ankle boots autumn 2016 Fashion never stands still, and this timedesigners offer us ankle boots, which are already beginning to gain popularity among fashionistas. This new trend in fashion is introduced to make the woman more elegant and elegant. The main difference of such shoes is a narrowed sock and a high steady heel. At present, designers have perfected various types of ankle boots and, in appearance, brought them closer to both boots and shoes. Models are found on high heels, low or without them. Depending on the preference of fashion designers, the shape of the heels can be very different. A large assortment of this footwear (decorated, futuristic, classic, on a massive platform, high and low) allows you to wear them almost all year round. The main highlight of this season will be an unusual faceted heel, a high platform and all kinds of bold details for decoration. Such shoes are great for studying, going to a club party or just in a cafe. In the new season, designers have helped to ensure that the ankle boots do not look flawless and too trendy, but at the same time make the female legs visually longer and more attractive. The most actual styles will be presented in the style of the 80's and in the man's style. It is quite difficult to understand all the variety of fashionable ankle boots in autumn 2016, photos of the latest collections will be able to help you in this.

Color and material of ankle boots 2016

This season, the preference for color will begive black, brown, red, cream, burgundy shoes. However, creative brave women can also choose for themselves and bright colors, and leopard colors. When choosing the color of ankle boots, you must always consider where and under what clothes you are going to wear them. After all, bright shoes with a massive metal buckle will not be in harmony, for example, with a black business suit. The material from which the ankle boots are made is basically genuine leather, the skin of reptiles - from large to small scales, suede. In some collections there are lacquered models, which are the undisputed trend of this year. Often on women's ankle boots you can see a combination of different materials: suede or denim insets on leather shoes or leather ones on models made of other materials. ankle boots autumn 2016 pictures

Elements of decor

Like any other fashionable shoes, ankle boots2016 should provide for decor elements. The decor can be both flirty and strict. The choice depends on what purpose you choose shoes for. To decorations need to be approached from a critical point of view, since the relevance of decoration is very important. The actual will be:

  • Lace
  • Straps
  • Classic lacing
  • Fringe
  • Pendants
  • Fur
  • Brushes

Models of fashionable ankle boots in autumn 2016

Models with fur trim have become participantsfashion collections this year, as fur is a trend in the new season. They can be completely fur or partially finished with fur. Fur is used both natural and artificial. Women's ankle boots in autumn 2016 on laces are very relevant this season. They are best combined with a thin heel, which adds to the female appearance a certain chic. The version of the model with knitted elements creates an image of a cozy woman, and if you add a woolen knit dress and a handbag that is relevant in this season, you will get an excellent stylish image. Botilions made of reptile skin, as well as with fur trim, are the most relevant this year. Especially elegant look models with a sharp toe and a high hairpin, decorated with metal buckles - they are suitable for business meetings. To determine the choice, it is better to see once and even try on such shoes. After all, it can happen that a model with a pointed toe and a high hairpin does not fit the shape of your feet, and ankle boots on the platform or without a heel will be the most suitable option. It is widely believed that high-boots are suitable for tall girls of lean physique, but this is far from the case. This model is also great for ladies of small stature, as the heel conceals the defects of the figure and adds a few centimeters to the growth. fashionable ankle boots autumn 2016

Fashionable and comfortable

Which ankle boots in autumn 2016 and how theirchoose? Most designers have proposed a classic version of such shoes, that is, a narrowed sock, high heel, lace-up or buckle closure. Botilions carry a fashionable style and convenience. They are firm, light, so the legs in them almost do not get tired. Such shoes will suit any modern woman who combines sexuality, femininity and attractiveness. The great advantage of ankle boots is that they are great for all ages. These shoes perfectly match with the attire and accessories, not focusing their attention on themselves. Therefore, when choosing a model, it is not so important what fashionable botilions you prefer, most importantly, that they are as convenient as possible.

What is better to wear ankle boots?

Such shoes can approach any one along. However, when choosing it, one should adhere to some recommendations:

  • Ankle boots visually shorten the legs. Experts recommend that before choosing to assess the strengths and weaknesses of his figure and, first of all, his legs.
  • When choosing models with high heels, you need to remember that they are perfectly combined with short and loose cut dresses, a skirt with a pencil, and tight trousers.
  • With ankle boots on the platform will look good monotonous complex outfit, a long straight or flared coat (the length should be below the knees).
  • Models with an open ankle are best worn with colored pantyhose and a short skirt "pencil".
  • Botillon on thick heels look good with jeans of any length and style.

Most of the women at least once thought aboutTo have an ankle boots in your wardrobe. Make a good impression on others want every girl and lady at any age. In addition, that this footwear is currently at the peak of popularity, it still attracts and its practicality. If you decide to buy ankle boots, then it is now not very difficult, they can be purchased at any women's shoes stores. And if you want to choose from a particular collection to choose a fashionable ankle boots in the autumn of 2016, photos of which can also be seen in well-known magazines, then there are specialized shops for exclusive and brand shoes. To be always stylish and beautiful, emphasizing your slender legs, be interested in fashion and watch the novelties of the year. We advise you to read: