hair styling What do all fairy fairies and princesses have in common? Of course, long, wavy hair. Little girls dream of them, admiringly examining illustrations in children's books, adult girls are dreaming about them, looking at another fashion magazine. Just how to arrange hair waves on your own, because not every one of us can boast of the ability to make unusual hairstyles without the help of a hairdresser? You will say that everything is clear in theory: hot hair dryer, curling irons, tongs, curlers - that's what you need for the stunning image of a seductive diva with wavy hair flying in the wind. But do not forget that the constant thermal effect of a hair dryer or a curling iron has a disastrous effect on the condition of the hair, and hair curlers (especially "Velcro") mercilessly tear out the hair. In addition, all these methods really require serious skills, well, to sleep in hard curlers is generally not a test for the faint-hearted (who tried - that will understand!). As a result, for many, this laying remains an unrealized dream. You will be surprised, but there are such ways of hair styling by waves that do not require professional stylist hands and do not spoil your hair at all. Some of you knew for a long time, but, quite possibly, you forgot, succumbing to the temptation to buy a couple pluses, a hair dryer and an impressive set of combs. Nevertheless, the laying by waves can be easy and fast without all these newfangled tweaks. So, let's get down to the magic.

Curl on the fingers

It is surprisingly simple and easy to performstyling. No thermal treatment - just your own fingers, styling foam, hair clips and hair spray. Everything is extremely simple: we take a small strand, we put foam on it and spin it on the finger. Then gently remove the resulting ring and fix it on the head with a comfortable hair clip. We do the same operation with other strands, wait until the foam dries, release the hair from the hairpins. Voila, the hair is ready! It remains only to sprinkle our waves with hairspray, and you can go for a walk, in order to impress friends and acquaintances in an amazing way. The larger the strands, the worse they curl, but this will benefit those who dream of natural, wavy ringlets. The only drawback of this method is the need to wait for the foam to dry out - this will take at least half an hour of your time. Therefore, if you are an incredible sleepwalker and get up an hour before you put it, you lack strength or desire, then pay attention to the following method. how to put your hair in waves

Hair band

This is another simple and interesting styling,which will help you to find the hair of your dreams - luxurious, wavy ringlets. All you need to do is create a bunch of hair on the crown of your head, and then dissolve it and fix the waves with varnish. So, the order of the actions of this laying is the following: first wash your head with your favorite shampoo, lightly dry with a towel, comb it with a gentle comb and apply a foam or hair styling gel to your hair. After that, you can start creating the beam itself: twist the hair as high as possible, fix the resulting bundle with an ordinary hair band. If you have enough time, you will be able to walk like this in the house for five to six hours, waiting for the hair to dry. If this expectation is too big a luxury for you, then we advise you to do this procedure for the night (do not forget to put a hair net on your hair so that the beam does not fall apart). In the morning, dissolve the beam and carefully divide the strands with your hands. For maximum effect before separation, put a little more on the palm of the palm for styling, and then sprinkle the finished hairdo with varnish. As a result, you get just a smart hairstyle, without using any means that threatens the health of your hair.


Surely many of us in my childhood do not justexperimented with this way of laying. And what else could I do? Mom's curlers and curling plaits are banned, and to show off before classmates with wavy wavy hair, oh, how I wanted to! So they plaited before the sleep pigtails in order to dissolve them in the morning and go to school under the envious glances of the girl-friends. This styling has been and remains a true helper of all teenage girls seeking to be beautiful and attractive. Why not repeat this experience now, when the concern about the condition of the hair exceeds the love of all possible thermal ways of packing? Moreover, it is not difficult to do this:

  • Wash your head thoroughly, lightly dry your hairand gently comb them, starting from the tips, slowly moving towards the roots. Thus, you not only do not leave nodules on locks, but also do not select a single hair.
  • Apply to hair hair styling agent: it can be gel, mousse or foam - something that suits your hair type the most.
  • Bite a tight braid. If you want to get large waves, then just one braid, if you dream about small and frequent - braid several plaits. In general, the more braids on your head, the more fluffy and fluffy you get your hair. Feel free to experiment, good, lots of weaving options: this is the usual braid, and the French, and two pigtails through a straight parting - you can continue for a long time. To ensure that the tips in the finished stacking look neat, they can also be curled - either on small curlers, or, wound on a finger and fastened with a barrette.
  • In the morning, untwine your creation. If the styling turned out to be too fluffy, then simply smooth it with wet hands. Then do not forget to sprinkle with varnish at a distance of thirty to forty centimeters from the hair.

beautiful hair styling waves

Stacking waves with a sock

If you are the owner of thick, long hair, thenyou will definitely like the following styling. Its main plus is that it takes a minimum of your time: only five to six minutes before going to bed, and next morning you are the lucky owner of a Hollywood luxury hairstyle. First, we will choose the right sock - it should be soft, knitted. Ruthlessly cut off its tip in the area of ​​the fingers and unhurriedly twist into a kind of hair gum. After that, make a tail on the vertex - try to fix it with a regular hair clip or elastic band as high as possible. The tail needs to be slightly sprinkled with plain water, after which the most important thing begins: twisting the strands on the toe. This is done as follows: lift the tail up and apply a twisted toe to its tip. We drag the hair into the hole and start to screw the hair on the toe, evenly distributing them along its diameter. We move lower and lower until we touch the head with our hands. What did we do? Elegant bundle, just not twisted by a tourniquet, as in the first variant of laying, but wound on the sock in an absolutely amazing way! What to say, with such a beautiful bundle is not a sin and go out into the street, but now we have a completely different task. We just go to bed, putting a net on the hair, so as not to destroy the hair. And next morning, gently untwist the bundle and open our hair. We assure you that the resulting hair looks as if you spent half a day in the chair of a professional stylist! Finally do not forget to carefully divide the strands with your fingers and sprinkle the finished styling with the varnish of your hair. As you can see, beautiful, laid hair - it's not so difficult as you thought. Just need to give yourself a favorite drop of attention and take advantage of our advice. And then, any fantasy fairy or princess envied your waves. Be beautiful and happy! We advise you to read: