how to behave with a married man A married man is an object, it would seem, forfemale lost. There is a stamp in your passport, a ring on your right hand, and a dot! Well, in any case, it should be so in the ideal. But in reality it's not like that. Today, the wives are not less interested in the weak half of humanity than the bachelors. Yes, and they themselves, with rare exceptions, do not mind buying a romance on the side. Romantics such meet often, and the society already especially discusses them. The man in this case is usually quite satisfied with the existing situation. If, of course, the legitimate wife does not suspect about the adventures of the faithful, and the behavior of the mistress corresponds to all his expectations. In this case, the relationship with it can last for years. But what in such a situation does a young lady, who seems to be not married, and at the same time does not belong to herself? How to behave with a married man, if he fools his head with promises, without taking any decisive steps?

Peculiarities of relations with a married man

Here they say that men, they say, even beinghappily ringed, always want to play in intimate love with some attractive lady. But in fact, it's a sin to hide, in our days many ladies themselves are not against relations with married men. Earlier, such connections were considered too immoral, and a woman with a family lover instantly fell into the ranks of individuals of easy conduct. Let him be her only. And now in some cases, such lovers are even an element of prestige. However, all the arguments about the moral aspect of such relations are in fact an idle talk. Yes, moralists forgive us, but the fact remains - a man with a stamp in his passport does not cease to be a man. This means that he may well like other women. And they told him too. And when sympathies coincide, very few people think about morality. Two rush into each other's arms, not particularly bothering with the consequences of their actions. Sometimes such a connection is short-lived, leaving behind only pleasant or annoying memories. And sometimes it drags on, turning almost like a family relationship. That is a kind of surrogate of family relations, where a man plays the role of a coming husband. A woman - the role of temporary wife. And what happens? And it turns out that the "arriving husband" this state of affairs most often suits. But there is usually no "temporary wife". And let her bury herself, assuring me that nothing more, and do not need from a lover, except sex, money, attention and so on. Nonsense. In the depths of the soul, a woman still dreams that it belongs only to her. Except for the options, when a young girl contains some richer nasty hmyr. But that is another topic. So, what do we have in a relationship with a married man? And we have nothing but endless expectations, short-term meetings secretly, weekends and holidays alone. No, well, sometimes a lover will drive a nail, fix a faucet, move the closet. It seems like a man is in the house now! But this is sometimes. And so more and more it is necessary to do it yourself or to call someone. In general, the unimaginative circumstances. More precisely, not quite merry. But, it's sad there, it's not sad, but you're waiting for everything, when there will be changes for the better, and you will tell yourself that your loved one will certainly divorce and settle near by forever. Well, that's just not possible yet! The wife is sick, the children need a father, and generally all of them without such a reliable male shoulder will be lost. He says so. In fact, all these ranting about a helpless wife and children is a banal excuse for married men who do not want to change anything in their lives. No, well, in fact, what else do they have to say? That the relationship with his wife is completely nothing, that she regularly gets her in bed, that the family hearth has long become habitual, and you do not want to change your habits at all? Of course not! Otherwise, you'll run into a scandal with your mistress, and that's no good. Conflicts enough at home and at work. And then you need to rest. In short, a relationship with a married man is not honey. A woman usually hopes for a good perspective, and if nothing changes for a long time, she starts to rush about. She just does not know what to do. Break up with your lover? Not so easy. Tell the whole wife? Kind of ugly. Let it be as it is? But life goes on, it's getting old ... How to be? How to behave, so that he finally took a decisive step? Indeed, how can we better behave in this case? how to behave with a married man correctly

