For a long time, cosmetic companies have beenimprove their products, pleasing us with novelties - fashionable and effective means of care. A pleasant fact is the desire of specialists to make their products environmentally safe, consisting of harmless natural ingredients. The most popular of them are, as you know, milk, honey and even wine. Speaking of wine, it is worth mentioning the wine baths that have become popular in recent years. Having a beneficial effect, the wine prevents unwanted aging and dry skin. Also, a lot of milk-honey masks are known - economical, but very effective means of care.


All year round, honey is one of the most effective anddemanded products for skin care. It is worth seeing the result of applying the honey mask to once and for all forget about the danger of discomfort from using this remedy. Honey best nourishes our skin, making it more elastic and elastic. In addition, honey masks can inhibit aging, which is the dream of any woman. If you try honey-and-milk cosmetics at least once in your life, you will never be able to deny yourself the pleasure of constantly using it. The effectiveness of this tool is confirmed right after use.

  • Scrub

A special place in this category is honeybody scrub, with the addition of medicinal herbs and sesame seeds. After its application, you should put a mask of honey and orange juice on your skin. This procedure gives a complex cleansing of the skin, relaxes the muscles and stimulates the circulatory system. All this will give you an unusually pleasant feeling of comfort and health. It is also useful to periodically use for washing the so-called "honey" water - a solution of one tablespoon of honey per glass of water. The remedy can be used to cleanse any skin type: a few minutes before going to bed and wash it off with warm water - that's the whole secret of success.

  • Mask

Another facial mask recipe includes freshgrass: leaves of mint, nettle, dandelion, plantain. Also, flowers of chamomile and some other wildflowers can be used. The mask is made as follows: 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with a mixture of boiled water and gruel from herbs. After that, the mask is applied to the face for about twenty minutes and rinsed off with warm water. The tonic effect of this mask can easily compete with many expensive hygiene products. Honey can be used not only in the form of a scrub or mask, but also as, for example, a pedicure. Mixed with milk, honey can be rubbed into various parts of the legs: from the shins to the fingers, which will relax the muscles, soften the skin, perfectly "tuning" the legs to the procedure.

  • Cautions!

However, do not forget about the possible dangersthe use of any means - including honey. Allergy is the most unpleasant and most popular side reaction in cosmetology. As in the case of other drugs, we recommend conducting a preliminary skin test: apply the prepared mixture several times on the elbow and wait half an hour for a possible allergic reaction. This delicate skin is the best detector, almost immediately warning us about possible troubles. If it's all right, then it's safe for you to use it.


In the cool season, you can be helped bycome not only honey, but also wine. The French cosmetic industry has long come to an unequivocal conclusion: wine is not only delicious, but also useful. Wine in combination with other products can easily be used to prevent cellulite, to rinse hair, to make rejuvenating face masks.

  • Hair conditioner

To make a natural conditioner inat home, it is enough to insist a mixture of chamomile and rosemary with the addition of marjoram in white wine for at least a week. To use, you need to dissolve two tablespoons of the present mixture in a glass of warm water.

  • Remedy for cellulite

The most effective means of cellulite is a mixture of 3parts of wine and 3 parts of vodka with 2 parts of almond oil, 1 part of lemon oil and one fourth of lime. The resulting liquid must be rubbed into the treated areas twice a day, using a hard sponge for this.

  • Mask

The most important in the manufacture of face masks fromwine is the right choice of variety. The wine should be good for your skin type. So, for example, red sweet or semisweet is ideal for dry, and semi-dry white, normalizing water balance, - for oily skin. Any wine perfectly cleanses the body, rids the skin of dead cells, and also removes toxins from the body. Among other things, all of the above products provide delicate, alluring and intoxicating scents that will drive any fan crazy. Be natural - use natural cosmetics. We advise you to read: