get pregnant on djufastone The conception and birth of man is one of the mostthe great mysteries on earth. What can be more beautiful than the arrival of a new human life in our world? However, sometimes, unfortunately, for a woman to become a mother, doctors are forced to help nature a little and help a woman get pregnant. For example, help get pregnant on djufastone. For this purpose, a variety of methods are used - from radical ones such as artificial insemination (IVF) to less serious ones, such as taking pharmacological drugs that help a woman become pregnant. It is about some of these drugs that will be discussed below. Once again we draw the attention of our readers to the fact that all information is provided only for general acquaintance. It can in no case be used as a guide to any independent action, without the knowledge of a gynecologist. It is absolutely unacceptable to decide what to drink to get pregnant. So, drugs designed to stimulate the process of fertilization and further successful implantation of the fetal egg in the mucous membrane of the uterus. There are various varieties of such drugs, but today we will only talk about two - about Dufaston and Utrozhestan. What are they and what is their principle of operation? And how to take djufaston to become pregnant? Active active substances in these preparations are the same hormones responsible for the process of maturation of the egg, its subsequent fertilization and implantation in the wall of the uterus - the conditions necessary for normal development of pregnancy. However, despite the fact that the hormones in these preparations are the same, they are still distinguished by the fact that Dufastone contains naturally produced hormones, and in the second the same drugs are the same hormones, but obtained by chemical synthesis. But both are intended to get pregnant. And the answer to the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant while taking dyufaston is positive.

What is progesterone?

In any case, the basis of these drugs isfemale sex hormone progesterone. Progesterone belongs to the category of steroid compounds. This hormone is produced by a large number of internal organs, but in the greatest amounts it is produced by the placenta, so that progesterone and got in common parlance its second name - the hormone of pregnancy. The presence of the necessary amount of progesterone in the body of a woman planning to become a mother is simply a necessary condition. This is especially important at the beginning of the second half of the menstrual cycle, since it is in the presence of progesterone that ovulation, fertilization and implantation of the fetal egg in the mucous membrane of the uterus occur. Pharmacological preparation "Utrozhestan" is a complete analogue of "Dufaston", since its main active substance is also progesterone. The purpose of these medications is to normalize the level of the hormone progesterone in the body in a woman. That is why before appointing a woman these drugs, the doctor will necessarily appoint a laboratory blood test of a woman, conducted to determine the level of the hormone progesterone in the body of a woman. It is on the basis of the laboratory blood test data that the doctor individually selects the most optimal dosage and dosage regimen for achieving the best result. A woman planning a pregnancy and taking these drugs should adhere very precisely to the scheme established by her treating doctor - gynecologist - only in this case the desired effect will be achieved. In no case do not exceed the indicated dosage of the drug - remember that the excess of progesterone in the body can also lead to the occurrence of various, sometimes completely unpredictable, complications. If we talk about the prevalence of these pharmacological drugs, it should be noted that most often doctors prefer to assign their patients is "Dufaston". This fact is explained by the fact that this drug practically does not have any serious side effects. The same ones that still have a place to be will be described a little lower. But, for the sake of justice, it should also be noted that "Utrozhestan" does not have any serious side effects, as, indeed, the hormone progesterone itself, in the event that a woman strictly observes the dose of the drug indicated for her. At the same time, "utrozhestan" has one clear advantage over its "fellow" - the form of release. If "Dufaston" is taken solely orally, the capsule of "Utrozhestan" can simply be inserted into the vagina, like a vaginal candle. The capsule will dissolve without any labor, and the body of the woman will receive the necessary amount of the hormone progesterone. Now a few words about those few side effects of this drug. In principle, all of them can be combined in one concept - premenstrual syndrome:

  • A woman can feel weak and unreasonable fatigue.
  • A woman can almost always feel an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness.
  • Also, a woman significantly destabilizes the emotional background - she becomes nervous, touchy, whiny.

Of course, all of the above is onlypossible side effects. However, to accurately predict how the organism of a woman will react to taking this drug is very difficult and most often impossible. Too much depends solely on the individual characteristics of the organism. However, despite all this, the drug is very effective - many helped Dyufaston get pregnant.

Myths about these drugs

Among women there is a certain amountmyths concerning these drugs. Most of them concern how to drink dyufaston to get pregnant. Carefully read this information and be sure to take it into consideration.

  • Myth One - Contraceptive Actionit is widely believed that these drugs affect the process of ovulation and, thus, have a contraceptive effect. In fact, the situation is completely different - they do not have any contraceptive effect, regardless of the scheme of their reception. And their reception with the purpose of protection from pregnancy, most likely, will lead to absolutely opposite effect - chances to become pregnant repeatedly will rise.
  • Myth two - these drugs havesoothing effect on the nervous system of the female body, thereby reducing the risk of spontaneous abortion. In fact, the situation is somewhat different - these drugs do reduce the risk of abortion, but only if it is caused by the shortage of the hormone progesterone in the female body. In the same case, if the threat of termination of pregnancy is caused by other factors, it is simply ineffective to take these drugs. Moreover - in the event that you start taking them yourself without visiting a doctor, you will not know about the true cause of the threat of termination of pregnancy and, accordingly, you will not be able to get the full help you need in your situation.
  • Myth three - taking medications containingprogesterone, leads to fetal development of various types of pathologies. In fact, this is not at all the case - the action of the hormone progesterone is directed solely at the female body and in no way affects the development of the baby, and even less has absolutely no effect on it - neither positive nor negative.
  • Myth four - in the event that the fetus of a womansex, and a pregnant woman takes medications containing the hormone progesterone, the girl in the future is very large risk of primary infertility. This opinion is also completely erroneous and groundless. As already mentioned above, progesterone has no effect on the future child's organism and, accordingly, in no way can affect the further reproductive function of the female fetus.
  • Myth Five - the drug does not bring any effectand works only on the basis of the placebo principle and it is much faster to get pregnant after taking contraceptives. Some women doubt whether it is possible to become pregnant on dyufastone. However, these doubts are completely groundless - there are a lot of arguments above that reliably explain whether dyufastons help to get pregnant.
  • how to take djufaston to get pregnant

    Safety of preparations containing progesterone

    Of course, in the event that a woman wants toto give birth to a child and seek help from doctors, its decision is a fully conscious and serious step. And therefore, it is not surprising that a woman worries that the drug proposed for improving the reproductive functions of the female body and increasing the percentage of the probability of pregnancy, the active ingredient of which is the female hormone progesterone, can lead to undesirable side effects and harm the baby's health , and perhaps the health of women. These fears are perfectly understandable. However, in fact, progesterone is absolutely safe for both the mother and the baby. It also does not have a delayed side effect - when complications appear after a while after taking the drug. It is this fact that makes these drugs the most popular among doctors, because, unlike other analogues, they have a remarkable therapeutic effect and complete absence of any side effects. Even when preparing for such a serious intervention as in vitro fertilization, the body of a woman doctors prefer to prepare for pregnancy with these progesterone preparations. This choice of doctors is explained by the fact that with IVF any, even the most insignificant, complication on the part of a woman's health can lead to an unsuccessful attempt at fertilization. Also, these drugs are prescribed by gynecologists to those women who are faced with such a problem as the habitual miscarriage of pregnancy. Before starting to take the drug "Dyufaston" or "Utrozhestan", a woman at times reduces the risk of repeated spontaneous abortion. Thanks to this drug, that the woman's body is ready for the successful preservation of the pregnancy that has come - in the womb of the womb, the conditions most favorable for the child's birth are created, the mother's immune system also does not attempt to identify the fetus as a foreign body and, as a consequence, to tear it away. Of course, talking about what drugs help to get pregnant, you can not ignore that their amount is more - and only the doctor can choose the right one for your specific case. So, for example, many of those women who became pregnant on the morning have long been trying to do this, taking "Dufaston" and vice versa.

    Contraindications to the use of these drugs

    Also often women ask about,whether there are any contraindications to taking these medications. And this question is not devoid of any logic - after all, whatever useful actions these drugs possessed, and no matter how safe they were, they still remain pharmacological drugs. And this means that they, like any other medicine, have a number of contraindications to the use. So, for example, these drugs can not be used if:

  • A woman suffers from an individualintolerance to any of the auxiliary components of these drugs. However, in each case, the doctor is guided by the circumstances - if the expected benefit from these drugs is higher than the risk of their taking, the doctor can appoint a woman "Urozhestan" or "Dufaston", while prescribing any drugs that suppress allergic reactions.
  • A woman suffers from epilepsy. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether the given disease is taking place - in a pronounced or practically secretive way - from the use of these drugs still have to be abandoned.
  • Another contraindication to the use of drugs that are made on the basis of the hormone progesterone is the presence of a woman with diabetes.
  • The woman has serious problems with the kidneys or liver - in this case, getting pregnant after dufastona does not work.
  • However, if you suffer fromany of the described diseases, do not despair - almost all of them are conditional contraindications. This means that they can be accepted, observing certain conditions. By the way, this is another unquestionable argument in favor of why it is inadmissible to use these drugs without the knowledge of doctors. Also, in no case can you decide on your own how to take pills to get pregnant. Among other things, during the preparation for pregnancy, do not neglect and the general rules: to observe the optimal regime of the day, eat right, give up bad habits. In addition, ask your doctor what vitamins you need to get pregnant. A healthy mother is the main guarantor of the birth of a healthy baby. If you are interested in information regarding any complications of getting pregnant, we suggest that you find out what they think about it . We, in turn, wish you to achieve your goal and feel the first tremors of your crumbs as quickly as possible. We advise you to read: