slimming hands When losing weight, usually little attention is paid tohands. The main problem areas of the female body have always been hips, waist, stomach, buttocks. However, not less fat cells are located in the area of ​​our hands, especially in the upper part of them. Usually, intensely thinner, the first weight goes from the listed problem areas - waist, hips, buttocks, abdomen. This is due to the fact that the body, with the accumulation of fat, transports and fixes it, in the first place, it is there. But the fat enters the area of ​​the arms, shoulders and forearms only when there is already a strong set of a lot of excess weight. But excess fat deposits in the hands are delayed for a long time, they are not so easy to throw off. To effectively lose weight in the hands area, it will not be enough to use force exercises with dumbbells, although you can not do without them. Losing weight will occur only when the percentage of fat in the body decreases. That is, to effectively lose weight not only in the hands, but also in the whole body, you must follow three rules: diet or proper nutrition, cardio and aerobic exercise, strength loads on specific muscle groups. If you exclude any one rule, the process of losing weight can significantly slow down in all parts of our body, but with simultaneous observance of all three rules, you can easily and quickly achieve results.

Diets and proper nutrition

In order to lose weight in the hands, you needto put on the diet the whole body. No other way! Proper nutrition for weight loss of the whole body as a whole is not less important than physical exercises. You can choose any diet at your discretion, the benefit of them is now offered a lot, and each blows about its uniqueness and exceptional efficiency. Or, if you are opposed to hard and aggressive diets, just try to follow the principles of proper nutrition: eat healthy foods, treat foods by cooking or steaming, use a sufficient amount of liquid per day - at least one and a half liters. It is necessary to completely exclude from the diet sugar and sugar-containing products, sweet fizzy drinks and canned fruit juices. Eliminate alcohol in any form, if you are on a feast, you can afford a small amount of dry wine. Smoking also harms the body, worsens metabolism and blood supply, speeds up the postponement of slags. For the manifestation of the relief of the hands, it is necessary to perform strength exercises aimed at the fact that the muscles will grow. In order to provide the muscles with an effective relief, it is worth eating high-protein and protein-rich foods such as lean meat, for example, veal or chicken, fish meat and seafood, chicken eggs, skim milk and sour-milk products. Very useful in use will also be vegetables, especially fresh ones. White cabbage, which should be consumed daily, replacing it with one of the meals, is a very effective fat burner, it cleans the gastrointestinal tract well. But with fruit you should be more careful. Undoubted leaders in the use are apples, pineapples and citrus fruits, especially grapefruit, which also reduces the absorption of fat from food and causes the already deposited fat to disintegrate. Do not eat sweet fruit: grapes, cherries, bananas. Do not forget about water, which is able to effectively purify our body, speed up metabolic processes, nourish the skin with moisture and leave it supple even after losing weight. slimming for hands

Exercises for slimming hands

The most effective exercise forweight loss is a combination of fat burning activities and power loads on the hands. A good set of exercises you will pick up in any fitness center, but you can also do physical exercises for losing weight in the hands area at home. To do this, you need to buy two types of dumbbells - one lighter (up to 2 kg), and the second - heavier (from 2 kg). It is better, if heavy dumbbells will vary in weight, i.e. it will be possible to add mass by screwing additional pancakes. Burning fat It's light dumbbells aimed at burning fat, losing weight in the arms and tightening muscles and skin. To begin with, if your hands are not accustomed to the load, it is worth taking dumbbells in a pound or a kilogram. The most effective way to burn fat and reduce the amount of hands will be aerobics, especially boxing, aerobics. Its principle is that the boxer's movements in the ring are simulated, which you perform with light dumbbells. At the same time, all the exercises are done in a very active accelerated pace with rhythmic music. This allows you to effectively tighten the muscles and hands. It should also perform exercises aimed at burning fat. Their main distinguishing feature will be that they must be performed quickly and vigorously. If you feel tired and can not perform the required amount of exercise, it is better to take lighter dumbells, for example, 500 grams, or do exercises at first without dumbbells at all.

  • Take light dumbbells, raise your hands up. Lower your arms, bending them at a right angle, to shoulder level. It is necessary to perform three sets of 30 movements with a small break, while performing them quickly and vigorously. At the end of the exercise, you will feel a burning sensation in the area of ​​the biceps, this will be a signal to the fact that the muscle is tightened.
  • Take light dumbbells, spread your arms inhand, shoulder height. Bend your hands slightly in the elbows, as if forming a semicircle, palms parallel parallel to the floor. Lower your hands down and lift back up, not above the shoulder, making movements that look like the wings of a bird's wing. Movements should be performed quickly and vigorously, making three sets of 30 exercises.

The buildup of muscles is notless effective for slimming hands than fat burning and pulling. The fact is that the muscle, increasing in volume and gaining strength, helps to intensively burn fat around it. In the first time after the beginning of the exercises, you can note the increase in the volume of hands, however, this is a normal reaction. Subsequently, the muscle will begin to burn fat around itself, and the volume of hands will decrease, the beautiful muscular relief will be painted.

  • The most effective of strength exercisesis a push-up. Lay down on the floor, resting your feet on your toes. If it is hard to do push-ups, try to kneel. Raise your arms wider than your shoulders. Press the three approaches 10 times. Later you can increase the number of exercises.
  • Good exercises will also be triceps -push-ups with narrowly shifted hands. Press the upper part of the hands to the body, place your hands narrowly. These push-ups are more difficult to perform than the previous ones, but they will effectively help pump the triceps muscle, which is the most problematic for women.
  • Take heavier dumbbells - not less than 1 kgto begin with, you can later increase the mass. Pull your arms up over your head. The elbows should be fixed in the stationary position, and the arms should be bent towards the back and down in the elbow. Exercise repeat for 10-12 times three approaches. This helps to strengthen the triceps muscle, the manifestation of a noticeable relief.
  • A good exercise is also considered to be mahi -forward and sideways. To do this, take dumbbells, stretch straight arms in front of you and lift them to eye level. For mahov in the parties it is necessary to plant direct hands in the sides from the body also to the level of the eyes or ears. These exercises must be repeated 10-12 times three approaches. After the swings forward and to the sides, it is worth doing such an exercise: the starting position is like when you swing to the sides, your hands are raised to eye level. After that they need to be lifted up to the stop and lowered to the starting position about 10-12 times three approaches.

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Swimming for slimming hands

A very effective tool, especially forslimming in the hands, is swimming. If you are allowed time of year, you can swim in ponds, especially in the sea. The resistance of the waves will give an additional load, which is not present in standing water. In the cold season, a subscription to the pool will be superfluous. Many women swim well with a breaststroke, it is worth alternating an intense breast and more relaxed. The length of the standard pools usually reaches 25 meters, in this case you should swim the pool one way slow pace, and the other - fast. If you swim in the Olympic pool, then swim at a different pace brass on the half of the pool. It is also very good to swim with a rabbit, like a man. There are more intensive movements of hands, which, undoubtedly, will promote their pulling. It is also effective to alternate these two types of swimming - crawl and breaststroke. You can still swim with special shoulder blades, in this case, any style of swimming will give its results in slimming hands. We advise you to read: