haircut bob Haircut bob is a short female straightA haircut, ending at the level of the temples or at the level of the chin. Sometimes the haircut is supplemented with a straight bang, it depends on the shape of the woman's head, her facial features, age. Today, there are four types of beans: a short bean, a bean to the chin, an elongated bean, and a bean under an oblique angle. Since its inception, this haircut enjoys incredible popularity, with every year it gives preference to an increasing number of representatives of the weaker sex.

History of occurrence

In 1909 the French hairdresser Antoine deParis, inspired by the image of the famous compatriot Jeanne D'arque, for the first time in the world made a haircut bob. This event brought him extraordinary popularity not only in France, but throughout Europe, and later in the whole world. The greatest demand Bob began to use in the early twenties of last century, when almost all celebrities asked hairdressers to make them a bean, and then flaunted with a stylish haircut at various social events. In previous years it was believed that the haircut is intended for strong-spirited, independent women who are not afraid of disapproval from others and are always inclined to follow their rules. This opinion was widespread, as it was very unseemly to deny one's neck in those days. In America in the 20s of the last century because of her haircut, a woman could easily lose her job, which is to say that not all men liked such brave deeds of their women. However, women did not stop these restrictions at all, their desire to be beautiful and stylish, to stand out from the gray mass was very burning. So they hurried to the hairdressing salons in order to quickly make a fashionable haircut. For each type of face you can choose your own bean variety. The haircut is quite simple, although it seems to many that it is very hard to style your hair. This is far from the case: you just have to wash your hair, dry it, and your hair will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Types of beans

  • Short bean

This haircut is perfect for everyoneowners of very thin and soft hair. A short bean will help visually create a large volume, your locks will seem very thick. This effect can be achieved due to the fact that the short bean is sheared by layers, and then each layer is superimposed on each other. Sometimes the hair is severed from behind, a short bob is decorated with a small bang. If you have a round face, a short bean with a slanting bang that is retracted to the side is very suitable. haircut bob with bangs

  • Bob before the chin

This is a very beautiful and exquisite haircut. Sometimes the bean to the chin, as well as the short bean, is made shorter from behind, or a very light bang is added to it. Haircut bob with bangs perfectly fits chubby women, it helps visually to make their face longer and thin. haircut bob with bangs photo

  • Bob extended

Many women of fashion make themselves a bean thatfalls just below the chin level, and the hair on all sides of the head is the same length. A volume is created at the top of the head, and toward the end of the hair, the density decreases. Bob below the chin is not combined with a bang, and the parting for him should be done not in the middle of the head, but slightly laterally. So the haircut of a bean looks even more advantageous. Extended bob is well suited for women with a round or oval face. haircut - long bean

  • Bob at an oblique angle

If your hair is very thick, you will need a beanunder an oblique angle. With this haircut, the hair is cut to the chin by layers, and at the back of the neck they are made shorter. Hairdressers today do, like a bob with the same length of hair, and an asymmetrical bean under an oblique angle. Haircut bob with bangs also perfectly suits women of age, it makes their image more stylish, refreshing appearance, and also softening facial features. haircut bob with oblique bangs In any case - if you do not know which option to stop - a long bean, at an oblique angle or a haircut with a bob with a bang, photos will surely help you decide. We advise you to read: