causes of bed bugs What can be more comfortable than own apartment? We invest huge financial resources in its repair, buy new expensive furniture, but do not think about that in our cozy dwelling, in addition to us, there are practically invisible creatures that can cause us a lot of health troubles. And the name for these creatures - bed pliers. Appearance of bed bugs

Origin and appearance of ticks, their danger to health

Where do ticks come from in our homes? From ordinary household dust that surrounds us everywhere, as well as from the cover of our pets and feathers of birds. Bed tick is bred in blankets made of natural wool, bedspreads, feather pillows, upholstered furniture, carpets and cotton mattresses. All these irreplaceable items in the home are dust accumulators, and the mites feel great in them. The invisible inhabitants of our bedrooms use the fact that we do not change the bed every day, we cover and cover it very rarely, and under the bed my floor is at best once a week. Home dust, human heat and a constant level of humidity, supported by our bodies, are favorable conditions for the spread of ticks. Bedclamps are so tiny that they can only be seen with a microscope. They look like ordinary six-lop bugs. The length of their torso barely reaches 0.5 mm. On the extremities of the ticks are peculiar suckers, due to which they firmly cling to the surface, so trying to get rid of bugs with a conventional vacuum cleaner does not lead to a positive result. The main source of food for the bed occupant is the dead cells of the human body. Most often, the owners of the bedroom peacefully get along with ticks, not even guessing about their presence. Invisible to the naked eye bugs are considered saprophytes, that is, microbes that feed on obsolete organic substances. They do not live on the human body, do not drink its blood, do not suffer from infectious diseases. But a bed tick is a danger to lung patients and asthmatics, making their existence in their own apartment simply unbearable. The bug itself is not dangerous, but its feces, which are found everywhere on the bed, are a very aggressive allergen and are capable of provoking asthma attacks and exacerbation of pulmonary diseases. In case of allergic reactions in the form of urticaria, swelling, runny nose or cough, as well as with increased frequency of bronchial asthma attacks, a person should perform allergic tests on dust mites that are done in the laboratory. In many cases, it is this harmless at first glance saprophyte and is the culprit in the occurrence of allergic manifestations. If the examination gives a positive result, then the sick person should make every effort to get rid of this discreet bug. effects of bed pliers

Treatment of scabies caused by bed mites, getting rid of saprophytes

Another trouble that can bringbed pliers - scabies. This unpleasant and terribly infectious disease can arise due to the regular contact of a person with the products of mites. Symptoms of scabies - the appearance on the skin strongly-reddening, fever, the occurrence of nasal congestion, a feeling of throat obstruction. If you find yourself or someone from the family of the described symptoms should definitely seek qualified medical help. Scabies do not pass by itself, it spreads very quickly throughout the body and is transmitted to others, so it must be treated immediately. Treatment for symptoms of scabies caused by bed mites is performed by prescribing strong antiparasitic drugs to the patient. Before you start getting rid of the disease, a person needs to thoroughly swim under a hot shower, and then apply the medicine to the entire surface of the body. During the entire period of treatment, he will have to change clothes and bed linen daily. To bathe and even to wash after drawing of a medical preparation on a body to the patient a scabies is strictly forbidden till the moment of its full recovery. Hand washing can not be avoided, but after each water treatment they will need to be smeared with an antiparasitic agent. Clothing and bedding of the patient must be washed with very hot water and must be ironed on both sides. Only if all the medical prescriptions and hygiene rules are observed, you can completely get rid of the symptoms of scabies provoked by a bed tick. Parallel to the process of treatment, it is necessary to carry out measures aimed at combating saprophytes. In order to achieve complete recovery from scabies, alleviation of the condition with bronchial asthma and other diseases, contact with bed mites should be avoided. To get rid of uninvited guests it is possible only if regularly to carry out methods aimed at eliminating dust in a dwelling. Such methods include:

  • frequent airing of living rooms;
  • daily wet cleaning of the apartment;
  • timely replacement of bed and mattress covers;
  • cleaning of premises with a vacuum cleaner equipped with an aquafilter;
  • The replacement of feather filler pillows on sintepon or silicone;
  • regular knocking out of dust from carpets;
  • frequent washing of blankets and blankets;
  • obligatory ironing of bedding and clothes.

Continuing with all of the above measures to combatsaprophytes, you can get rid of them completely. Bed tick does not like cleanliness and will never start in an apartment, the owners of which pay special attention to the fight against dust.