high-heeled shoes 2016 Women's high-heeled shoes at all timesenjoyed great popularity among women of fashion. And they are adored not only by the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, but also by all men without exception. And this is not surprising, because for the first time the heel was invented by men. And what is most interesting is for them. Initially, these shoes were intended solely for fans of riding. The first in the history of the owner of a pair of women's shoes in heels was Catherine de 'Medici. This event took place in France in the sixteenth century. And only thanks to eminent designers in the late nineteenth century, the heel became a symbol of women's attractiveness. Fortunately, lovers of high hairpins, the new season was marked by the triumphant return of shoes with heels. And this can not but rejoice fashionistas, who were looking forward to several seasons in a row, when trendy designers get bored of experimenting with shoes on a flat platform. Which high-heeled shoes 2016 have prepared for the ladies famous brands and famous shoe houses? high-heeled shoes

Shoes 2016: triumphant heel return

In the spring and summer in vogue come backwomen's shoes with a high dizzy heel with a minimum of decorative items. Moreover, the thinner it is, the better. The main attention of designers in the new collections is given to bright creative ensembles with colorful prints, while the heels are assigned a secondary role, but from this they have not become less refined. A special charm for models on the high hairpin in the collection of Balmain is attached to the "tips" of shining metal, Christian Louboutin has a contrasting combination of several colors in the design of the shoes, and Giorgio Armani has a tall, slightly curved thin heel of pink cream or silver satin pearled with mother-of-pearl brilliance. Models from designer collections are a dream of every modern fashionista. However, not every girl can afford to buy a pair of charming shoes from the world famous brand. But this is no reason to get frustrated: amazingly beautiful shoes that are able to complement any wardrobe, both everyday and luxurious elegant outfit, can be found in the collections of most modern designers. wedding shoes with high heels

Why do women increasingly prefer these shoes?

High-heeled shoes have long won the love and hearts of the female population of our planet. The incredibly high popularity of women's shoes on the stud is easy to explain:

  • First, they indicate the presence of a good taste in their owner;
  • Secondly, they give the female image of romanticism and sexuality;
  • Thirdly, they make the gait graceful, and the posture is more even.

And this is not all the advantages that thehigh-heeled shoes. Having in his wardrobe a pair of such shoes, it's easy to follow fashion without changing your style. In addition, in such shoes, no woman will go unnoticed. By the way, many men are sure that it is thanks to a high heel that the female legs become more attractive - slender and sexy. Women's shoes with high and very high heels are not only beautiful, but also practical, because they perfectly match almost any outfits, be it an evening dress, business suit, skirt, sarafan, jeans or trousers. fashion high-heeled shoes 2016

Most fashionable shoes 2016: how do they look?

Designers offered ladies this year a hugean assortment of quality, comfortable and at the same time elegant, elegant and insanely beautiful shoes with high heels, to look at which without admiration is simply impossible. Women's fashion shoes 2016 - elegant and strict, with and without heels, made of genuine leather and suede, nubuck and artificial materials, closed and open styles and a wide variety of colors, will satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas. In the new designer collections, in addition to everyday and evening models, there are a lot of shoes designed for solemn occasions. For the wedding celebration, fashionable couturiers advise girls to choose white shoes, which favorably focuses on the bride's legs. Unbelievable popularity among brides marrying this year, enjoy both classic wedding shoes with high heels, and shoes of non-standard shapes, colors and designs. Most of our contemporaries know that shoes, as well as clothes, play a very important role in creating a harmonious ensemble. If you want to look modern, elegant and luxurious, you should not save on shoes, because she can tell a lot about her owner. Having become acquainted with the fashion trends of 2016, you can easily choose a pair of fashionable chic shoes that will allow you to look perfect in any situation, attract attention and get a lot of compliments from the opposite sex. We advise you to read: