Stylish accessories, included in the Top 10 Wishing to save, many people buy things duringsales, often making reckless spending. After all, many things with the end of the summer season lose the term "validity" and by the next spring-summer will be too irrelevant. In order not to be trapped, we offer you ten stylish "long-living accessories" that will be relevant in the coming spring, and some of them will even hold out confidently until the autumn-winter season of 2011/2012. Stylish accessories, included in the Top 10

  • Long Strap

Long neutral belt: brown, gray or beige will not be superfluous in your autumn wardrobe. Moreover, such a belt is useful to you and the coming spring. You can wear it with almost anything. For example, this summer it is worn as with dresses and thin blouses, and with an unbuttoned cardigan and even shorts. Approaching autumn and next spring they will be combined with thick sweaters and coats and even evening dresses. To tie such a belt can be not only an ordinary knot or "loop", but also a sea knot. accessories

  • Clogs

In the spring-summer collections of many designersThere are clogs decorated with metal studs. Such shoes-shoes on a wooden platform are perfectly combined with both sarafans and summer skirts in ethnic style, and with raincoats, and light coats. In the nearest autumn, the canopies will continue to occupy an honorable place in the shoe "top list". However, in a year's time there will not be many in collections. If you are lucky with the weather, you can carry the canvases not only in September, but also in October-November, combining them with thin woolen golfs or tight tights. accessories

  • Thin belts

Such belts will not disappear anywhere and in the nextseason. In the cold season, they will also be relevant, as in the summer. They can be worn with trousers and dresses, skirts and jackets, sweaters and coats. A particularly fashionable combination of the approaching autumn-winter season will be a woolen coat, intercepted by a thin belt. For such a combination, choose thongs of darker shades from thick skin. While for sweaters and dresses, lacquered belts are best suited. accessories

  • Sandals with thin straps

In the collections of this summer seasonThere are a lot of sandals with thin crosspieces, which clasp the leg in two or three places. These shoes are primarily designed for those who are confidently holding on to the heels, because the foot in such sandals is almost not fixed: it clasps the leg only around the ankle and thumb. This trend is relatively young, so you should wait for the maximum discounts, and stock up a pair of such shoes for the next summer, of course, if you are not afraid of such a combination. belt

  • Wide belt with double buckle

The main element of a wide belt is a doublebuckle. At the same time, neither color, nor width, nor material is important. Such a stylish accessory can radically change your image: not only "assemble" it, but also give dynamics, and even if necessary - lower the degree of officialdom. In the coming autumn, such belts can be worn with thin evening dresses, as well as with jackets, coats and cardigans. footwear

  • Hybrid design and sports shoes

Sports shoes in recent years has increasingly becometo repeat the forms of the most actual models: tennis shoes on a wedge, sandals-gladiators, ballet flats with straps on stickers, sneakers on heels. You can not doubt, this stylish sports shoes will be relevant in the coming spring. bags

  • Bags on a long strap

As a rule, such bags are small and verycomfortable. After all, the hands are always free, as they are worn over the shoulder, so that the strap of the bag crosses the body diagonally. The main advantage of such bags is that they fit into any style: this bag is suitable for both sports and evening. Such bags will be relevant for at least two seasons. Therefore, it is worth looking at the summer sales of the actual model of the future spring-summer season - clutches in the style of envelopes on the same thin and long straps. chains

  • Long multi-layer chains

This summer this accessory is one of the mostthe most fashionable jewelry trends. In one season, he will not give up his positions. Therefore, next year massive decorations will also be relevant, as now. More heavy chains are suitable for autumn. However, if you buy jewelry with an eye on the future spring, then give preference to more delicate and elegant products, and most importantly - they must necessarily intertwine among themselves in artistic disorder. bags

  • Bags - "Hobo" (in translation means "bag of a tramp")

This bag has a soft, streamlined shape,which really looks like a bag dangling behind his back. Such bags became fashionable back in the late 60s of the last century, perfectly fitting into the style of the hippies. If in the era of hippies the hobo was mostly made of dense canvas or denim fabric, then in the current season the same models are relevant, only from leather or fine suede. scarves

  • Thin summer scarves

Presented in the summer collections of this yearChiffon and lace scarves in the future spring-summer season will also be relevant. After all, the theme of a romantic retro with the passing of summer will not disappear completely, it will safely winter and the next season will appear again. You can wear such scarves as with thin open dresses, lace blouses and jackets, and with top, jeans and sandals with heels, and even with a leather jacket. We advise you to read: