green tea with slimming milk If you have typed in a winter period a few extrakilograms and you dream of getting rid of them without much hassle, for slimming you will perfectly suit. Green tea with milk. This drink has a pleasant taste, can reduce appetite and satisfy hunger. With him, you can easily get rid of excess weight in a short time. Green tea with milk is a healthy drink, the main components of which are tea and milk. Milk is recommended for people with kidney, intestinal and nervous system, and also for weight loss. When you use it, you can maintain your weight for a long time. Milk, on the one hand, increases the beneficial properties of tea, and on the other - reduces its negative impact. Tea, in turn, promotes better absorption of milk. Diet with milk is suitable for almost everyone - the exception is only those people who suffer from food allergies to milk, pregnant and breastfeeding women. A diet for milking was created in Russia, the ballerina Margarita Blinovskaya, who stepped over the threshold of the 90th anniversary, remaining still slim, graceful and elegant. As the former ballerina herself says, looking good all her life helped the use of milk, to which she remains true to this day.

3 main ways of making milk slimming

  • 1 liter of milk warmed, not bringing to a boil. Fill it with 3-5 tablespoons of green tea. Insist 20 minutes, then drain.
  • 0.5 liter of water boil, add 4 teaspoons of tea. Leave to stand for 5 minutes, then add 0.5 liters of milk.
  • In a well-heated cup, pour 1/3 of milk and 2/3 of strong tea solution (this method was invented by the British).
  • To prepare milk for slimming betterall use green leafy tea, but also black and large leaf. Do not forget about teas with flavored natural additives - they are also suitable for making milk. There are a lot of varieties of green tea. You can buy any to your taste. It is green tea that contains many useful substances that have a positive effect on the body. After all, it's not for nothing that the Chinese and Japanese, who are experts in the tea ceremony, prefer green tea. Milk in tea for weight loss is better to take low-fat or low-fat (1%). For taste in the finished milk, you can add 2-3 teaspoons of honey. Keep milk is best in the refrigerator, as it quickly deteriorates (especially in the warm season). Diet for weight loss involves the use of milk in an amount not less than one and a half liters a day in cold or hot form. You can drink milk at weight-loss days for losing weight at any time, but it is best to drink 1 glass every two hours. Since milk has a strong diuretic effect, it is recommended to use an additional liquid together with it: ordinary or mineral non-carbonated water (2-3 liters per day). With the help of this magic drink you can lose from 0.5 to 2 kilograms per day. You should not do unloading days for milk more often than once a week. The biggest effect is achieved, as a rule, on the first day, and in the following days the body gets used to the drink. During unloading days, the milk cleanses the body intensively. On the eve of this day, one should not eat fatty foods in large quantities. It is better to have dinner with something light and low-calorie. Milk can be consumed all day as the only "dish", and you can drink it only in the evening, replacing the dinner. This will also help to reduce weight by 2-3 kilograms per week. There are several rules that will help achieve the maximum result of weight loss and not harm your health when using milk:

  • Do not more than 1 day off a week.
  • Diet is not on days off to be special. You should stop using fatty, floury and try not to eat after 18.00 hours.
  • During the week, use milk for slimming as a dinner.
  • On a fasting day, do not eat anything other than milk and water.
  • For effective weight loss, the unloading day on milk should be combined with regular sports (fitness, shaping and other).
  • Diet on milk, eliminates unnecessary usefatty and high-calorie foods and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol, if we drink green tea for weight loss, should generally be excluded or minimized, since it also contains a large number of calories.
  • green tea with milk

    Than a diet for milking is useful

    • Regular use of milk reduces the risk of malignant tumors;
    • Milk tea helps to strengthen the immune system and normalizes metabolism in the body;
    • Tea with milk - a soothing agent, which means that it can be drunk with stress and insomnia;
    • This diet is good for the skin, making it healthier, softer and smoother;
    • Molokochai has a cleansing effect on many important body systems: the blood, nervous, genitourinary, as well as the gallbladder and liver;
    • Milk, which is part of this wonderful drink, is a source of vitamins and nutrients, and tea allows you to master these elements as well as possible;
    • Milk is great for losing weight, becauseit significantly reduces appetite and alleviates hunger. Therefore, a diet using this useful drink will not be excruciating, but will turn into a pleasant variety of diet;

    However, abusing milk slimmingtoo it is not necessary: ​​at frequent use of this drink there can be a risk of formation of stones in kidneys and work of a gastrointestinal tract is broken. Milk still lowers the pressure. So, if you suffer from low blood pressure, then this drink is not desirable. With the frequent use of milk, too much liquid will be eliminated from the body, which threatens to disrupt the metabolism. In addition, unloading days for weight loss on milk can be spent mainly on weekends, because it has a strong diuretic effect. But if it is not very often to do unloading days for milk, using this drink in reasonable quantities, you can not be afraid to damage your health and reduce weight without the excruciating feeling of hunger. We advise you to read: