certainly that the future mother should in every possible wayto avoid all sorts of stressful situations, they know practically everything. However, to a great regret, in practice to avoid stress is almost impossible. But still, stresses are most dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy, since the risk of spontaneous abortion during this period is much higher.

  • Various infections of the urogenital system of a pregnant woman during pregnancy

All kinds of infectious diseases,Sexually transmitted infections can also lead to premature spontaneous abortion. And the cause can be both chronic infections, and acute, acquired by a woman already during pregnancy.

  • Various chronic diseases of certain internal organs of a woman

There is a fairly large numbervarious pathologies of internal organs and systemic diseases, which can provoke spontaneous miscarriage. That's why doctors so strongly recommend that all women without exception before pregnancy undergo a thorough investigation. In extreme cases, if this was not done before pregnancy, the survey should be done as early as possible. Very often, having noticed the problem in a timely manner, doctors can help a woman prevent the loss of a child.

  • Violation of the hormonal background of a pregnant woman, including because of thyroid gland

One of the most common problems,which lead to premature termination of pregnancy, is a violation of the normal hormonal background. Most often, these disorders are a direct consequence of thyroid diseases. However, do not despair - in the event that this violation was noticed by doctors in a timely manner, the situation can be corrected with a very high degree of probability. However, in the event that a woman had more than two consecutive miscarriages that occurred in the first half of pregnancy, doctors say that there is a habitual miscarriage of pregnancy. Almost always the cause of habitual miscarriages are various hormonal disorders in the body of a woman. For one reason or another, women lack a female sex hormone like progesterone. But it is he who is responsible for ensuring that the muscles of the uterus do not contract, thereby preventing the spontaneous termination of pregnancy. However, this fact, alas, is not the only one provoking a spontaneous termination of pregnancy. In addition, progesterone also contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. After all, otherwise the immune system of a woman will rebel, and begin to reject the fruit, as a foreign body. Yes - yes, do not be surprised! After all, the child is your blood and flesh only half, the second half belongs to the Pope. djufaston and pregnancy

Is Dufaston a necessity or ...?

Duphaston is almost a complete analoguethe natural hormone progesterone, which must be produced in the body of a woman. This pharmacological drug has the most positive effect not only on the contractile activity of the uterus, but also on the course of many other physiological processes taking place in the body of the expectant mother during all nine months. In the event that the body of a woman independently produces too little amount of a hormone of progesterone, deviations from the normal course of pregnancy begin already practically from the first weeks. First of all, a woman develops hypertension of the uterus - her muscles are in a strained state. Of course, a woman can not feel it herself on such a short time, but a gynecologist will notice this problem almost immediately. And in the event that the problem is found in time, you can help your mother and baby. It is for this that doctors - gynecologists and appoint future mothers Dyufaston. It is well absorbed by the body, due to the fact that in its structure and properties is as close as possible to the natural hormone progesterone, which is produced in the body of a woman naturally. Some women mistakenly believe that Dufaston has a stimulating effect on the body of a woman, encouraging him to develop his own progesterone. However, this is not at all the case - Dufaston does not lead to an increase in progesterone production. However, it helps to keep the amount of the hormone that the body of the future mother can produce. Moreover - Duphaston at times strengthens its positive impact on the reproductive system of a pregnant woman in particular, and indeed the whole organism. One of the main advantages of Dufaston is that the drug has a unique ability to influence the musculature of the uterus selectively, where it really is needed. It maximally excludes the possibility of unnecessarily high growth of muscle fibers, their reduction and, accordingly, reduces the likelihood of a possible miscarriage. Dyufaston is extremely effective, as with only the emerging threat of spontaneous premature termination of pregnancy, and in the case if the woman is a habitual miscarriage of pregnancy. Dyufaston very effectively normalizes the state of the woman's reproductive system, preparing it for the onset of pregnancy and its successful course, if it is taken before conception. Well, in the event that there is a threat of pregnancy that has already come, the drug, as already mentioned above, is no less effective. However, with one reservation - only in the event that Dufaston's reception is conducted solely under the strict supervision of a doctor. Before appointing this drug, the doctor will carefully examine the woman, will assign her the necessary study, including the study of blood for the maintenance of hormones in her. This study is extremely important, since it is on the basis of the results of a blood test that the doctor will calculate the recommended dosage of the drug. Throughout the treatment period - and it lasts, as a rule, during the first and second trimester - the woman is under the strict supervision of the doctor. In addition, the expectant mother throughout the course of Dufaston therapy requires regular monitoring of the level of hormones in the blood. When this drug is canceled, the doctor - the gynecologist should solve. After the indicators stabilize, the doctor will most likely cancel the drug. However, it is necessary to do this very carefully - the dosage of the drug decreases very smoothly. Otherwise, the probability of developing a spontaneous abortion is very high. That's why doctors - gynecologists strictly warn future mothers that in no case is it inadmissible to independently stop taking Dufaston - this at times increases the risk of losing a child. This is absolutely unnecessary, stupid and unjustified risk. However, unfortunately, very often future mothers do not take this medicine seriously enough, considering it as something completely frivolous.

Pros and cons of the drug

Very many pregnant women, having learned thathe shows Dufaston's reception, are frightened that this pharmacological drug will have a very negative effect on the child's development. However, this is not at all the case - numerous different studies and observations of a large number of babies reliably testify to the complete safety of this drug, both for mother's health and for the health of the baby. Duphaston reviews during pregnancy causes the most positive! In addition to all its other advantages, Dufaston is also very convenient to use - it is enough for a woman to just drink a certain number of tablets of the drug. This does not give the future mother almost no inconvenience and discomfort. And all drugs containing a natural hormone progesterone, are introduced into the body of a woman only by intramuscular injection. All such preparations are made on an oil base, so injections are extremely painful. Moreover - these injections very, very often lead to the fact that at the injection site there are such complications as purulent abscesses. Agree that this is not the best prospect for a future mother, who already feels quite uncomfortable sensations. Duphaston is completely devoid of these shortcomings. Therefore, in the event that the doctor has offered you to undergo a course of treatment with Dufaston, think carefully before you give it up. It is very likely that this treatment will save the life of your baby. You can try for this, can not you? Especially since you do not risk anything at all! We advise you to read: