7 fatal mistakes in fashion Most women want to be attractive,but some are trying too hard in this field, doing fashion crimes in passing, which can be easily avoided! From stylishness to absurdity there can be only one step. How can I not do it?

Incorrectly selected shoes

Long maxi-skirts and elegant evening dressesup to the floor is best worn with shoes on a flat sole. This is especially true in the summer, when high heels are not very appropriate at all. If for a girl such a parameter as the height of the heel turns out to be very important, then it is not the fashionable shoes to choose under the clothes, but, on the contrary, the outfits for the shoes. 7 fatal mistakes in fashion

Desire to be higher

Many women believe that the higher the heel, thethey look more effective. However, very high heels spoil even the most beautiful gait. Stumbling on the hairpin, the girl causes mockery, not admiration. Especially, this year in fashion included shoes with an average heel, which for many years were considered the lot of pensioners. , known in Russia as boats on theheel-glass, became popular in the 60's, because they were worn by the most wonderful woman of Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn, who never wore anything vulgar, ridiculous and ridiculous. In 2013, these shoes drove monsters on the stud and hidden platform from all collections.

White linen under white clothes

What to wear under a white dress, top or skirt? Of course, white linens - so most girls think, and they are deeply wrong, because for white clothes only flesh-colored underwear fits. White is very noticeable under white, and the meaning of the underwear is to be hidden, not striking. But the problem for many is not only in color. In English there is even a hilarious term VPL: visible panty lines. This is when the outlines of the underwear show through the clothes.

Brittles peeking out from under the summer t-shirts

As soon as it gets hot, women dress inT-shirts and tops without sleeves. At the same time they continue to wear traditional bras, I show the world of straps from underwear. This is unfashionable, and ugly. Moreover, there are many options for linen specifically for summer open clothes. Under the t-shirts fit t-shirt bras, and under the racer back - racerback bras. 7 fatal mistakes in fashion

Obsolete swimsuits

What makes women wear a swimsuit on the beachwith thongs? Even on the best figure, which few can boast, in a public place the thongs look strange and inappropriate. In addition, they are simply obsolete. This fashion has passed. Just like the fashion for bathing bras with bones and shoulder straps. All modern tops from made with neck straps.

Love for round bangs

If you look at Russian women,that most of them are experiencing an irresistible love for round bangs, which last time were popular in the 80s. The bangs, laid on a round brush and standing with a forehead, went out of fashion 20 years ago! It is worth paying attention to more modern options. For example, if the forehead is tall, long slanting bangs are perfect. 7 fatal mistakes in fashion

Bust with plastic

Plastic surgery is capable of creating botha miracle, and a real horror. Too white, unnaturally even teeth; forehead, smooth and shiny as a rink from an overabundance of botox; chest resembling balls; drawn eyebrows tattoo; lips, more suitable for fish - none of this decorates anyone. All the traits can be brought to the point of absurdity: stick eyelashes, increase hair, make bigger breasts, nails are more authentic, lips and cheeks are smarter, the skin is perfectly smooth. The result will not be beauty, but beauty. Beauty - this is when the features considered to be beautiful begin to emphasize and strengthen, leading to a caricature. About beauty, fashion, good manners, femininity and style of life, read Lavinia Lond's blog "I wish I knew" .