skirt trapezoid Modern fashion is increasingly offeringrepresentatives of the fair sex include retro elements in the wardrobe, saturate the image with vintage dresses, especially relevant for this season, which is replete with products in the style of the 80's. It is to such outfits that the trapezoid skirt is an eclectic, universal model designed to combine comfort, this style is emphasized on convenience due to the simplicity and laconicity of its cut. The skirt was always considered an indispensable attribute in the arsenal of a woman, after all, in a matter of seconds, this outfit transformed the lady, effectively and effectively emphasizing the silhouette of the hips, the smoothness of the lines of the figure, instantly surrounding the woman with a halo of elegance and refinement. And if all these advantages do not go against comfort, as in the case of a trapeze skirt, then this outfit is instantly classified as a fashionista to the must-have category. What is the reason for this popularity of this outfit, that literally every girl finds a place in her wardrobe for the skirt of a trapeze, why the fashion industry masters from year to year replenish their collections with new, original models of this versatile clothing, talking about it as a trend and good taste? Everything explains the democratic cut, he literally has not undergone any drastic changes since 1947 when, for the first time, the world-famous Christian Dior put his hand to the creation of this silhouette, it was with his successful style decision that the history of this fashion style began, which to this day has not lost its relevance. The classic model is a skirt on a coquette, often made in the best traditions of the A-silhouette, which means that it tightly covers the waist and slightly widens at the hips, thereby emphasizing their femininity and splendor, most often designers in making this style use a flirty mini or more low-key midi length. This cut of the skirt is characterized by a calm, laconic silhouette, simplicity of lines, a range of products, which today offers the modern fashion world, is extensive and rich. Even the most demanding ladies can easily find for themselves, for example, a strict, conservative outfit in the office, or replenish your wardrobe with an extravagant, catchy product. The skirt of a trapeze is not boring at all, as some ladies used to think, it is not necessarily a classic. Although she was on a special account with the prudish queen Victoria, this is not always simplicity. Fashionable catalogs easily refute these preconceived opinions, placing on their pages skirts of the trapezoid, photos show the originality of stylistic solutions that satisfy absolutely every taste.

Skirt trapezoid, which model will become a trend?

skirt trapeze photo As mentioned above, eminent designers from the momentcreation and until today did not venture to experiment with the cut and the silhouette of the lines, so these skirts convey the initial idea and color of its "grandparent" to the fullest. But the work of masters of high fashion in full has been represented in the decor, draperies, stylistic accents, in a word, in all that gives the product its own special, unique charm. But the dynamic rhythm, which used to live a modern woman, leaves its mark on her wardrobe, so the trapezoid skirt with the smell, for example, need to keep up with the times, and to do this it is important to know the basic trend trendy outfits.

  • For sewing such outfits ladies' toiletuse a variety of materials. Winter variants are usually sewn from dense, warm matter, and summer models can be made of flowing, lightweight textiles. Most eagerly eminent couturiers turn to soft batistu, silky and pleasant velvet, even a simple chintz goes into use - it effectively emphasizes the unobtrusive beauty of the girl.
  • As for the color palette, heredesigners were where to go for a walk. In addition to classic tones, for example, elegant black, deep earthy, green and blue hues, summer collections can delight the eye with screaming yellow, aggressive red, joyful pink colors. Very often in the rulers of designers there are combinations of color solutions and play on contrasts: a combination of gray and bordeaux, as well as classic tandem black and white.
  • If you touch the trend colors that arefrequent guests on the tracks, it is definitely worth mentioning about the print. Unfortunately, a skirt trapezoid with a smell, for example, and indeed any classic attire is rarely decorated with the help of such an element. Only some couturiers used abstraction and slight hints on the pattern, ethnic prints are not worth mentioning, in combination with the trendy catalogs there is an extremely rare combination of a pattern and a skirt of a trapeze, photos are more likely to show monochrome, quiet models. Probably, all business in the big authentic originality of this detail of a female wardrobe.
  • An important point, determining the nature of the product,is its length. Since mini now does not enjoy demand and love from such a whimsical lady as fashion, in the main the market offers midi options for women. Due to their special elegance and presentable, conservative restraint, such models are very popular with business business ladies.
  • If we take into account that the cut of the trapezoid style is nothas undergone special changes, it can be assumed that the designers will please the ladies with original, extraordinary solutions for the decor part and this assumption is quite true. The famous world brands periodically represent outfits in which the combination of heterogeneous textiles is perfectly played, bright lace inserts are welcomed against the background of coarse, dense fabric, the decor is often replete with ruffles, pleating, bows and coquettish ribbons. Such outfits will easily add a romantic touch to the woman's image and an intriguing charm.
  • Designers who focus on casual stylein sewing products, often model the image with the help of large, massive buttons, contrast stitching seams or pockets. Paradoxically, but in due time couturiers were divided into two camps, one of which was the opponent of pockets, and the other opposite, with both hands advocated the inclusion of this element in the skirt of a trapeze. The division of opinions was caused by the fact that the pockets deformed the A-silhouette of the skirt, but the modern market provides a wide range of goods, so the woman has the right to choose what suits her tastes.

Skirt trapezoid - rules of good choice

skirt trapezoid with what to wear For a woman to feel herirresistibility and own attractiveness, so that the outfit advantageously emphasizes the dignity of the figure and corrects its shortcomings, special attention must be given to the correct selection of the outfit. First of all, it is important to determine the goals and situations for which the skirt will most often serve, of course, everything can not be calculated, but it is strongly discouraged to choose mini screaming, aggressive shades for the office, business atmosphere, the business dress code will put its "veto" on such a audacity. So, the first rule of good choice is that the product should be relevant and appropriate for the situation, others follow from this basic rule, which we will gladly tell about. In order for the skirt to perfectly emphasize the silhouette of the hips and give an effective roundness to the buttocks, you need to choose the product strictly in size. During fitting, it is worth paying attention to the degree of comfort that it gives: is not the waist too tight, is there any restriction of the legs, how comfortable is it to sit in a skirt, maybe there is excessive freedom in the belt or sagging of tissue in the hip area? In such cases, it is necessary to adjust the size to its parameters and dimensions, otherwise the skirt will not produce the proper effect on others, but only breaks the image and visually corrupts the figure. Representatives of the fair sex who can boast of lush and elastic forms and feminine silhouette of the hips should with particular care include in their wardrobe trapezium. Everything is explained by the specific cut of the skirt: it visually expands the zone of the thighs and buttocks. Experts recommend to give preference to models with midi length, a little above or slightly below the knees - this model will hide and absorb excess centimeters of the figure. Large women in the body are better to choose models of dark color palette, matte, noble tones, but skirts bright or light colors are better to avoid. If a woman has a wide pelvis, you can not focus on the hips, decor elements such as embroidery, pockets, rhinestones or a colored stitch can involuntarily focus on the fluffy buttocks, which should not be done. For girls who have an asthenic body type, that is, tall and lean, experts advise choosing skirts that visually break a figure, for example, with a contrasting horizontal strip, it will make the hip zone visually wider, it is better to abandon vertical bands on the dress. They only emphasize the elongation of the physique and its thinness. But graceful girls can safely enrich their wardrobe with skirts of extraordinary colors: clockwork red, youth yellow, juicy green outfits, and skirts of light, pastel or sand tones. In order that slender fashionable women get rid of the complex of "teenage figure", you can look at the dress with buttons, pockets, ruffles or bows, in short, with a decor that would focus on the hip and buttocks. Absolute any representative of the fair sex can easily feel their femininity, beauty and seductiveness, highlighting the strengths of their figures and correctly selecting the outfit in accordance with their standards. After all, the modern market of fashion industry is replete with a wide range of skirts of this style, which have been in the trend for more than one season in a row and due to their versatility they will not leave the must-have category for a very long time.

Skirt trapezoid - with what to wear to look fashionable?

skirt trapezoid with odor A quality, beautiful product is only halfsuccess, but to consolidate the result, it is important to correctly combine the skirt with other outfits of different style directions, so that the skirt in tandem, for example, with the original sweater played with completely new colors and found a second life. Therefore, women should arm themselves with information about the skirt of a trapezoid: what to wear and how to combine it competently with other clothes, so that the image looks effective and complete. The democratic, universal trapezium cut allows you to model the image, successfully combining the things of classical, business, romantic style styles, and also combining skirt with clothes of casual style very successfully. Classic style can be created by dressing in a strict skirt with a smart blouse, for example with frill or flirty ruffles, you can complement the duo with a jacket or a business blazer, the pullover or the original office jacket also looks very good with a trapeze. And after all many business-women puzzled over a question with what the skirt trapezium with what is more advantageous looks, with what to wear it that it did not oppose rules of a business fashion. To create a free image that would be appropriate for a romantic date or a walk, it is worth picking up concise t-shirts, a good option is the tops. To emphasize the sexuality and seductiveness of the forms in a matter of seconds can be with the help of tight, tight fitting blouses, as well as decollete t-shirts. In this case, the female figure will resemble the hourglass shape, with smooth curves and silhouette. The skirt of a trapeze in combination with an amazing heel is considered a win-win option for the conquest of men's hearts, this perfect tandem for light and secular life effectively emphasizes the elegance and tenderness of the female essence, focuses on slender legs. But for a casual, everyday variant it is better to combine a skirt with simple ballet shoes, flip-flops, slippers - simply, comfortably, optimally for a quick rhythm of life. The latest fashion trends eloquently say that the trapezoid skirt falls into the must-have category and represents a trendy outfit combining versatility, comfort and convenience, but these virtues do not contradict beauty and elegance, ease and freedom, natural sexuality and femininity. It is thanks to all these undeniable advantages that this outfit will for a long time be a frequent visitor on the catwalk podiums of famous couturiers in the world of big fashion. We advise you to read: