patchwork clothes Every lady desires to be fashionable and at any age. And if the lady is not only a fashionista, but also an amateur, she can follow the fashion almost always! Because our gold handles are capable of creating miracles and creating fashionable clothes literally from scraps and leftovers, which the other lady (who is not the needlewoman) will simply throw out. Of course, you already guessed that we are talking about such a kind of needlework as patchwork. Apparel in patchwork style will allow you not only to stay in the trend, but also to prove to yourself (and others!) That you are not just an handicraftsman, but also a very economical hostess. Today patchwork is so popular that it is adopted by the most fashionable designers. And what the professionals of tailoring art can do is often quite feasible with the help of a hand made maid. Manual work has always been valuable, but today it is generally elevated to the rank of exclusivity. Therefore patchwork sewn returned from oblivion and turned from a utilitarian occupation into decorative and applied art. And if sewing and knitting is your hobby, then try to make unique patchwork-style clothes.

About the sewing technique

Patchwork patchwork called patchwork came toto us from the good old England. But in our homeland patchwork sewing was known and popular (though, mostly in villages and small towns). The essence of this technique consists in sewing individual multi-colored rags into entire canvases and in the manufacture of various household products (blankets, bedspreads, tablecloths) and clothes. The technology is simple enough, but it requires perseverance, accuracy and artistic flair. In modern needlework patchwork (or rather, his ideas) was embodied as one of the techniques of knitting. Knitted patchwork is no less popular than sewing from rags. In this technique, you can make a patchwork quilt, traditional for patchwork, and knitted clothes, from socks to cardigans and coats. By the way, modern fashionable knitting technique of freeforms is based on the same principle as patchwork. In short, for making fashionable clothes in the style of patchwork, you just have to be able to cut and sew or know the art of knitting with crochet or crochet (there is not much difference). patchwork clothing

A little bit about the possibilities

What clothes give us, made in stylepatchwork? Good mood, a feeling of uniqueness and own irresistibility. Only this is enough to light up the idea and sew (or tie) yourself something like that, in the style of patchwork. True, it is necessary to have patience, to sort out a bunch of various schemes for ornaments, or to invent something quite exclusive. And what can you make out of patchwork clothing? First of all, patchwork as a technique is appropriate for sewing summer dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, as well as any children's clothing. Knitting in the style of patchwork will be suitable for creating exclusive socks, stockings, trendy jumpers, knitted coats and jackets. But, by the way, a dress or a skirt can also be tied, not stitched! Now about the outer clothing. It is possible to tackle the sewing of a coat or a jacket only in the case of an impeccable possession of tailoring art. Therefore, if you are far from as in sewing, then it is better to practice on children's clothing. Remember that an impeccably sewn thing should not look sewn by hand. But knitting, just the opposite! Knitted hand made and should look exactly handmade - this is all its value. Nevertheless, coats and jackets in the style of patchwork are not the prerogative of garment factories or fashionable couturiers. More effort, diligence and accuracy! Believe me, you too can do it.

Technology of Patchwork Sewing

If you are planning to make yourself a patchworkclothes, it is worth learning about the technology of its manufacture. Taking the patchwork as a basis, first create an ornament (pattern, pattern), and then purchase the appropriate fabric and cut out the flaps. Do not forget (according to the technique of patchwork sewing) to preliminarily prepare the fabric, post it and iron it. After that, proceed to stitch the patchwork fabric. When the canvas is ready, you can start to cut out the details of future clothes, and then start directly to sew it. Knitted clothing is done somewhat differently. Just like with knitting ordinary clothes, first knit individual parts (front, back, sleeves, etc.), and then connect them to the finished product. Only knit these details in different colors (or textures) threads, immediately removing the patchwork pattern. For simple and light products (tunics, T-shirts) it is best to use knitting needles, but pullovers, sweaters, waistcoats and other "serious" things are more convenient to crochet. For clothes in patchwork style it is advisable not to use a wide variety of colors of fabrics and yarn. It is much more profitable to look patchwork clothing, made from the details of close (or identical) in color, but different in texture and pattern. Avoid unnecessary brightness and variegation, so as not to become like an exotic bird. Everything is good in moderation.

Clothes in patchwork style

A sense of proportion should not change you, not only inthe process of making patchwork clothing, but also in the process of putting it on. To such clothes it is desirable to select simple footwear and soft accessories, and they should be monophonic. But the makeup in this case is just bright and catchy. Remember that patchwork-style clothing is already an ornament in itself. Therefore, avoid extra jewelry and try not to wear jewelry with such clothes. Be very careful: the style of patchwork in clothes can easily turn into a tasteless kitsch, if you do not know the measures. However, do not be afraid to be original and bright. Observing the elementary rules of style, you can look simply amazing! A fashionable patchwork will help you in this. We advise you to read: