hairstyles for long curly hair In fact, the lucky owners of frizzyby nature or thanks to the chemistry of the hair was initially lucky, as it is enough for them to dissolve the braids to look chic. But, unfortunately, not all women can curb disobedient ringlets. At times even mousses, gels, penki for stacking do not help. And, to somehow make a more or less suitable hairstyle, the girls either tie a tight tail, or even straighten the strands. By the way, often the ladies who made chemistry, are surprised that the result is far from what they imagined. For some reason, instead of cute, rude locks, they form a hideous and sticking out shock of dry hair in all directions. The main mistake of beauties is inability or unwillingness to follow oneself. After all, it is enough to show a little patience, to get special means for care and styling, and at least a couple of hours of training before the mirror. A little experimenting with the style, you absolutely get an excellent positive result.

We provide the right care

Despite all the efforts, the hair and farthercontinues to crumble? So, you use the wrong make-up, badly comb, wash and dry your head. Get rid of koltunov, fragility, dryness is possible only if you begin to properly care for your hair. Otherwise, you will continue to walk with confused locks, with which no scallop can cope.

  • the washing up

Curly females should bewash one, maximum twice a week, but not more often. This shampoo should be suitable for your hair type. Unfortunately, almost all girls have dry, brittle and lifeless. In professional cosmetics, which is recommended to buy, usually contains moisturizing and nutrients. Do not forget to use air conditioners and balms (simple or indelible). Care should be taken when using these remedies, if the tips are very dry and quickly split, and the roots are always fatty. Content in this case is not distributed over the entire length, but only on the damaged areas.

  • Drying

Dye should be used only when youreally very much in a hurry, and there is no way to wait even twenty minutes. If there is time, use a regular terry towel. Drying should be done gently, lightly touching the ends. Tear, pull, or even more twist it is not necessary.

  • Combing

Despite the prohibitions of hairdressers, curlyhair is better for combing when they are a little dry. If you do this on a completely dry head, then the hair will turn into one magnificent mass, and from the curls there will be no trace. Note that the hairbrush in this case should be round, with rare long teeth. It is very rare to use a wooden comb. hairstyles for long curly hair

Simple laying on long hair

Remember once and for all, on curly hair should be done laying with foam or with mousse. And it does not matter if the strands are curled by nature or the curls are created with the help of special tools.

  • Homemade curls

If your hair is only slightly wavy, and youI would like to look like Sarah Jessica Parker, use tape. First, wash your head and apply a fixative. Then wind on the fabric of thin strands, twist them to the roots and secure with studs. When the hair completely dries, unwind the curls.

  • Natural curls

On just washed hair, apply a smallquantity of mousse and distribute it along the entire length. Then, without combing, start to dry with a hairdryer, pinching all the time with curls in the palm of your hand. To make the strands swing better, use a diffuser. If necessary, sprinkle your hair with varnish. This style looks very impressive both on young girls, and on ladies for fifty.

  • Wet effect

When a girl looks like it's just thatout of the shower, men start to go crazy. To achieve a wet effect, you can use a conventional hair gel, which is applied over the entire length. But be careful not to overdo it with the amount of this remedy. Otherwise, you will look like a grubby lady who does not wash her hair for a second week. Or, if the retainer is strong, it will give the impression that there is a piece of plastic on the head.

Hairstyles for every day

To look stunning, not necessarilyspend two or three hours to create a masterpiece. Beautiful hairstyles for long curly hair can be made and for ten minutes, thus they will be not worse at all salon. It is enough to get all the necessary (hairpins, foam, etc.) and practice a little before the mirror.

  • Scythe

Slightly lift the hair at the forehead and begin weavingcommon spikelets. Please note, strands should go easy and free. There is nothing to pull and press. By the way, the girl looks very impressive when there are decorative elements in the braid. It can be a ribbon, a flower, an elegant barrette.

  • Malvinka

Another hairstyle that looks great onwavy or curly hair, is named after a charming beauty from a fairy tale about Pinocchio. On it it is necessary to stop to representatives of a fair sex who want to slightly open a face, but to hide thus a neck and shoulders. So, at first prepare a basis - wash a head and be dried by the hair drier. Collect hair in front (from one temple to the second) and fasten them on the vertex with invisible or stilettos. Lightly sprinkle the hair with a latch so that it does not fall apart during the day.

  • Ponytail

Gather hair in a tight ponytail high oncrown and fasten it. Make sure that there are no so-called "cocks" on your head. By the way, it is not at all necessary to straighten the hair with iron, it is enough to use a small amount of smoothing agent. Divide the hair into strands and sprinkle them with water so that they begin to curl. Then apply the foam and fix the curls. To make the waves uniform, you can use a curling bar or a thermobigy.

  • Tail from the side

As in the previous case, such a hairstyledone after packing. The strands are collected neatly from the side in the low tail and tightly fixed. The result is sprayed with varnish. If desired, you can braid a couple of thin braids and wrap them around the gum. hairstyles for curly long hair

What not to do with curls

  • Hot Drying

Remember once and for all, the hot air is verystrongly spoils hair, especially if they are curly. If you need to quickly dry your hair, do it in a low temperature mode. The speed of the device should also be small.

  • Alignment

In no case do not use ironing,previously not applying a thermal spray on the strands. You can resort to the procedure evening more than once a month. Girls who want to get perfectly even hair, you should contact a beauty salon or a hairdresser. The master with the help of special means will bring the head of order in order, without traumatizing or damaging it.

  • Cascading

Such a hairstyle was developed forrepresentatives of the fair sex who did not have enough of their volume of strands. Doing a short cascading haircut on curly hair, you greatly risk to be on top of a poodle like Artemon. In extreme cases, the transition should be smooth, barely noticeable. As you can see, caring for wavy hair is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The only thing is not to perceive curls, as if this punishment or if this beauty is a matter of course. It is necessary to follow the rules listed above to always look the best. We advise you to read: