day off the water Everyone knows that to maintainslimness you need to eat right, exercise regularly and take care of your body. But what if the weight still increased? How to lose extra 3-5 kilograms quickly and painlessly? To help you will come a day off on the water. But first you need to understand how to properly conduct it, what nuances to work out in advance in order to achieve the most effective weight reduction.

What is a day off on the water

Unloading day means using inthe food of a certain product throughout the unloading. Such days are not often held, for example, after protracted holidays or a plentiful feast. Unloading day on the water will allow your body to rest a little, because the process of digestion of food takes a lot of time and effort, so it simply does not remain to get rid of toxins and elementary cleaning. And unloading is a good way to help the body and get rid of a few extra pounds. Unloading day on the water is suitable not only for those who decided to lose weight, but also slender girls who resort to such methods not for the sake of losing weight, but for improving the body. The main thing is that unloading is not too burdensome and does not cause discomfort. After all, constant thoughts about food and a feeling of hunger will not allow you to concentrate on business, and the mood will be hopelessly spoiled.

How to properly discharge a day on the water

The rules of discharge for weight loss onwater practically do not differ from the rules of other unloading days. Only instead of food you need to use all the time only water. For a day on average, you should drink 3-4 liters of ordinary pure water, and it is very important to drink properly. To do this, distribute the entire volume evenly, for example, drink 1 glass of water every 40-45 minutes. Do not drink more than 500 ml of liquid at a time, as it is harmful to the stomach and creates a greater burden on the kidneys. If on a day of rest on the water you have a sharp increase in thirst, do not be scared - this is perfectly normal. The body is cleansed, and for the removal of toxins it needs liquid, so be sure to quench your thirst. days off the water

What kind of water is better to drink on fasting days on the water

Many girls who decided to conductregular unloading days on the water, are asked this question. Of course, you can use ordinary tap water, but it is quite tough and also contains a lot of additives. Therefore, the ideal option - spring or well water. If there is no such possibility, then it is possible to confine ourselves to high-quality mineral water from the store. If you still decide to use tap water, pre-filter it or let it settle.

How to deal with the feeling of hunger during a fasting day

Unloading day for losing weight - it's alwaysa serious test of willpower and endurance, and water starvation even more so. In order not to get off the right track and to withstand the whole day, it is necessary to learn to be distracted from thoughts about food and hunger. Strangely enough, it's not at all difficult to do, if you follow simple advice:

  • Tune in to the positive and try to look at unloading as a way to help yourself, rather than depriving your favorite dishes. Tomorrow you eat that delicious apple, but today you are getting rid of unnecessary ballast.
  • When there is an obsession about eating,try to distract yourself. This is purely psychological hunger, which should not confuse you. Do something interesting and exciting or just take a nap.
  • Do things that have long been postponed for later. So you will kill two birds with one stone.
  • Take a contrast shower or a cool bath. This will not only relax and distract, but also accelerate the process of cleansing the body.
  • Drink water in small sips. If you drink a glass of liquid in one gulp, you will not feel saturated.
  • Walk around the city, just try to avoid places where you can be tempted by flavors.
  • Meditate, listen to quiet music or just read an interesting book.
  • If the feeling of hunger is intolerable, before going to sleepdilute in warm water a spoonful of honey and a little lemon juice. Such a drink not only helps to saturate, but also helps the kidneys cope with the removal of waste.

Result of a day off on the water

The result you can achieve,using a fasting day on the water for weight loss, depends, first of all, on the individual characteristics of the body, the initial data and your mood. But you will notice an improvement in well-being and certain changes, especially if you practice discharging regularly once a week. The level of energy and vitality increase several times, besides, there will be a lot of free time, which can and should be used sensibly. Contrary to popular belief, during an unloading day on the water the body is not depleted. Rather, on the contrary, cells begin to develop faster, and the processes of assimilation of useful substances in them are accelerated. This means that thanks to this one-day fasting, the updating process is started, and the tissues are restored and cleaned. The most pronounced changes occur with the skin: fine wrinkles are smoothed, pimples and acne disappear, and the complexion becomes much healthier. You will notice that it's posvezhie, and on the cheeks will blush. Even the sight will become brighter due to the unloading day, unless of course it is practiced regularly. A positively unloading day on the water affects not only the skin, but also the joints. Abundant drink will help the body to remove urea salts, which are deposited in the joints and limit their mobility. It is not for nothing that such fasting is recommended for patients suffering from mild forms of arthritis. In addition to everything listed above, you can also lose 4-6 kilograms per month, if you are once a week unloaded on water for weight loss. It certainly is not so much, but a lot. Doctors do not recommend too quickly to lose weight, the norm is 3-5 kg ​​per month. But it is worth remembering that people with a larger body weight lose weight faster than slender ones, who need to get rid of only 5 kg, which appeared during the holidays or holidays. So all the data is relative, the rate of weight loss depends on your level of physical activity and metabolism. unloading on water


Any diet has contraindications. And a day of slimming is not an exception. Be sure to consult with your doctor before you arrange unloading on the water, since even a fasting can be dangerous. Also, water-discharge days are contraindicated:

  • Without doctor's supervision, people of adolescence and retirement age;
  • In the presence of kidney or heart disease;
  • With lowered arterial pressure;
  • With diabetes mellitus;
  • During pregnancy and feeding;
  • During menstruation;
  • With weakness and frequent dizziness.

If you are not allowed to consume days forlosing weight on the water, do not despair. You can choose another type of discharge, softer and more gentle, but no less effective. After all, there are lots of options, which means that there is always a choice. The main thing is to approach this procedure in the most responsible way, so as not to damage your health! We advise you to read: