how to braid braids Long hair - a torment? You are mistaken. It's not the first season at the peak of fashion, different options for weaving hair. Spit and braids stylists advise to use women of fashion in a variety of hairstyles - from the simplest to the most complex. This is the French braid, and the braid "fish tail," and all kinds of harnesses, and braid a la Yulia Tymoshenko ... Depending on the hairstyle, braids can be elegant and romantic, mischievous and feminine. It's past time when braids braided tight and smooth. Now the fashion and severity, and deliberate negligence, which gives the hairdress a unique charm. These spectacular hairstyles are not at all difficult to make yourself. The main thing is to have a desire, to show originality of thinking and imagination. We offer you several options how to braid braids with different types of weaving that will allow you to update your image. We are sure that they will serve as a good stimulus for the manifestation of your creative abilities in such an interesting and fascinating occupation as creating hairstyles. Of course, everything is possible to braid simple braids. Try braiding the original pigtails. How to braid beautiful braids with complex weaves? For any case, you need a skill, and to get it, you just need to start. Let's start with a simple one and gradually move on to the complex one.

French spit

braid braids This variant of the braid will be appropriate both for the imagebusiness woman, and for an evening appearance. At first glance, it seems impossible to braid the braid yourself, but in practice it turns out quite easily. Before you begin to weave a braid - carefully comb the hair along the entire length. Then select a lock of hair and divide it into three parts. braid

  • We begin to weave a braid: to take the right strand, to throw through the central lock. In the same way, the left strand is thrown across the central strand.
  • Pick up strands on each side and add tothe main strands. All strands should be approximately the same, only then the braid will be even and neat. (For a tight braid, thin strands are taken, a slightly braided spit is trudged from wider strands). Weave the remaining hair into a pigtail until all the hair is braided.
  • Pull the bracelet with an elastic band or twist it in a bun, zakolov pins.
  • Inverted French braid

    how to braid French braids If you have already mastered the weaving of the classical French braid - you can begin to develop an inverted French braid.

  • Inverted French braidsslightly braided classic French spit, but strands are weaved from below. That is, strands, crossing over, are imposed not on the central lock, but under it.
  • We continue to weave, each time picking up strands, thereby increasing their volume.
  • Next, plait the usual braid, but the strand is exactly the same we put underneath. Because of the reverse weaving, this elegant braid becomes more voluminous.
  • By the same principle we braid two braids - classical or inverted.

    Disheveled French braid

    braided braids Now in vogue, naturalness, at times negligence,but this negligence should read chic. With this hair style, you will certainly attract attention to yourself. From braided classical braids or an inverted French braid we will learn to make a disheveled braid. It is extremely easy to make it yourself, but it will look like salon styling.

    • From the spit, starting from the end, fixed with an elastic band,weakening the weaving, we begin to pull the strands, climbing higher and higher. Pull the strands in the side, giving the spit the volume. It is important not to weaken the scythe, but only to take out the extreme strands.


    learn to braid braids

  • Divide the hair through the growth line from ear to ear. The rest of the hair is removed into the tail. Further, starting from the left ear, the plait of the French braid is classical or inverted.
  • Stranding for weaving is not too small, but not too large. Throw the bezel to the right ear. When the strands are over, fix the hair in the tail or continue to weave a simple braid.
  • You can leave your hair loose, then braid it with a hair clip or elastic band.
  • Harness

    how to braid plaits

    • The tourniquet, as a rule, is trudged from the tail. The hair is collected in the tail and fixed with an elastic band, divided into two equal parts. Each of the parts of the tail is twisted in one direction, (both parts to the left or both parts to the right). When the strands are tightly twisted, we begin to bind them together, but in the opposite direction. Below the tourniquet we fix with an elastic band.

    In the same way, you can weave a tourniquet from three parts.

    Wire braids

    braid braid plaits When doing braid braids, just likewhen weaving the French braid, additional strands are added. These whimsically twisted bundles create a unique relief pattern of hair on your head, and can become your favorite hairdo. The hairstyle is performed first on one side of the parting, then on the other. We learn to braid braids: braid

  • Do the vertical parting, fix one part of the hair with an elastic band, and on the second start the weaving.
  • Separate the front face of the strand in the direction from the parting to the temple.
  • Twist it 2-3 times in the direction from the face and press it with your right hand. It's good if you have an assistant.
  • With your left hand, separate the second strand, twist it 2 - 3 times and, crossing with the first strand, twist the strands between each other. Press it with your right hand.
  • With your left hand, separate the next strand and repeat the steps.
  • Continue to twist the tourniquet along the entire length of the hair.
  • Secure the harness with an elastic band.
  • Similarly, tighten the harness on the other side of the suction.
  • Secure both strings with an elastic band. You can leave the tail or further twist the bundle from two parts.
  • Scythe "fish tail"

    how to braid a fish tail braid Looking at this hairstyle, it seems thatyou can not do it yourself. But it turns out that this kind of weaving is almost the easiest after the usual braid. The main thing is to braid it neatly. braid braids spikelets

  • Comb your hair back and separate the two thin strands - one from the right temple, the other from the left one.
  • Strands to cross - right strand above the left.
  • Grab a new strand from under the left strand. Cross the left strand with the right strand.
  • Grab the strand from under the right strand. Cross the right strand with a thickened left strand.
  • Continue to weave "fish tail", picking strands on each side.
  • Secure the braid with an elastic band.
  • The braid can be braided in another way. The hair is collected in the tail and fixed with an elastic band. Next, the "fishtail" spear, while grabbing the extreme strands as if from under the tail. You can braid two "fish tail". We braid the braids with a weak weave, pulling the strings along the entire length - and now your hair has acquired a bohemian chic! If you want to be fashionable and shine an unusual hairdo - it's time to learn to braid braids. Good luck! We advise you to read: