diet with gastritis with low acidity Gastritis is a serious disease that, ifin time not to begin to treat it, can develop into an ulcer, stomach cancer. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to adhere to the right diet, in which gastric juice is actively produced. Also, you should reduce the strain on your stomach. Choose only food that is quickly digested. In this connection, the menu of the patient introduces restrictions on the first dishes cooked on steep meat broth, fatty fish, stale sour-milk products, cabbage, radish, tomatoes with peel. Not allowed alcoholic beverages, fresh baked and other yeast baked goods, legumes, dense cheese, potatoes fried in vegetable oil, products with spicy sauce, spices.

How to eat properly with gastritis with low acidity

Diet with gastritis with low acidityhas the official name - "Diet №2". Its main principles are stimulation of the secretory function and prevention of mechanical damage to the gastric mucosa. Accordingly, the menu includes mostly lean meat, broths, vegetable soups, fish soup, stewed vegetables and baked fruit. Drinks such as coffee, tea and cocoa are allowed. When the disease worsens, it is necessary to establish a rigid diet whose purpose is to relieve inflammation. After its achievement, it is necessary to stimulate the digestive processes, gradually introducing into the diet heavier meals. At the end of treatment, you can eat normally, but it is better to avoid harmful foods, after using which there are painful sensations in the stomach. This can only aggravate your condition. With reduced acidity, restrictions are imposed on food that causes fermentation. For example, fresh flour products, milk, grapes, as well as foods high in animal fats (fatty meat, fat, sour cream). To digest and assimilate them, your body will have to make a lot of efforts. And in this case the stomach suffers. Approximate menu for a week with gastritis

  • Monday

Breakfast consists of buckwheat porridge, fat-freecottage cheese, coffee with milk (but without cream). For lunch, you should eat vegetable soup, cooked on low-fat broth, potato casserole with meat and jelly. Supper should be easy. Perfectly suited baked fish, boiled potatoes and toasted bread and butter.

  • Tuesday

On Tuesday, breakfast can be varied with steamfritters, salad from stewed beets and apples. For lunch - low-fat borscht, steamed veal, a side dish of vegetable stew. In each of the meals you can drink an invigorating green tea or kissel, which envelops the walls of the stomach. Supper should be cutlets, steamed, and porridge.

  • Wednesday

On Wednesday, breakfast will be very nutritious. It consists of fish crochet, porridge from "Artek" cereals, vegetable cutlets and jelly. For dinner - soup with meatballs, steamed chicken, garnish of vegetable puree. At the end of the day you will have a light dinner of buckwheat porridge and green tea.

  • Thursday

On Thursday, the first meal begins with omeletand oatmeal, lunch - from rassolnik on fish or chicken broth, chicken fillet steamed with thin pasta, cranberry mors, dinner - from pancakes with meat. Food can be washed down with green or floral tea.

  • Friday

Breakfast from potato crock or crozon,milk cocoa. At one o'clock in the afternoon, you should eat soup cooked on low-fat meat broth, steam cutlets, carrot puree. At the end of the day - cottage cheese casserole, pumpkin porridge. Drink, as in the previous case, recommended green or black tea.

  • Saturday

On Saturday morning you can meet breakfast fromrice steamed cutlets, as well as a pair of apples. Do not forget about green tea. For lunch - chicken soup with noodles, cooked at home, boiled beef and jelly. For dinner - omelet, vegetable puree and chamomile tincture.

  • Sunday

At the end of the week, a breakfast consisting ofwheat porridge or mashed potatoes, several sausages or sausages, coffee (you can add milk). For lunch - usual vegetable soup (it is possible with chicken), rice cutlets for a couple. At the end of the day - vermicelli with cheese. gastritis with a low acidity diet

Principles of healthy eating with gastritis

In addition, you should organize a second breakfastor a snack, which should consist exclusively of fresh (today's release date) sour-milk products, cookies, crackers. If a strong hunger suddenly appeared between meals, a sandwich made of dried bread (with butter, soft cheese or boiled sausage) is allowed. This diet enhances the secretion of the stomach and duodenum. During cooking, any heat treatment is allowed, except for frying (especially avoiding patties in breadcrumbs). Drinking water or other liquid is possible without restrictions (while, as already mentioned above, alcohol is under strict prohibition). Salt is not prohibited, but do not abuse it. The temperature of the food should not be too hot or very cold, since it irritates the gastric mucosa. In general, the menu for gastritis should include soups on low-fat broth (vegetable or with meatballs). If you cook borsch, drain the first water immediately, as it boils. This will help get rid of harmful substances. The following dishes are not very easy to digest, but they are still acceptable: pea soup, cottage cheese, steamed meat, vermicelli and noodles, boiled eggs, soft cheese, cereals, lean meat and chicken, a small amount of butter and dense cookies are allowed. Meat and fish cooked or baked, for a change, you can fry with a small amount of vegetable oil (most importantly - not to create a crusty crust). Fats are long digested, so you do not need to overload your stomach. The daily oil norm is only 10 gr. Otherwise, you are waiting for heartburn, colic, bloat. Fruits can be eaten without restrictions. If you want a sweet, eat jam. Vegetables and herbs are preferably used as a mash. Not allowed sorrel and spinach. Drink recommended non-acidic juices, jelly, fruit fresh, cocoa, tea, coffee (but not more than one cup daily). When gastritis will have to avoid such foods that contain coarse fiber. This is cabbage, radish, radish, prunes. It is not advisable to eat berries and fruits with coarse skin (apples, dates, grapes, currants), as well as dried fruits prepared by them. Pasta from wholemeal flour is very useful for healthy women, but they should be avoided with gastritis. Also, fresh flour products, baking are undesirable. Meat with veins and fat, as well as smoked or salted products - all this is unacceptable. Deterioration of your condition can cause long-term storage products, such as canned food. Pay attention, the diet should be observed not less than three weeks, thus the process of recovery is supervised by your attending physician. Proper nutrition can help reduce inflammation. With the improvement, it is possible to stimulate the secretion of the stomach, in particular - to prepare stronger broths. You can artificially increase the acidity by drinking a little water before a meal with lemon juice. Also, gradually add to the diet salted cucumber and fish, red caviar. Increase the secretion of gastric juice fried foods, kvass, but they must be used carefully. Especially strongly stimulate the secretion of carbonated drinks, coffee, meat broths, eggs, spices, smoked products, pickled products, sauerkraut. For each of the products or dishes, there are certain recommendations for cooking. So, with gastritis with a low acidity, soups with millet croquet, beans, lentils, okroshka, and also milk porridges are unacceptable. Liquid food can be prepared on low-fat meat, fish or mushroom broth (with crushed potatoes, vegetables, boiled cereals, noodles). In them can be added meatballs. With certain restrictions, borscht and beetroots from fresh cabbage, rassolniki are possible. In any case, the vegetables should be crushed or wiped. Meat dishes can be prepared only from low-fat birds (without leather and veins). Thus, pork, lamb, duck meat and goose are undesirable. Fully banished canned and smoked products (stews, sausages, sausages). Dishes should be cooked or baked without using sauces, breadcrumbs, marinades. Meat can be cooked whole piece or grind it for minced meat. Low-fat varieties are welcomed, such as veal, chicken, rabbit, turkeys. Suitable milk sausages, pancakes with filling. An important element of nutrition with reduced acidity can become fish products. However, for the patient only boiled lean fillet will do. You can also bake or fry it, but without the use of breading and a huge amount of sunflower oil. Extremely unwanted canned, smoked or salted fish, especially if you have an exacerbation. Cereals and pasta do not carry a potential threat, but nevertheless one should pay attention to their processing. These foods can form the basis of your diet. You can have porridges on water or soups on broth. It is also possible to prepare steam puddings, cutlets without crust. Vermicelli can be served on a table with boiled meat or fresh cottage cheese. Sweet pilaf is allowed. Under the ban legumes (they are very long digested and cause bloating). Undesirable dense cereals, that is, barley, barley, millet porridge. You can identify a whole group of vegetables, which contain coarse fibers. You should abandon them or limit use. We are talking about cabbage, radish, radish, cucumbers. In general, such products should preferably be heat and mechanically processed: boiled or stewed, chopped or shredded. Suitable vegetable cutlets without crust, mashed potatoes, casseroles. Bread before eating is preferably dried in the oven. Sometimes baked goods with filling are allowed (cottage cheese, meat, eggs, apples). Fresh baking and puff pastry are under serious ban. Among fruits and berries, those with grain and coarse skin are undesirable. Bake apples, jellies, marmalade, marshmallows, soft candies are allowed. Thus, following the above recommendations, you can avoid the escalation of gastritis in the future. And remember that proper nutrition is the guarantee of your health. It must be permanent. It is very bad if you will remember a diet only when your stomach hurts.