Beautiful hairstyles with a bagel for the hair Owners of beautiful long hair all in onevoice can say that they are incredibly lucky. Firstly, because long hair has always been, is and will be the most important natural ornament of the female, and, secondly, they allow you to make absolutely different hairstyles. They can be beautifully laid in a loose form, or you can splendidly pin in a tail or a bun. Moreover, hairstyles with a bagel for hair will suit both business negotiations and solemn exits to people, for example, a restaurant, a cafe, a theater, etc. But this advantage has the downside, which consists in the necessity of carefully arranging them. It's not an easy thing. And in view of the wide variety of possible everyday and festive hairstyles, the owner of such a head of hair risks to face the most serious problem of choosing her image. And here, however you may say, the most optimal type of hair will be a bun, which is characterized by the ability to beautifully get on both short and long hair. And if in the recent past in order to roll and fix a bun on the head, a whole arsenal of all kinds of pins and pins was required, then modern manufacturers of goods and accessories offer their customers a wide range of lightweight and easy-to-use twisters and bagels. Now we will consider several options for creating beams of various shapes with the help of a rubber band for a beam (bagel). Most often, beams are made by those who want to collect hair, so that they do not cause inconvenience to work. bagel for hair

A bunch of long hair

The fastest version of the beam will be the one,creating which you will use a rubber band for the beam, which is an elastic band filled with foam rubber or made in the form of a ring of artificial hair. To make the hair look more natural, you need to choose the right bagel. You can experiment with the sizes, but the color is better to choose in the tone of your hair. Benefit of modern manufacturers, shops and beauty salons offer bagels blond colors, fair-haired, brown-haired and others. Therefore, no one will have a problem with choosing a tool for creating a beam of problems. We proceed directly to create a prichestki. To do this, carefully comb the hair, fix them in the tail, the base of which should be at the height where you want to see the finished hair. Then we take the donut and pass the tip of the tail to it, then fixing the hair on it, since loose hair will affect the fact that the hair will not work, or it will look untidy. Next, we begin gradually to twist the hair from the end of the tail downwards, to the voluminous rubber-bagel. Having reached the bottom, you will only have to distribute the hair in the circle of the bagel itself, hiding a miracle rubber, and fix the finished hairdress with stilettos or invisible. The resulting bagel can be worn everyday - to work, to the institute or to school, and if necessary, for example, for a gala evening, it can be decorated with various accessories that can make your hair look festive and unique. There are a lot of pluses in a hair-bun made on a bagel. For example, it does not make your hair heavier, so you can wear it all day, do not tear and break it, as the bagel texture is soft and tender. Variants of a hairdress change Plus that haircut that you wear the whole working day, can become an excellent preparation for another evening hairstyle, which will be easy to do. Only it is necessary to dissolve the hair, which turn into beautiful curly ringlets. That's one stroke you can kill two birds with one stone and make two haircuts - everyday, business and evening. A high beam will look even more stylish if you make it with a scythe. To do this, you need to do the following: comb your hair, first dropping your head down, since in this position it will be easier to weave a pigtail yourself. If you have an assistant, he will need to braid you with spikelets from the back of the head to the crown. It will need to fix the spikelets. Then we collect the hair in the tail and spin them. This hairdo can be easily varied, for example, by the fact that any other braids - braided spikelets, fish tail, etc., are braided into the base of the beam. Moreover, the braid can be braided also using ribbons, beads and other accessories. Bundles that are composed of many small plaits look quite elegant. To do this, at the stage of fixing the tail, several braids will need to be braided, which later also twist together with the tail. For those who like to stand out from the crowd, stylists suggest making two-tier bundles, which are obtained with the same bagel and a few rubber bands. To do this, we again collect all the hair in a high tail, to the greater part of the end of which attach a bagel and begin to twist it towards the crown, leaving the middle part of the hair unused. So we get the bottom level, which in turn, we will create another, but smaller. With the rest of the tail of the hair we do the same way - we twist them on a tight elastic band. The junction of these two bundles can be hidden by attaching the upper to the bottom with the help of invisible ones, or by selecting the line of abutment with tape or other accessories. On the basis of this interesting idea, you can make a haircut and from three, and four tiers, like a children's pyramid. All depends only on what length and volume of hair you possess. beam fastening

Bundle on medium hair

Owners of medium length hair can alsocalmly use a bagel to create a high beam. Only in their case, the way of laying will slightly differ in the first place because the length will not allow making several turns. With medium hair, we proceed as follows: on the vertex on a bagel we collect hair into the tail and distribute them evenly on all sides of the donut. It turns out something like a small fountain. Then we put on a thin elastic band over the donut. Hairstyle is almost ready, but the curls sticking out of the rubber band remain. What are we doing with them? In any case, do not cut, but neatly, a lock behind the strand, we fill around the thin gum, which was used as a fastening of the base of the beam. That's all - a high hairstyle, the basis of which was the elastic band for the beam, called just a bagel, ready. No less beautiful and elegant on medium hair will look and low beams. Their difference from high is that the tail should be fixed not on the top of the head, but on the back of the head, and the hair peeping out from under the beam can not be hidden under the elastic band. They can be casually arranged, giving the hair a more lively mood and zest. Very beautiful looking bundles, which are fixed not by invisible objects, but by tape. It turns out a kind of hairstyle a la style. The color of the ribbon can be chosen in tone to your own alongside or to some accessory.

Step-by-step instruction for creating a bundle with a bow

In order to make yourself an evening versionbeam, you can decorate it with a natural bow. Do this hairstyle as follows. We comb our hair and collect them in a high tail. Since the hairstyle is of an evening character, when you create it you need to use gel for styling. We put a rubber-donut on the base of the tail and distribute the hair in a circle, smooth them and fix a small bundle with a rubber band. After that, the remaining hair from below is divided into two parts - from one plait to the braid, with which we wrap the left side of the beam and fix it with invisible ones. After that, we add the bow from the remaining strand, for which we divide it into 3 parts and start with any of the extreme sides of the bow - we lightly comb first, for example, the right part from below and twist it into a ringlet. Straighten the side of the bow and attach 2 invisible. Similarly, we act on the left side. Seretkin is made from a braid, braided from the middle part and twisted into a ring, which is fixed in the middle of the bow. Straighten its edges and work with styling tools. There will be a varnish or shine for hair, you decide. In the middle, it will be a good idea to strengthen some beautiful invisibility or rhinestones, for example. The hairstyle considered can be done on its own - in front of the mirror.