how to care for eyelashes Slam your eyelashes - and take off! (from the song "Eyelashes" by Br. Grimm) Fluffy, long eyelashes are an important tool in the arsenal of any woman who wants to be attractive and like men. Few of the representatives of the stronger sex can resist the languid, enveloping gaze from under the beautiful thick eyelashes. Have you ever thought about how to take care of eyelashes to create an image of "the most charming and attractive"? Lucky for those who by nature have beautiful long eyelashes. It is enough for them to use mascara - and everything, you can conquer, bewitch, charm. But how to be the one who has cilia short and rare, and still constantly break down? The Western press assures readers that it's time to all buy false eyelashes and stop complexing about their imperfections. However, our girls firmly know that on such a "chaff" men can not be fooled: guys like natural beauty. So let's take care of our cilia seriously - as they say in one well-known advertisement: "After all, we deserve it!"

What to do if the eyelashes fall out

Periodically, on our cheeks we notice the falleneyelashes. One of us, brushing off a precious hair, carefully peers into the mirror, trying to understand: is it an accident or a serious problem? And someone is pleased to pick up the cilium with a finger and hurry to make a wish. Remember, as in childhood: "On which cheek did the eyelash fall?". But troubled girls at the same time still an order of magnitude greater. Too well they know the price of an expressive look and its effect on the opposite sex. To begin with it is worth remembering that the cilium of a person "lives" for about 90 days, and a complete renewal of eyelashes occurs in 7-8 weeks. So, if you accidentally noticed the fallen cilium - it's too early to beat the alarm. But if the eyelashes just "crumble" from your eyes, becoming less and less often, it's time to take them seriously. There are several reasons for the loss of eyelashes:

  • Low-quality cosmetics;
  • Improper care of eyelashes;
  • Allergy or inflammation of the eyes;
  • Various diseases, weakening of immunity.

how to take care of eyelashes If the loss of eyelashes is not associated with lack of care, then you better consult a doctor and begin treatment. In the opposite case, before it's too late, start looking after your eyelashes.

  • First of all, eyelashes require food. What are the cilia composed of? From keratin - a high-molecular protein (do not confuse with carotene - carrot pigment). And where else does keratin contain? In parsley, pepper, rose hips. These are the foods you need to use more often to give your cilia a decent diet. This will help to strengthen them and stop the loss.
  • Be careful when choosing mascara. Buying such a cosmetic on street trays, you run the risk of running into a fake and causing serious damage to your health. If in the process of using mascara you have an itch, red eyes - immediately rinse your makeup and say goodbye to poor quality mascara. Ideally, the mascara should include vitamins and keratin. Therefore do not hesitate to carefully read the contents on the packaging and ask the seller relevant questions.
  • Do not forget to take off makeup every evening beforesleep. This should be done in the direction from the bridge of the nose to the cheekbones. Apply makeup remover to upper and lower eyelashes, hold for 30 seconds and clean with a cotton pad. In no case do not rub that there are forces - so you not only pull out a pair of cilia, but also earn wrinkles.
  • Greater value for dense beautiful eyelashes hascorrect, balanced nutrition. Try to protect yourself from an overabundance of sweet and flour, because carbohydrates interfere with the body to absorb those substances that strengthen the eyelashes. Eat as much as possible vegetables, fruits and freshly squeezed juices - they contain a lot of vitamins and beneficial microelements.
  • Tanning, protect your eyes with quality sunglasses. The fact is that the negative effect of ultraviolet radiation extends not only to the skin, but also to the eyelashes and hair.
  • How to make eyelashes longer?

    Unfortunately, in any way. Eyelashes can be enlarged or visually extended with the help of a good carcass, but in any case the "native" hairs will remain the same length. And whatever masks, tonics and creams you have not used, the present state of affairs can not be changed. The fact is that in each of us the genetic activity of the growth of eyelashes is laid, and the possibility to make them longer than prescribed by mother nature is simply excluded. There is, of course, a special operation - eyelash transplantation. This procedure was once invented for those who suffered from severe burns and lost eyelashes. Now, this operation is also available to those women of fashion who wish to magically make their cilia more authentic, yes thicker. This two-hour operation can be compared with the work of a jeweler: the hair from the occipital part is taken and transplanted into the upper eyelid. And everything would be fine, but only eyelashes such as ordinary hair grow, and eventually they have to cut their hair. Imagine how the eyes will look, if such grown eyelashes do not cut in time, or do it inaccurately! And if they start to curl, then troubles can not be avoided: it can happen in different directions. Moreover, sometimes own cilia after such operation drop out. That is why it is much better to have at least short, but your eyelashes. A quality cosmetics will visually deceive those who doubt the beauty of your eyes. how to take care of eyelashes at home

    Traditional recipes for the care of eyelashes

    There are many recipes that will promptyou, how to take care of eyelashes at home. The most interesting - you do not have to spend too much, because all the ingredients can be found at home or bought in the nearest pharmacy literally "for a penny."

  • Take in equal proportions castor, burdockoil, oil solution of vitamin E. Add a little bit of aloe juice. Now merge the resulting mass into a clean tube from under the carcass and use a remedy. Do this procedure every day before going to bed for a month, and you will amaze people around with their luxurious, thick eyelashes. Having achieved the desired result, do not forget to use these oils for prevention.
  • For the next balm you need 10 grVaseline, 7 g of castor oil, 0.25 g of tannin. All these funds can be easily bought in any pharmacy, and the number of grams to calculate, based on the mass of the product (this is not difficult). If you apply this mixture on your eyelashes every day for a month, then you will notice a tremendous effect: the cilia will become silky and thick!
  • Mix fish oil with castor oil and apply on eyelashes for a month. The result will be noticeable not only to you, but also to others.
  • In the event that you are not allergic tovegetable components, try a wonderful massage mixture: 1 teaspoon of castor oil and finely chopped parsley. Apply the resulting mixture to the eyelids and eyelashes, make a light finger massage this area. The therapeutic effect of this mask is stunning: as parsley contains keratin, your eyelashes and skin around your eyes will find a blooming, well-groomed look.
  • Do you know that the longest in the worldeyelashes at the moment for a 52-year-old Indian resident Phuto Rawa Mauli? The length of his eyelashes is 4.7 cm and this fact is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. If Mr. Mowley applies the eyelashes to the face, then their tips are pulled to the lower lip. And this despite the fact that the Indian has never cared for them, but on the contrary considered such "wealth" a shameful fact. Even knowing how to properly care for eyelashes, it is unlikely that someone will be able to keep up with such a record (and whether it is necessary?). But to make your eyelashes a subject of personal pride and admiration of others - why not? We advise you to read: