exercises for slimming your legs and thighs Get rid of extra pounds, againfeel slim, airy and some unearthly ... .One dream of all women are overweight. Particularly many troubles deliver individual parts of the body. But why, in the first place, does the face and chest always lose weight? And I want, as a rule, completely different. After all, the most problematic women's zones are buttocks, hips, stomach and legs. Here in order to lose weight in the "separate" places and come up with different types of training. Today we will talk with you about exercises for slimming your legs and thighs.

Morning or evening?

Before embarking on a new business, all must beThink carefully. Otherwise, there will be no sense. Here, for example, training. Everyone knows that the desired effect from them will come only if they are carried out regularly. So, you have to rebuild your life and your usual schedule in a certain way. First of all, it is necessary to decide when you will be engaged - in the morning or in the evening. Disputes about the pros and cons of morning and evening training do not cease until now. Who did not connect to solve this issue - professional athletes, coaches, doctors ... But they still have not worked out a single opinion. Let's look at all the advantages and disadvantages of one and the other approach. Let's start with morning exercises. Do it in the morning Imagine that every morning you easily jump out of bed, not feeling drowsiness, or heaviness in the whole body. That day by day your figure becomes slimmer, and the disposition of the spirit - more cheerful. That all the girlfriends go crazy with envy, looking at your tightened, flexible body. And the reason for this is not overseas miracle vitamins and not excessive solar activity! It's just that you have finally gotten yourself together, and your daily life has become firmly entrenched in the morning exercise for weight loss. Morning gymnastics improves blood supply, normalizes metabolism, suppresses stress and removes toxins from the body - which is not bad. But this is not all! Did you know that:

  • Morning exercise displays negative energy from theyour body. The whole secret is that during the warm-up the hormone of happiness is produced - endorphin. And what could be better for a woman than a happy morning and a full fighting spirit of the day?
  • Starting every day with a sports warm-up, youimprove your metabolism. And this means that your metabolism will accelerate and calories will be burned much faster. Combining the right diet with exercise, your weight will begin to melt in your eyes, and the desired weight will be much easier to hold. Finally, the idea that all diets are invented by misanthrope will leave you - you will begin to notice that the weight is falling!
  • 10-15 minutes of morning exercise 365 days a year - this is 91 hours of exercise a year. How else can you force yourself to work so hard on your body and health?
  • Over time, your biological clock will adjustunder your morning exercises, and you will easily and cheerfully get up from bed. Is it not tempting to stop whispering to the alarm clock "I'll sleep for 5 more minutes and get up", so that after all the same I'll oversleep for work?
  • But, of course, morning exercises have their own disadvantages:
  • You will have to get up much earlier, which means that the whole usual regime will need to be reviewed.
  • During training, you will need to keep an eye on the clock - otherwise you may be late for work.

Doing it in the evening Imagine that afterhard day of work, you suddenly feel a surge of vigor and energy. You easily switch to household chores, stay in a good mood and never "gnaw" yourself, constantly scrolling in your head all the events and the vicissitudes of the production process. Your family is just happy. At the same time, every day you become more beautiful and slimmer. Presented? All this you can give evening training.

  • Evening training will help you get rid of the "wolf" appetite and from temptations to move closer to the refrigerator.
  • The complex of evening exercises removes stress and calms the nervous system.
  • Strangely enough, but the evening physical load helps to get rid of the fatigue accumulated during the day.
  • Such training activates the work of all internal organs and improves the general condition of the body.

True, there are some drawbacks. Evening exercises tone up the body, so they need to be done 2-3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you just will not fall asleep at the usual time. Such activities are absolutely not suitable for people suffering from insomnia. As you can see, both one and the other approach has its advantages and disadvantages, supporters and opponents. Just try to understand what kind of training is best for you. In general, as it is sung in the old song: "Think for yourself, decide for yourself ..." Exercises for slimming your hips and legs

Useful exercises for losing weight

Well. With the time of classes you have decided. Is not it? That they should be regular too know. That is morally you are absolutely ready to start the exercises. Let's start?

  • "Flame" This exercise will perfectly strengthen the muscleships, and also help to significantly reduce their volume. Moreover, you can get rid of excess fat, which is located above the knees - from the so-called "riding breeches." Accept the initial posture - get on your knees and put your hands on the floor. Exhale, then inhale through the nose, and then again make a deep exhalation through the mouth. Hold your breath and draw in your stomach. Pull the leg out to the side and lift it to the thigh level. Keep your leg straight and your arms bent at the elbows. Try to stretch the leg as far as possible up and forward. Quit in this position and count to five. Relax and regain your breath. Repeat the exercise three times for each leg.
  • "Boat" This exercise will help to tighten andstrengthen the most "whimsical" muscles - those that are located on the inner side of the thighs. Take the rug, lay it on the floor and sit down. Maximize your legs apart. Place your hands behind your back and lean your hands against the floor. Exhale, then take a deep breath and again make a strong exhalation through the mouth. Lower your head, hold your breath and deeply draw in your belly. Move your hands forward and put them straight in front of you on the floor. Slightly bend over. Slowly move your hands forward on the floor, leaning lower and lower. Take care not to tear your fingers from the floor. Move smoothly, avoiding sudden movements. Hold in the lowest position and count to five. Restore breathing. This exercise is recommended to be performed at least three times.
  • Vzmahi foot This easy exercise contributesstrengthening the back of the thighs and allows you to achieve a significant reduction in volume. In order to make the less tiring lesson, it is recommended that you turn on the loud rhythmic music. Spread out the rug and stand on your knees. Place your hands in front of you and lean against them on the floor. Keep your back parallel to the floor. Maximize your buttocks and thigh muscles and make a free flap with your foot. Repeat 30 times without stopping. Change your foot. After completing the exercise, stretch. Sit on your knees in such a way that the buttocks touch the heels. Pull your arms forward. Put your head on your knees and relax. Stand up and walk around the room a little.
  • "Step-Sitting" This is not difficult and, at the same time,effective exercise will help you get rid of excess fat on the hips and significantly strengthen the muscles. The principle is very simple. Sit down. Then take a step to the side and sit down again. The load is practically independent of the width of the step. Therefore, you can move in very small steps. The first time is recommended to do no more than 5 - 7 repetitions. Gradually increasing the load, in a very short time you can do up to 40-50 sit-ups. Even if after the first workout you will have muscle aches - do not give up your plan and keep practicing. In 2-3 days the pain will pass and very soon you will notice that your legs have become much more slender.
  • Squats This exercise is in serviceamong the ballet dancers. And that says a lot! Have you ever seen a ballerina with thick legs? That's it! Stand with your back to the wall. Place your feet shoulder width apart. With your hand on the wall, sit down so that your hips are parallel to the floor. Quit in this position and count to five. Keep your back straight. Do not lower your head. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.
  • Exercise with a chair Take a stool or chairand install it behind your back. Bend the right leg in the knee and place the foot lift on the seat. Put your hands on your hips. Sit on your left foot as deep as you can. In this case, both legs should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Quit in this position for a few seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 10-12 times for each leg.
  • Rise of a foot This exercise very well trainslateral muscles of the thighs. Stand with your left side against the wall. With your hand, slowly raise your right foot to the side to the maximum height. Fix this position for 3-5 seconds, and then slowly lower your foot. Repeat 10-15 times. Turn right side to the wall and repeat the exercise for the other leg. Relax for a few seconds and turn to face the wall. Holding hands, lift your right leg back, trying as much as possible to strain the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Do 10-15 repetitions for each leg.
  • Tilting to the leg For this exercise, you againa stool is required. Turn to her face, lift the left leg and put the heel on the seat. Lean to touch the forehead with the knee. Keep your legs straight. Make 7-10 slopes, and then change your legs. Each lesson, try to slightly increase the height of the support and the number of approaches. Such training will help not only get rid of excess fat, but also develop and improve joints and joints.
  • Exercises for calves lying If most of youdisturb full caviar, then the following exercises will help you get rid of this problem. Lie on your back and bend both feet in your lap. Alternately, pull the toe of each leg toward you. Repeat 15-20 times.
  • Exercise for calves standing Stand facing the wall and lean on it with your hands. Bend the right leg in the knee and place it on the shin of the other leg. Climb 10 times on the toe. Change your foot.

Useful exercises for slimming your hips and legs

How to reduce muscle volume

Strangely enough, you do not want to remove the extra volumeOnly lovers of delicious buns and cozy armchairs. Sometimes women who lead an active lifestyle face this problem. True, the reasons for its occurrence are completely different - legs seem thick due to pumped, bulky muscles. And if the reason is different, then the solution will also be different. How to lose weight to sports lovers and power loads? It would seem that everything is very simple - if the muscles are too inflated, we must exclude training with weights and everything will be in order. However, it is not. Refusal of loads will lead to the fact that muscle tone will decrease and laxity will appear. And this is not the effect you want to achieve, right? What you need is called athletes' "dry" muscles. How can this be achieved? To begin with, it is necessary to reduce the number of classes to 2 times a week. Before training, be sure to warm up all muscles. For this, the skipping rope is perfect. Then go to the usual power exercises, but do them without burdening. Just double the usual number of repetitions. Perform 2 - 4 sets of exercises without stopping. And then immediately go for a 20-30 minute run. True, it will be necessary to move at an average speed. In addition to this complex, you can arrange intensive, but rather short cardio training. For example, you can perform 250 jumps with a rope, and right after that - a small jog. Repeat this cycle five times. Also, "drying" the muscles of the legs helps to ride a bicycle and roller. Do not forget that the speed and intensity of training should not be too great. And do not forget to perform special stretching exercises after each workout. This will help to remove excess muscle tone. Of course, such "work on yourself" will require patience and considerable efforts from you. Especially in the beginning. It's not easy to change yourself and your habitual rhythm of life. However, very soon you will notice that regular classes have become a great pleasure for you and you will not be able to imagine how you used to do without training. And the enthusiastic views of the strong half of humanity will serve you as an additional stimulus. Being beautiful is not at all difficult - you just need to really want it! We advise you to read: