We all want to have a whole heap of all kindsclothing options designed for all occasions. And these outfits should also emphasize all the merits of the figure, at the same time, hiding all its shortcomings, and express the inner essence of its owner. Oh, how you want! But our wardrobes, alas, are not always pleasing with an abundance of outfits. In order to replenish them, you need funds, and they do not always help you choose exactly the clothes that will be to taste, and the figure, and liking. However, dreams must be realized, since their unrealizableness is fraught with discontent with themselves, the development of all kinds of complexes, deepest depressions and other unpleasant things. How to be? The output is quite simple - to learn how to sew itself. The main thing is not to consider that this is impossible and is accessible only to those who have to sew natural tendencies. By no means! Learn to sew is not too difficult. There would be a desire ... After all, the art of sewing, if properly conceived, not only makes it possible to dress well for the seamstress herself, it brings a considerable income, because the labor of tailors has always been valued quite expensive.

With what to begin?

A good option, - magazines with sections "Sewingfor beginners ", in which there are already ready-made patterns of clothing. However, it should be borne in mind that in the sections "Sewing for Beginners" patterns are laid out standard, designed for typical female figures. In reality, women with such figures are rare, and even a well-sewn on the magazine patterns can look unimportant on her mistress. Therefore, sewing for teapots can begin with the journal patterns, but for professional sewing you need to learn how to make these patterns yourself.

We make a pattern

Copy patterns from logs totransparent tracing paper or transfer it to the paper placed under them with a special toothed wheel. Before you copy a pattern, you need to thoroughly study all of its details, determine which of the lines and what size determines, find all the control marks and boundaries of the necessary details. The most accurate copying of patterns is obtained on the tracing paper. If the pattern is translated into a tracing paper, a tracing paper is applied to a sheet of finished patterns and is well fixed so that it does not wrinkle on paper. Then the boundaries of the pattern on the tracing paper are drawn with a felt-tip pen, using the ruler and transferring all the marks to the drawing. After all the parts have been copied to the tracing paper, you need to measure all the matching sides of the pattern. Their parameters must match. If they are accurate, the paper pattern is transferred to the fabric, cut out, sewn on the sewing machine and the finished thing is obtained. Pretty simple, is not it? It is likely that you will not have to wear it, but the fact remains: the first step in understanding the art of sewing is done.

Sew a skirt

Methods of modeling clothes fairlyare varied, but they are all based on the basic rules of drawing patterns. In order to create a product for yourself, you can start with the most elementary. Let's say we choose the section "Sewing for beginners, skirt" and try to sew yourself the simplest skirt of inexpensive fabric. To do this, we need a ruler, tailor pins, chalk, centimeter, a meter long piece of regular rubber and large, very high quality scissors. On the inserts of women's magazines there are tables, in which the main parameters of taking measurements are entered. These parameters for the dress are the waist circumference, chest girth, girth of the hips, for the skirt - girth of the femur and girth of the waist. This girth is measured with a free fit of a centimeter of femur or waist. In the process of sewing a skirt when fitting it can be increased or decreased in the girth of the waist. As for the girth of the poor, it must be measured with the stomach in mind. In any case, the pattern for the skirt becomes sufficiently loose and cut out of the fabric with the fit. The silhouette of the skirt is finally determined when sewing it, so the pattern should be able to design the model. In other words, if necessary, the skirt can be increased in the region of the hips or waist. The parts cut from the fabric must be carefully ironed and gently swept by hand, taking into account all the recesses and creases. After this, the first fitting begins. If the skirt falls well, you can proceed to the next stage of sewing, which is already done on the sewing machine. Of course, in order to get a perfectly finished finished product, you need to study many more nuances. But the main thing, however, is to learn how to make competent patterns for skirts, trousers, and dresses. It is very convenient in understanding the science of "sewing for beginners" video, which demonstrates all the details of this art, which is quite accessible to each of us. Mastering it only seems very difficult. It is only necessary to proceed to it, and sewing is extraordinarily captivating, opening unlimited possibilities for creativity. If you like to sew for yourself and decorate the house with your own hands, then we suggest that you learn about patchwork about the national creativity, the product schemata can also be found on the pages of our magazine. We advise you to read: