quickly lose weight by 20 kg New Year holidays are approaching, and,of course, every woman wants to look great. The New Year is a milestone in the life of every person, and, of course, everyone next year wants to enter beautiful and renewed. Ahead - only a month before the holiday, and therefore, it will be necessary to try to bring yourself into the desired form. Especially if you want to quickly lose weight by 20 kg, you will need to combine all methods: diet, and exercise. However, this is not so difficult as it seems at first glance, you only need to want and how to properly tune in to work and the desired result.

Diet "Minus 20 kg"

So, how to lose 20 kg per week? A difficult question, because in such a short time to reduce the weight by 20 kg or more is unlikely to happen without obvious harm to the body. However, you can try and thereby give a boost to our body, to which it will necessarily react with a long decrease in weight. First of all, you need to go on a diet or do the right food - someone as much as you like. How to minimize weight for a week, will tell the diet "Minus 20 kg", the most balanced and thoughtful. Very rapid weight loss can lead to undesirable results. It will be a breakdown of the entire digestive system and a depressive state of the nervous system. A complete rejection of the nutrients most needed by the body often leads to the opposite result. The brain perceives starvation as a strong stress and in every way strive to protect our body. The body begins to put off even the smallest gram of excess fat, as though defending itself from hunger. And, voila, we have absolutely the wrong result that was expected! how fast to lose weight by 20 kg

Two basic dietary rules

Therefore, a diet or a food system thatguaranteed to lead us to the desired loss of kilograms, should be balanced, delivering all the necessary nutrients to both the cells of the body and the brain. This is ensured by two important rules.

  • The first rule is alternation. Alternating is carried out according to the following scheme: the first four days (1-4 days) you refuse dinner, 5-8 days - from lunch, 9-12 days - from breakfast, then repeat. During the diet, this approach will help reduce the stomach volume by as much as 20%, reduce appetite. What is most important in the system of alternation is the guaranteed NOT return of the weighed kilograms after leaving the diet.
  • The second rule: a minimum of calories. It's simple and straightforward: throughout the diet you eat the necessary foods with a full set of useful vitamins and minerals, which, however, contain a minimum amount of calories.
  • Set of products for the "Minus 20 kg" diet

    The "Minus 20 kg" diet includes productsnutrition, which will have the lowest calorie content, however, must include all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements. Thus, the products will help stop the growth of fat deposits in the body, accelerate weight loss and fat splitting. The list of these "magic" products includes:

    • Vegetables, namely: broccoli, white cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens. All these vegetables contain a whole list of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. Cabbage, moreover, is an effective body cleanser and an effective fat burner, thanks to the plant fibers contained in it. Cucumber is 90% water. Tomatoes reduce the raging appetite. Green contains chlorophyll, which helps to lose weight.
    • Legumes, namely, beans. It contains a whole set of essential amino acids that purify and remove waste, decompose fat deposits, and even protect the brain from stress with a prolonged diet. The bean protein is similar to the "dietetic" soy protein, however it is much more useful, contains vitamins C, B, E, P and others.
    • Cereals, namely: rice and buckwheat. Everyone knows about the usefulness and low calorie content of buckwheat, it is very effective in combating obesity. But rice will protect our digestive tract from disorders.
    • Proteins, namely: chicken fillet, chicken eggs, sea fish. Chicken meat is the most dietary, it is the best source of animal proteins. Chicken eggs contribute to a strong decrease in appetite. Sea fish, namely cod - the most low-calorie and rich in omega-acids.
    • Dairy products, namely: cottage cheese and milk. They are simply irreplaceable as a source of calcium for the body. According to recent studies of scientists, diets that were accompanied by increased calcium intake were 2-3 times more effective than others.
    • Fruits, namely apples, and also a substitutesugar - fructose. Apples are effective for unloading the body, rich in vitamins. Natural fruit sugar gives nutrition to our brain, energy to the whole organism.
    • Green tea is the final product, rich in the strongest antioxidants, which has a positive effect not only on the breakdown of body fat, but also on the overall appearance.

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    Diet regimen

    As already mentioned above, the main principle of the diet is based on the system of alternation of meals passes. Therefore, the diet menu is compiled on the above products, and has a breakdown of four days.

    • The first four days: breakfast - 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, 4 apples, a glass of green tea; lunch - 200 g of chicken fillet, 100 g of boiled rice, salad of 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, greens; dinner - skip or drink a glass of green tea.
    • Second four days: breakfast - let's drink or drink a glass of green tea; lunch - 200 grams of boiled cod fillets, 100 grams of buckwheat, 1 boiled chicken egg; dinner - a salad of 150 grams of cabbage and 1 tomato, green tea.
    • Third four days: salad of 3 cucumbers, green tea; dinner - skip or drink a glass of green tea; dinner - boiled beans, chicken fillet.
    • Fourth four days: breakfast - 150 grams of cottage cheese, a glass of green tea; dinner - 200 g of boiled broccoli; dinner - skip or drink a glass of green tea.
    • Fifth four days: breakfast - skip or drink a glass of green tea; dinner - boiled cod fillets, cucumber salad and tomato; dinner - 200 grams of boiled rice, salad of tomato.

    If you miss a meal, if you are suffering from a severehunger, you can, in addition to green tea with the addition of fructose, drink a glass of warm (not cold!) milk. For a week you will throw off about 5-7 kg. Total, on the menu, you will spend on a diet of "Minus 20 kg" for only 20 days, for which you are guaranteed to lose weight by 20 kilograms or more without any harm to the body.

    Physical exercises

    In principle, to reduce the weight by 20 kg only with the help ofdescribed diet is possible. However, if you engage in sports or at least basic physical exercises during a diet, the amount of pounds you lose can significantly increase. The most effective physical exercise for women is hula-hoop hula hoop training, which tightens the abdomen, waist and hips area. Squats and exercises on the press will also be effective. And by the New Year you will look just stunning! We advise you to read: