with what to wear high boots in 2012 High boots are an excellent choice, becausethis stylish and fashionable shoes, which also perfectly warms the female legs. Therefore, the biggest headache of any fashionista - with what to wear high boots in 2016? After reading this article, you will understand in more detail what kind of things you will need to successfully shape the image. If you want to keep your feet warm, while still very beautiful and sexy, then high boots will be simply irreplaceable. This fashion trend a few years ago seemed a symbol of debauchery and bad taste. In our time, fashion has changed its course, and the attitude towards such boots has changed. Fashion designers and designers have managed to adapt this practical form of footwear to many styles. But before you go shopping, it is worth to first familiarize yourself with the various recommendations and opinions of leading experts, as this will warn you against many mistakes in choosing this wonderful part of the wardrobe. In 2016, high boots will be in high demand, namely fashionable boots, original boots-stockings, and also boots no longer than the knee. This became possible due to the fact that the designers did a good job in the off-season, having pleased us with a huge number of different models. This kind of shoes itself is already very original, so do not overdo it with a dress, but rather make it simple, rather unnecessarily bright and bold. It is important to make the ensemble so that the shoes are combined with clothes in color. In the event that you do not want to attract much attention to yourself, put on boots of the same color as your outfit. The main visual effect of this fashion trend is that the boots visually emphasize your figure and make the legs longer. Hence it follows that the fitting things that reveal and emphasize the beauty of your feet will be appropriate with this kind of footwear. A figure dress, straight skirt, tight breeches with them will also look very harmonious. Particularly successful is the ensemble, in which the length of the trousers or skirts is shorter than the height of the boots. What pants to wear with high boots

With what to wear them?

  • In the continuation of the topic should be given a littleattention to the question of what pants to wear with high boots. In the new season, preference will be given to short trousers that can not hide beautiful shoes. The most popular model of the 2012 season is narrower pants with a fixed, smoothed arrow that will add a little business accent to you.
  • With high boots of traditional black colorwell will harmonize things with ornaments. And with boots, decorated with various elements, it is worth combining simple clothes. Therefore, in order not to look vulgar, it is important not to overdo the decor!
  • Skirts that cover the top of the boots,look great. In such ensembles, both narrowed and flared models are harmoniously combined. With high boots looks good dress-sweater or tunic.
  • The coat can be any length, but it doesshould cover only the upper part of the boots. And its silhouette can be even or slightly extended to the bottom. This ensemble will warm not only your body, but your heart.
  • Shorts and refined dresses with ruffles and ruffles withthese boots will look very bad. The most common option suggested by designers is to wear boots and boots-stockings in an ensemble with mini-dresses: silk with beautiful ornaments, in club style, knitted and sweater-dresses.

Jeans are so versatile that they can becombine with almost any footwear. In the cold season many women prefer to wear them with boots. If you enter into their number, then the question always arises: what jeans to wear with high boots? With such shoes very chic look narrow models, tight hips. But it's better to wear broad jeans over shoes, because they are dressed in boots, they look somewhat baggy; although many girls are given a special charm. As for color - trust your taste preferences. In the fashionable season of 2016, you should not limit yourself in your desires! Moreover, high boots can be worn with clothes made in any style: both in business and everyday. You will only have to choose the right color palette. Very important is also the combination of fabrics and material from which this or that model is made. If you want to give a trendy accent to your feet, then to the boots of bright colors it is better to choose things of neutral tones. And on the contrary, if you want to emphasize the dignity of your figure, you can wear classic-colored boots with a bright outfit that emphasizes the shape and style. As in any other situation, selecting sets of clothes and accessories, rely on your own desires, taste and flair. No fashionable advice can make you feel comfortable if the resulting image contradicts your character. So study the trends, leaf through the catalogs and choose what you need to form the image you need!