manifestation of symptoms of HIV in women In the modern world, with a sufficiently developedthere are diseases that do not respond to medicine. The most common disease that claimed a large number of lives is HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Only in Russia about 800 thousand people are carriers of this infection. Among the infected people there are men, women, and children. This virus is terrible for everyone, but it is the most dangerous for women, as the risk of infection is higher and they can transmit the infection to the child. Symptoms of HIV in women are manifested with some differences. Therefore at the first doubts in the health it is necessary to address at once to the doctor and to hand over analyzes.

Can I get HIV by everyday means?

The more dangerous the disease, the more terrible the person is fromthought that he might get it. HIV is transmitted by contact of mucous healthy and sick person (sperm, blood, cervical mucus). In the household way, this virus does not spread. Another frequent question is whether HIV is transmitted through a kiss. Doctors give a negative answer. The probability of contracting an infection in this situation, in the absence of both partners in the oral cavity and in the language of wounds, is zero. ways of HIV infection

Groups at risk of infection with the virus

The high risk of HIV infection among the following population groups:

  • drug addicts who use drugs by injection (through the needle of a syringe);
  • women and men during unprotected sexual intercourse, as well as practicing oral and anal sex;
  • Children whose mothers have HIV positive status;
  • doctors who, by their specialization, are in contact with infected people or tissues (laboratory technicians, gynecologists, obstetricians, surgeons);
  • people who need blood transfusion;
  • people leading an immoral lifestyle.

In most cases, HIV is transmitted through the needle in the environment of drug addicts and sexually with unsafe sex.

Symptoms of the presence of the virus

A woman has a greater risk of acquiring HIV. Therefore, you should always monitor your health and do not rash acts. If a circumstance occurred that caused doubt about your HIV status, a blood test should be taken (an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay identifies the presence of antibodies to the virus). But by nature, HIV does not manifest itself in the first days. In most people, antibodies appear 3 months after infection, in others - after 6 months. Therefore 100% result will be only in half a year. Before the expiry of this period, you should pay attention to your well-being. Symptoms can be found after a few weeks, and it is possible and for 10 years not to feel any deviations from the norm. The first symptoms are manifested as:

  • increased lymph nodes;
  • excessive sweating at night;
  • lethargy, drowsiness and fatigue;
  • lack of appetite;
  • severe depression without a cause;
  • presence of a constantly elevated body temperature.

Without going through certain therapy to fight the virus, the infection will progress, the immunity will weaken and health deteriorate. Symptoms of complication of the disease may appear, such as:

  • vaginal infections;
  • the presence of anomalies in the analysis of the smear;
  • the appearance on the labia majora of herpes, warts, ulcers;
  • red spots on the body;
  • white patches on the oral mucosa.

Even if a woman has these symptoms, they do notconfirm the presence of the virus. Such painful manifestations may be signs of other infections (ARVI). So do not panic. In the six-month period, from the date of the alleged infection or the onset of symptoms, sexual and other contacts should be avoided, in which you can transmit the infection to a healthy person, you can not be a donor and it is desirable to delay pregnancy. persistent elevated body temperature is one of the signs of HIV infection

Life after infection

If preliminary and confirmatory testsyou have identified HIV infection, then do not go to extreme measures. Modern medicine allows you to live and have such rights with such a diagnosis, as well as healthy people, but undergoing treatment. A woman who does not have children should understand all responsibility. Having HIV does not prevent you from having a child. And HIV patients are born healthy children, and, in addition, scientists are looking for a way to cure HIV in newborns. A woman is prescribed antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy. They reduce the viral load to such a level that in normal pregnancy and uncomplicated birth the child appears healthy. Women are forbidden to give birth on their own, as the greatest percentage of infections of children are during labor. They have a cesarean section. Also, mothers can not breast-feed their children for the same reason. A person with this diagnosis needs to communicate correctly with healthy people. You can not endanger others. If a woman decides to become pregnant naturally, she must tell her partner about her situation. Otherwise, this is also a crime in Russia, it is criminally punishable (art. 122 UG RF).

Way from HIV to AIDS

All HIV-infected people should be observed indoctors and undergo anti-viral therapy. If the disease is detected in a timely manner and measures are taken to treat it, then such a person can live for decades. If you do not treat HIV, then it develops into the syndrome of acquired human immunodeficiency (AIDS). This is the last stage of the disease. Against the background of AIDS, other infectious diseases develop, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, meningitis, and herpes. Any infection (even a cold) in AIDS patients leads to severe consequences, as their immune system is not able to cope with bacteria and viruses. AIDS can lead to death, such cases in Russia more than 100 thousand. HIV is one of the most dangerous diseases of the 21st century. Medicines from her still can not find. Therapy only slows down and stops the development of infection. Therefore, we must protect ourselves and our health. Avoid contact with drug addicts, intimate life, try to lead only with regular and trusted partners, sex should be protected. Do not hesitate to ask your partner to be checked for HIV or AIDS. Do not commit reckless acts, which you will regret after all your life. Your health is in your hands. Take care of yourself.