How to behave better with a married man

Frankly, what would we not have thought of ourselves andno matter how romanticized their relationship with married men, they need from their mistresses primarily sex. Well, who, having a wife, will voluntarily seek on his head additional efforts to arrange the life of another woman, or willingly decide to solve her problems, not hoping for sex? Is that a complete altruist or an excessively noble person, but such in the whole world as a unit. So we will really look at things. Of course, a man can be in love, but at the same time he needs a cool sex. Otherwise, love will pass quickly, and the wife will forget about our existence. Therefore, we leave aside the phrase: "Today I do not want to" and always meet the lover fully armed, with a fervent desire (or pretending to be glowing). "Ready-made" means to look sexy, well-groomed and effective. Old comfortable jeans, faded dressing gowns, careless hair, lack of make-up and other attributes of inner freedom - it's then when the man leaves. He's the same at home and seen enough. We must contrive every meeting, even if it happened suddenly, be stunning. And it is desirable that the staggering changes its elements, otherwise it will get used and stop paying attention. That is, we change our hair, clothes, makeup and so on. You must always be different and adorable. How? Fantasize, we fantasize! Only be careful not to frighten a man with an aggressive, lascivious look. Shish will appear later! Of course, one crazy sex bind to a person is not easy. In our days, accessible women, virtuoso owning intimate art - more than enough. Choose - I do not want. Satisfied one, went to another. No, of course, there are men who prefer to deal with a constant partner. But still the sexual attraction is too small to be sure that the lover will not go anywhere. Talk about the fact that the husband left the family only because the other was in bed steeper - nonsense. Unless he has no children and a completely useless wife. Well, in this case, divorce is not a problem. If the situation is different, because of cool sex, a man will not be mad. Sex can be received a couple of times a week, and the rest of the time to dedicate to the wife and children. So you need to give your lover something else. What? First of all, this understanding. No, not the understanding, in which we sympathize with sigh, when he complains about the grumpy demanding spouse and the fool-boss. Let it be pronounced, it is useful, however it is not worth turning into a vest. Otherwise, instead of the woman he loves, he will see Mummy once in us. To understand a man means to divide his interests in part. Then there will be common themes for conversation and some joint goals. He is fond of diving? We will say that I would very much like to sink underwater with scuba at least once. Loves driving a car? Ask to learn how to handle cars. Loves to take pictures? We will inform, that the collection of unique photos is our old dream. To say all this follows with indescribable ecstasy. Say, finally, I found a like-minded person and a person who is able to teach what has long dreamed of! Do not ignore such things. If we really want to lull a lover, we need to find spiritual points of contact. Firstly, it will make it possible to create not only a comparability, but also a commonwealth. Secondly, it will allow you to communicate with him as often as possible, go somewhere together, travel somewhere, discuss something. Relations that are mainly based on sex have little chance of development. Sooner or later they will become fresh and dull. People need to have also joint business. Then the connection becomes not only more reliable, but also more interesting. At the same time, sharing the interests of a lover, it is advisable to adhere to certain boundaries of communication. If, while doing this or that business, spending too much time with him, the man will calm down and let things go on his own. Why should he strain? Both the spouse and the mistress are near and will not disappear anywhere. You can not allow this. Otherwise, until the end of time, we will remain our second wife in a small harem. We must not forget about our own interests, regularly go somewhere, leave, disappear, not devoting a lover to details and not letting him control himself. We must have a personal space, where the man is not yet admitted! Let him not think that we belong to him entirely. He goes to his wife? Leaves. Means, and the mistress has the right to walks where it will take in head. And who will like it, by the way. No, if there are intentions to build reliable relations with a married man, serious romances with others should not be started. Unless one of these "others" will cause serious feelings. Well, then the problem of relations with the bride will fall away. And when there are no feelings, it's better just to flirt a little, in order to have fun and get distracted. Double benefit. And nerves will calm down, and the lover will be alarmed. They really do not like our men competitors in the sexual issue. So indifferent to the fact that his young lady has fans, he certainly will not. And think about how easy it is to lose it. Well, here's perhaps the basic advice on how to properly behave with a married friend. Now let's see what is undesirable for a woman to do in this case. how to behave with a married man mistress

How not to behave with a married lover

It seems that what we talked about above is notis something too abstruse. Everything is obvious and does not require deep reflection. However, most women who have contacted married men for some reason behave differently. The result of such erroneous behavior is usually conflicts, suffering, parting and other troubles. The reason for this - the actions that the lady can not do with such a relationship. What are these actions?

  • You can not ask a man to divorce, andconstantly interfere in his family relationship. It is better not to touch the topic of these relations. If he himself begins to tell something about his wife, it will be more correct to listen in silence without showing his opinion;
  • You can not openly make an effort to advertisehis connection, forcing his lover to appear together in society. If he wants the connection to remain a mystery, it must be so. Latch on the castle, otherwise there may be a big scandal, the consequences of which will be deplorable;
  • You can not be too intrusive, call your lover if he does not ask for it, and constantly try to meet him somewhere. It's better to call himself when he can, and he appoints appointments himself;
  • You can not beg for gifts and draw money out of a man. If deemed necessary, he will make a gift and give money. It is not necessary to openly ask about this - it will decide that it is being used and will cease to trust;
  • You can not blame a man for not appearing for a long time, and make him hysterical. To the mistresses are not for another conflict. And if it repeats itself, they are abandoned;
  • You can not go into a relationship with your head, forgetting about yourself. It must always be remembered that he is not free, and so the meaning of life can not yet become;
  • You can not try to tie a man to yourselfconstant requests for help, questions about where he was and what he did and so on. This is an attempt on his freedom, which is for sure and so eternally practiced by his wife;
  • You can not always repeat your great love and that life without a lover is impossible. This will not add to his determination to change something for the better.
  • Of course, everything that we talked about does not giveguarantee a happy future with a married man. To our great regret, the strong sex refers to the connections on the side rather frivolously. While the behavior of the mistress suits, with it willingly meet, sleep, communicate. And if he stops arranging, they disappear, leaving him to say goodbye: "You knew that I have a family, what are the complaints?". No, not everything is so terrible, of course. It happens that the mistresses marry. But who knows if it will happen? So is not it better not to put your happiness in dependence on a married man? Even if it turned out that he became a favorite, let everything go on as usual. And we will try to treat it as calmly as possible. Time will put everything in its place. We advise you to read: