Autumn of 2016 - the era of the 70's Many women will tell us that it was in the 70'swas the most comfortable autumn and winter shoes. And indeed it is. After all, on the slippery ground on the hairpin not really run, but constantly to be in shoes with a flat sole we do not want. That's why the era of the 70's with its massive boots and thick heels is remembered - the most ideal option. And this fall, designers again gave us this nostalgia. Fashionable -2017 is a classic color, naturalmaterial and the main convenience of boots, boots and ankle boots. Even the famous designers, who worked only in bright style, nevertheless made the shoes more restrained and more convenient in the new autumn collection than usual. The main tendencies of the autumn season are, first of all, expensive leather, a wide headstock and a massive heel. Fashionable and rough shoes, which models on the podiums showed in combination with evening dresses. Also, designers bring us closer to nature, the presence of pastel and flesh colors and textiles. And if you want an unusual model of shoes, then you look closer to the shoes of combined materials. We advise you to read: