correct separate diet for weight loss What woman does not dream of being slim and beautiful? To achieve excellence, ladies begin to sit on diets. But not every diet is suitable for weight loss, after many lost kilograms are returned back, and even with interest. The best alternative for those who are about to lose weight is a separate food. Everyone can make their own menu based on their preferences. The menu can be varied, and, most importantly, you do not need to count calories. But every week they lose two or even three kilograms forever. Separate nutrition brings many benefits to the body. First, there is an improvement in metabolism. The process of digestion begins to occur more easily, while the gastrointestinal tract is not overloaded and the intestine is well cleaned. And as a result, an excellent state of health and a surge of vital energy.

Basic principles and principles of the theory of separate nutrition

In ancient times, in his scientific treatises IbnSina (Avicenna) noted incompatibility of some products. Our longevity and health is associated with the work of the digestive tract and microflora inside it. If everything is in order with her, then the products that we absorb are processed into useful substances. And if not, then our body is saturated with toxic substances, the food ceases to be properly digested and slags are formed in the body. The main principle of separate food is the use of only compatible products. You can not consume together protein products and products of carbohydrate groups, reception between them should be at least two hours. First you need to eat those foods that are quickly digested, and then foods that are not so quickly absorbed by the body. To make a menu for the day, you need to consider that breakfast is better than simple products containing carbohydrate, dine - more complex products, and supper - protein. split power menu

Basic rules for product compatibility

Separate diet for weight loss includessome rules that must be observed. The most difficult is the body's combination of proteins and carbohydrates, this can lead to a quick set of extra pounds. Very harmful affects the digestion of a combination of proteins such as eggs and meat, meat and milk. Milk is considered a full meal, and therefore you need to use it only separately. When drawing up the menu, remember that you can not eat together starchy foods, such as bread with porridge or with potatoes. And you do not need to combine carbohydrate and sweet foods together, as this leads to fermentation in the stomach and, as a result, obesity. It is best, for example, to eat at first a piece of bread, and after an hour or two you can treat yourself to jam or jam. Well, you just need to forget about a bun with a sweet filler. To separate food was effective for losing weight, it is best to combine the following products. Meat and fish should be eaten with green vegetables, but not with fried potatoes or pasta. Protein cereal products, such as beans, combine well with milk proteins, for example, with sour cream or cream. Also, all alkaline products are very useful for losing weight, especially since they combine well with each other. This is avocado, ripe bananas, berries, carrots, celery, dates, garlic, sweet apples, apricots, chicory, kiwi, seaweed, asparagus, fruit juices, etc.

How to make a menu for weight loss

Knowing the rules of combining products, you can safelymake a menu for yourself, combining all sorts of foods, and start a separate diet for weight loss. For breakfast, it is best to eat fruit, vegetable salads, a couple of pieces of cheese, any porridge cooked on the water. To drink all this you need freshly made juice from vegetables or fruits, unsweetened tea or yogurt. For lunch it is desirable to serve soups, cooked on vegetable broth, meat and fish to garnish better with salads or boiled vegetables. You can drink with unsweet compote from dried fruits or freshly prepared juice. Since products containing carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the body, it is better to cook for dinner. It can be any vegetable casserole, any baked or boiled vegetables, etc. It is permissible to eat a piece of bread from whole grains and drink it all with either herbal or fruit tea, a useful decoction or mors. products for separate food

Separate diet menu for losing weight

Every morning about thirty minutes before breakfastit is necessary to drink one glass of purified water (without gases). And throughout the day you should consume at least two liters of liquid, and you can still drink a sip of oil from flax in the morning, all this helps to strengthen hair and nails. Consider several options for the menu for weight loss. Separate meals include two breakfasts, with a time period between them of three hours. First breakfast The first breakfast may include products such as:

  • soft-boiled egg and a glass of yogurt,
  • boiled beef with green peas and a glass of vegetable or fruit juice,
  • jellied fish such as cod or hake and two soft-boiled eggs,
  • fish cutlets, steamed, soft-boiled egg and unsweetened tea,
  • boiled fish (cod or hake) with boiled potatoes flavored with vegetable oil, fresh cabbage salad with lemon juice and vegetable oil and unsweetened tea,
  • porridge any, cooked on water or skim milk, and unsweetened tea,
  • cottage cheese with sour cream or cream and unsweetened tea,
  • omelet from two eggs or fried eggs with a salad of green vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, and a glass of fruit or vegetable juice.

The second breakfast The second breakfast can consist of:

  • boiled beef with green peas, apples and unsweetened tea,
  • carrot steam souffle, apples and unsweetened tea,
  • apples and a glass of yogurt,
  • one glass of milk,
  • slices of watermelon or two apples,
  • salad from leafy vegetables or from radishes or vegetables from tomatoes and cucumbers dressed with olive oil,
  • carrot salad with raisins, or salad from sauerkraut with raisins, or carrot-beet salad and ginger tea.

Lunch Separate diet for weight loss prefers in the menu for dinner soups, cooked not on meat broth, but also boiled meat and fish and fresh vegetables. So, what can the dinner consist of:

  • on the first: vegetable soup, vegetarian borsch, fresh cabbage soup on vegetable broth, potato soup on vegetable broth, pea soup, bean soup, etc.,
  • Boiled beef or beef stroganoff from boiled meat with boiled potatoes, seasoned with vegetable oil, or with a salad of fresh cucumbers and unsweetened compote of dried fruits,
  • fried cod with boiled potatoes or with salad from sauerkraut, seasoned with vegetable oil, and apple juice,
  • meat stew with vegetables and unsweetened compote of dried fruits,
  • baked or boiled fish with stewed vegetables and unsweetened compote of dried fruits,
  • Boiled squid or boiled breast with stewed eggplant or with salad and tomato juice,
  • Fish meatballs with boiled cauliflower or broccoli and tomato juice,
  • Baked pork with vegetable stew, salad from sea kale and apple-carrot juice,
  • oat cutlets, stewed beets or duck breast, braised with cabbage, as well as juice from apples and oranges.

Afternoon meals Separate meals includeafternoon snack, or, as it is called, snack. Snack is best with fruits such as apples, bananas, a piece of melon or watermelon, peaches, a bunch of grapes, pears. You can eat a handful of nuts, prunes, light yogurt for a mid-morning snack, which helps to lose weight. Well, if you really want to eat, it's best to cook fruit salad, squash pancakes, potato pancakes, vinaigrette or cabbage pie. Those products in the menu that you have chosen for a mid-morning snack should be washed down with herbal tea, decoction from rose hips or chicory coffee. Dinner Separate meals in the menu for dinner allows you to pamper yourself with a slice of whole-grain bread and recommends half an hour before eating to drink a glass of clean water:

  • on the first serve vegetable soups, mushroom soups or borsch with a slice of bread,
  • fish (cod or hake) boiled or baked withboiled potatoes flavored with vegetable oil, or with vegetable stew, with fresh cabbage salad with lemon juice and vegetable oil and tea with milk without sugar, a slice of bread,
  • boiled chicken or boiled beef with green peas or baked cauliflower with cheese and herbal tea, a slice of bread,
  • cabbage rolls with rice and vegetables or rice pudding with vegetables, soft-boiled egg and green tea, a slice of bread,
  • boiled rice with butter and greens or omelette with mushrooms and stewed vegetables, salad of leafy vegetables and fruit tea, a slice of bread,
  • fried eggs with tomatoes or tomatoes baked with cheese, with boiled vegetables and unsweetened compote of dried fruits, a slice of bread,
  • vegetable pudding or vegetable pizza, salad of green vegetables and sbiten, a piece of bread,
  • pepper stuffed with vegetables and rice, or cabbage schnitzel with baked potatoes and cranberry fruit juice, a slice of bread.

Separate diet for weight loss at nightrecommends drinking a glass of kefir every day. And even at least one day a week should be done unloading. On such a day, separate diet for weight loss advises eating 1,5 kg of apples, and, of course, do not forget to drink 2 liters of water.