hair styling on hair curlers Any girl who dreams of luxury,curled curls, knows that a better tool than curlers for these purposes has not yet been invented. With the help of curlers you can achieve a very fast and lasting result and get a haircut like you just left the page of the fashion magazine about the stars. On the other hand, the same girls know perfectly well that hair curlers have a lot of difficulties: it is not so easy to adapt to these roller plastics and glands and use them so that instead of a chic wave a strange broken line does not work. After all, in this case, a spoiled mood and superfluous couple of hours before the mirror can not be avoided! Moreover, the constant use of "hot" hair curlers - namely, they give the fastest and lasting result - can cause significant damage to the condition of your hair. So what should I do !? Refuse to install with the help of hair curlers once and for all, or learn how to use them so that the haircut is stunning, and the hair is not affected at the same time? If you are overwhelmed by these thoughts, then it is for you that we present a small manual on the technique of using hair curlers for an amazing type of hairstyle without serious harm to the condition of the hair. hair styling with curlers

Curlers - even a dime a dozen

First, let's see, what are therehair curlers and how to use them properly. We present to your attention the review of popular hair curlers, the styling technology with which is the most simple and is available at home. Plastic curlers with clamps These are the most common hair curlers, the main advantage of which is the fact that they do not harm your hair at all. All you need to do for a beautiful hairstyle is to apply a little hair styling to the clean hair, divide the curls into strands and wrap them around the plastic blanks. Perhaps the most difficult thing in the procedure is to gently attach the clamps, so that the "broken" strands in the hair do not turn out. But not everything is so simple, otherwise conventional plastic curlers would have long ago become the best means for styling hair with waves. In order to get a haircut, you will have to flaunt for a long time around the apartment with a head decorated with a scattering of these curlers, and the result may not always be brilliant. Here a lot depends on the experience and skill, and the cracks on the strands of uncomfortable clamps - a phenomenon quite common, even among the experienced beauties. Rubber curlers Rubber hair curlers are very similar to plastic, but the shape is not round, but slightly flattened. This is the main difficulty of their application - in order to create the ideal image with the help of such curlers, serious skills are required, and not every girl can boast of them. Therefore, if the professional skills of the hairdresser are not available to you, then it is better to purchase other hair curlers that are more suitable for use at home. Soft curlers - boomerangs The main advantage of these hair curlers is that with their help it is very easy to fasten curls (just bend and fix). In addition, you can sleep with them all night without serious inconvenience. That's just to ensure that the curls turned smooth and beautiful, and not like an abstract sketch of a mad artist, you need to have some skills in their use. But if you tame this "beast", you can hit friends and acquaintances with a beautiful hairdo every day. Termobigudi Thermobigi - a great invention of our ancestors, because they used in the nineteenth century the best beauties of the time. For these purposes, special wax blanks were created, which were heated in hot water. At a certain temperature, these hairworms were wound on hair as quickly as possible - otherwise the wax cooled down, and the chic hairstyle would not work. Nowadays, wax curlers are not in a trend, they were replaced by pretty plastic rollers, inside of which is a wax. The principle remains the same - they need to be heated in water, then quickly wound on the hair. It is recommended to remove such curlers only after they have completely cooled down. The main advantage of such curlers is a simple styling technology and a very fast result. Thermobooks are suitable for both short and long hair. That's just any excess heat does some harm to our hair, and with the regular application of these hair curlers you can burn your curls. In addition, getting them out of hot water and spinning red-hot plastic cylinders on your hair is not a pleasant pleasure. You can easily burn your fingers, and the ears can get if they are in close contact with the still unhealed curlers. Electro-curlers Electro-curlers appeared immediately, as soon as electricity was invented. It's really convenient: no fuss with pots and scoops, no hot water - plugged the cord into the outlet - and it's ready! Now on sale there is a huge selection of electric curlers of any size. Having a set of electric curlers in your house, you can model your hair style to your liking: wind the upper strands to large curlers to add extra volume, smaller ones to the remaining hair to create curly locks. The main disadvantage of the electric curler is the same as that of the thermalblue: damage to the hair from heat treatment. Hot curlers can damage the structure of the hair, causing brittleness and cross-section at the tips. In order to avoid these troubles, you should use special sprays for thermal protection of hair, which minimize the damage to your strands when stacking. Another little secret for lovers to use thermo and electro-curlers - do not lay on damp hair. Hot curlers "take" all the moisture of your hair, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Water in the hair shaft evaporates, as a result of which "air bubbles" appear inside the hair. It is for this reason that the hair becomes brittle, split and very dry. So wait until your curls dry, and only then proceed to laying with the help of electric and thermal hair. Velcro These curlers are very convenient because the technology of their use is simple and does not take much time. It is enough to wind a little damp hair on these Velcro, walk around the house for several hours - and, voila, your hair is ready! Some particularly stubborn girls manage to sleep in these curlers, not wanting to spend precious morning time on styling and modeling the hairstyle. These ladies can only be envied: not every woman is able to sleep on hard cylinders until the morning and feel at the same time asleep and cheerful! Of course, hair curlers are convenient and multifunctional: they are suitable for curling the ends of hair, for full styling, for short and long hair. With a good fixing agent, they can lay their hair almost as quickly as with the help of a thermal roller. However, even here there was a spoonful of tar. The fact is that these Velcro will simply tear the hair, leaving a significant part directly on the walls of its sticky cylinders. If you use hair curlers too often, then you can forget about strong, smooth curls: hair will be cut, become dull and colorless. Although with their help you can achieve a quick result, but we do not advise you to use Velcro on an ongoing basis. technology of hair styling on curlers

Technology of hair styling with curlers

Having decided to make a styling with the help of hair curlers, you should remember about several rules:

  • In order to create a volume at the roots of the hair, you need to use large curlers of the same size. It is necessary to lift the strands upward from the forehead and twist them horizontally.
  • If you use conventional curlers (not thermo and not electric), then wind it on slightly damp hair. So your hair will last much longer, and the curls will be more elastic.
  • If you use curlers with clamps, then try to fix them as tightly as possible to the walls of the cylinders, otherwise the clamp can soon fall off, and the laying will have to be done anew.
  • The thicker your hair, the more small strands should be wound on curlers. Using a shallow comb, divide the curls into strands and use a light spray for styling.
  • Having twirled hair on curlers, do not try to acceleratethe process of laying, drying his hair with a hot hair dryer. So you not only damage the hair structure, but also swirl the twisted strands, spoiling the entire styling effect.
  • Do not overdo it with foam and hair gel: best the enemy of the good! For short hair is enough foam with a volume of walnut, for medium length - with a chicken egg, and for long - with a small orange.

With the help of curlers it is really possible to achievestunningly beautiful hairstyle. All you need for this is to get the right curlers and more often to experiment with your image. It is not necessary to be a professional stylist to have beautiful, curly locks: a little effort and patience, and you can conquer your hairdress of all friends and acquaintances. We advise you to read: